Zyprexa contraindications and warnings


Hypersensitivity to olanzapine or ancillary components of the drug. With caution, the drug is prescribed to patients with prostatic hypertrophy, paralytic intestinal obstruction, liver and kidney disease, hematological blood counts, or convulsive conditions in the anamnesis.

For the period of drug treatment, it is recommended to abandon the management of vehicles and from working with potentially dangerous mechanisms. With great caution approach the appointment of this drug to pregnant women.

Reception Zyprexa is possible only if the expected benefit for the mother, from the point of view of the attending physician, is higher than the potential risk to the fetus. If there is a need to use Zyprexa during lactation, then breastfeeding should be discontinued.

At pregnancy

The use is possible only in cases when the expected benefit of therapy for the mother significantly exceeds the potential risk for the fetus. Due to the lack of clinical trials, the use of the drug during breastfeeding is not recommended. If it is necessary to use lactation, breastfeeding should be discontinued.

In childhood

The safety and efficacy of olanzapine in patients under the age of 18 years have not been studied.

In old age

For elderly patients, the initial dose is 5 mg/day.

In case of violations of kidney function

In case of severe renal insufficiency, the initial dose is 5 mg/day.

In case of violations of liver function

If the liver function is of moderate severity, the initial dose is 5 mg/day.