Erectile dysfunction

The fact, that most middle-aged men faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction at least once in life, is not acceptable.

Also, more and more often young men have similar problems. But among the colleagues, relatives, friends, and especially girlfriends, a man wants to keep his image of a confident member of society. Successful in all aspects, including, intimately. Therefore, when suddenly the problems with an erection appear, a man, as a rule, in no hurry to visit a doctor. And only exacerbates its problem.

The causes of erectile dysfunction may be different. Often, these are inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract, among which sexually transmitted infections occupy a significant place. Also, the result of injuries and congenital anomalies in the structure of the genitals may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular diseases, various somatic disorders like diabetes mellitus, thyroid, pituitary can cause ED.

An essential role in the quality of erection is also played by the environmental factors, social conditions, peculiarities of work, bad habits. Not only alcohol abuse can provoke an erectile dysfunction, but smoking as well, which many men find innocuous. Meanwhile, nicotine stimulates a persistent spasm of the peripheral vessels, so the blood supply to the penis decreases, which directly affects the quality of the erection.

We should mention about another primary factor contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction – its the degree of physical activity of a man. On the one hand, a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous – this is a direct way to chronic stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. But no less dangerous is the other extreme – excessive physical exertion because it is often supplemented by the uncontrolled intake of hormonal drugs to accelerate muscle growth.

Undoubtedly, the psychological state of a man plays a significant role. Often, erectile dysfunction develops without the slightest physical prerequisites, only because of excessive workload or negative emotional situation in the family.

You shouldn’t delay with the visit to the doctor, no matter how delicate the problem may seem to be. The specialist will examine the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Based on practical experience, the optimal approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction is a complex approach.
The most important role in the treatment of ED played by drug therapy with medicines that can effectively and safely provide an erection under the condition of sexual stimulation.

For many years, the drugs for erectile dysfunction were based on sildenafil. It is known that this substance, in addition to stimulating the blood filling of the vessels of the inguinal region, can also provoke sharp fluctuations in pressure. However, pharmacists have learned to avoid such side effects. In new drugs, hypromellose is used that retains the active substance and provides prolonged action without the risk of sudden fluctuations in blood pressure. The problem of erectile dysfunction is extremely delicate. However, medical advice and competent help can help to restore the man’s strength and self-confidence.

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