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Millions of women decide to terminate their pregnancies for various reasons. Regardless of how an abortion is done, in most cases, it does not pass without a trace, but it is quite possible to minimize the risk and harm from the abortion procedure if you know how to prepare for it correctly. Information on how to prepare for abortion, you should be given in detail in the hospital. Every woman planning to interrupt pregnancy should know this to avoid the risk of deterioration of her own health.

Preparation for abortion begins, with a firm decision of necessity in this operation. From the moral point of view, abortion is a psychologically difficult decision. And when interruption of pregnancy is necessary for medical reasons, a woman also experiences great stress. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and think it over carefully. But the primary goal of any decision is still the preservation of the woman’s health.

Speaking of abortion without medical prerequisites, you need to know when to have an abortion. At the time of pregnancy more than 22 weeks, abortions are not performed. The presence of infections and purulent foci also makes pregnancy interruption almost impossible, since such an operation threatens serious health problems. In connection with this information, you should understand that before you prepare for an abortion, you need to consult a specialist. The doctor will determine the most appropriate abortion option for you if this is possible.

Preparation for abortion depends on the period of pregnancy. At a very early date, you will be offered a medical abortion. The time when you can do an abortion vacuum is up to 7 weeks. Abortion of pregnancy on long terms is possible only with the help of serious operations.

Medical abortion is a type of termination of pregnancy consists in taking medications. To assimilation of medicines was not accompanied by nausea or vomiting, it is recommended to take light food (for example, yogurt). You will provide further expert advice. After all, each organism is unique and tolerates medication in its own way.

The preparation for a vacuum abortion is, of course, more serious. After all, this is a surgical method of abortion. Before it, a woman gives tests for the presence of infectious and venereal diseases (syphilis, hepatitis). Also, produce a coagulogram that will show the ability of the blood to clot. All these procedures are necessary before surgical abortion.

You will be given anesthesia for an abortion because this is a painful operation with a risk of injury. Is it painful to have an abortion under anesthesia? No. However, it should be understood that anesthesia is accompanied by the release of the contents of the stomach in the way of the respiratory, so it is important before performing anesthesia for abortion not to eat, drink or even chew the gum. Then anesthesia with abortion will work with the right strength, and the operation will be absolutely painless.

The procedure of medical abortion, as you have already understood, goes by taking special medications. But taking these drugs at home can be not only useless but also dangerous for health. The correct method of taking and the dosage necessary for a woman is set by the attending physician after the tests.

Before the abortion, a woman takes a certain dose of the drug. For several hours (at least 2 hours), she must be in a hospital under the supervision of her doctor with the adverse reaction of the body to the drug.

The next couple of weeks should be accompanied by heavy blood loss from the vagina. This type of abortion doesn’t hurt, it rather unpleasant. Since bleeding may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen. In this case, women can prescribe painkillers. Bleeding is just an indicator of how abortion is going on. Fetal egg leaves with the blood.

After the bleeding has stopped, the woman should come to the hospital and confirm the absence of the fetus inside the uterus. In fact, if the fetal egg is not expelled, it is necessary to do abortion surgically. During bleeding, it hurts like in the time of a woman’s period. But when you can do an abortion with drugs (in the early stages) you need to resort to this method. Since it perhaps the best option, because medical abortion is the least traumatic for women’s health.

You certainly heard about how abortion is done by surgery. Surgical abortion is a very important operation. The fetus is removed mechanically.

The essence of vacuum abortion is the suction of the fetus from the uterine cavity. This method is considered less traumatic than scraping the fetus. The effectiveness of abortion by a vacuum method is almost 100%. But only in the early stages, when the fetus is not yet so firmly entrenched in the uterus. This method is completely inapplicable in the case of ectopic pregnancy and the presence of festering foci and infections in a woman.

Abortion with the help of curettage is used very often. Suitable for periods from 9 to 22 weeks. Your doctor will tell you how abortion is taking place and how to prepare for it. An abortion is performed under anesthesia.

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