Causes of problem skin.

Rashes on the skin do not often become a consequence of external influences because the natural cover of the body has its powerful mechanisms to protect against environmental threats. But to face the internal problems of the skin is much more difficult because from this side the body does not expect “attacks.”
Deep abnormalities in the functioning of the body often become the real cause of skin imperfections. And if before the age of 20 there is a standard excuse like “it is a teenager’s thing, it will pass,” then at the older age, permanent rashes on the skin talk about health problems.

Hormonal failures.

The most striking example, teenage pimples are the result of the development of the hormonal system. It includes signs of eruptions in the premenstrual period in women. At the older age with an established hormonal background, a problematic skin may be a consequence of an elevated level of testosterone.

Decreased local immunity.

The skin is composed of its own immune cells, the so-called Langerhans cells. Disrupt their functions can be external factors, such as UV radiation, cosmetics, frequent stress, bad habits or violation of the rules of nutrition.

Genetic factors.

Rashes on the skin may well be transmitted “by inheritance.” If one of the parents has hormonal disorders like changes in the work of the sebaceous glands or pathological composition of the sebum, the probability that the child will show the same problems with time is very high.

Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and malnutrition.

Malfunctions in the GI tract can lead to the intoxication of the body. Failures in the work of the intestine or stomach contribute to the “stagnation” of undigested food, which becomes a real poison for the body, turning into toxins.
The skin performs the excretory function, which means that it has to deal with the gastrointestinal problems also. But the body is not designed for such loads. Therefore the skin channels are clogged with harmful substances, as a result of which inflammation is formed.

Allergic reactions.

The reaction of the body can manifest itself in the form of rashes, inflammation, itching on the skin. Allergen can be almost any product or even a weather phenomenon like milk and nuts or frosty air.

According to some experts, the cause of the appearance of acne can be determined by the area of ​​their location on the face:

  • nose – violations in the work of the liver, its inability to cope with toxins;
  • forehead – malfunctioning of the digestive tract, abuse of fatty and spicy food;
  • cheeks – the reason lies in the lungs. Perhaps this is the result of a predilection for smoking;
  • chin – pimples in this area become frequent companions of hormonal failures or reproductive system diseases in women.

Treatment of problem skin.

To get rid of bored pimples, it is necessary to identify the cause of their appearance, and then take measures to eliminate it.

With a mild degree of rash, regular washings with sparing antibacterial agents are enough. In more severe cases of problem skin, external care products with medicinal additives, for example, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can be used.

With the hormonal nature of rashes in adult women, a special course of oral contraceptive therapy may be prescribed. This treatment is strictly administered by the doctor. In severe cases, antibiotic therapy may be required in combination with other methods to avoid the occurrence of resistance to skin inflammation of the drug.

If the problem skin is the result of an allergic reaction of the body, then the exposure of the allergen should be stopped, and in many cases, the administration of antihistamines and external steroidal and nonsteroid ointments is indicated. If it concerns food allergy, an adequate measure within the framework of complex therapy can be the use of medicinal sorbents designed to remove the irritant from the body.



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