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  1. Mattie L. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    My doctor recommended Yasmin because side effects such as edema should no longer occur. The reason for this was a novel substance (I even believe that it was a hormone). Unfortunately I got thromboses in the leg through the Yasmin 6 (!!!), which migrated to the lungs and caused an embolism there. I got off relatively well, at that time I was only 19 years old. However, I have already read several reports that Yasmin and Yasminelle have very often led to strokes, embolisms and thrombosis in young women. Even young women have died only by taking these drugs. I therefore advise you to inform yourself exactly! I have demonstrably no blood diseases or similar. (I do not smoke either), it was only the Yasmin!

  2. Renee S. Jackson says:
    4.5 rating

    severe pulmonary embolism after DVT; no risk factors except pill (non-smoker, BMI = 20, lots of sports) I advise everyone to think well, if it is really necessary to take hormone preparations and not to suppress this bad (often fatal) side effect.

    Side effects: Pulmonary embolism
  3. Jeanette K. Tunnell says:
    5.0 rating

    Have been prescribed by my gynecologist the pill Yasmin. Had the first month throughout headache and a pulling and tightening in the chest but what happened after about a month. Was pretty quarrelsome and moody. At the beginning of the third pack, I got breathing problems (and very heavy breathing pains). As the pain became stronger and became unbearable I went to the hospital where thrombosis in the left leg and a bilateral pulmonary embolism were detected. Now I take Marcoumar for about 6 months and must wear a support stocking.