About Yasmin

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About Yasmin


The drug combination of ethinylestradiol and drospirenone is used for hormonal contraception. In addition, the active ingredients can also be used to normalize cycle disorders. These include infrequent or too frequent bleeding ( dysmenorrhoea ).

What are the purposes of this combination of active ingredients?

  • Prevent conception
  • Normalize menstrual cycle

Fields of application of Yasmin

The drug combination of ethinylestradiol and drospirenone is used for hormonal contraception. In addition, the active ingredients can also be used to normalize cycle disorders. These include infrequent or too frequent bleeding ( dysmenorrhoea ).

The following application areas of Yasmin is available:

  • contraception
  • acne

Mode of action of Yasmin

Ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone are among the group of estrogen-progestagen combinations for contraception.

Ethinyl estradiol is related to the body’s own hormone estradiol from the estrogen group. Drospirenone is a progestin (luteal hormone) and is similar to progesterone.

The interaction of estrogens and progestins helps prepare the body for pregnancy, ovulation, and the recovery phase of a woman’s monthly cycle. This is done by distributing these hormones differently on certain cycle days.

By using the drug combination, the body is offered increased amounts of estrogens and progestins. The body is faked as a pregnancy. As a result, ovulation is inhibited and the thickening of the lining of the premature nevi, which is necessary for implantation of the egg, is avoided. This means a double protection from pregnancy. Drospirenone additionally thickens the mucus at the uterine entrance, so that sperm can penetrate worse. Through its positive influence on the development of the lining of the uterus, drospirenone can also counteract cycle disorders that are due to irregular or irregular bleeding (ie the degradation of the endometrium).

Warnings and Precautions

  • Smoking increases the risk of severe side effects of the combination.
  • Using the combination may increase the risk of thrombosis. If pain or swelling in the legs occurs, a gynecologist should be consulted immediately.
  • A forgotten intake of the combination may decrease the effectiveness.
  • Treatment with the combination may increase multiple sclerosis.
  • The use of the combination does not protect against HIV infections or other sexually transmitted diseases.

If the medication triggers signs of blockage of the veins or arteries, stop taking it immediately and see a doctor.
Sometimes medicinal substances trigger allergic reactions. If you notice any signs of allergic reaction, tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Potential Yasmin side effects may include:

Yasmin used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Renee R. Richard says:
    3.5 rating

    Hello everyone. For 3 years now I am taking the contraceptive pill Yasmin, at first I was quite satisfied … One year ago, however, the traversing of hell started for me. From nowhere I got panic attacks including breathlessness, tachycardia and feeling numb hands. I was scared to death and did not know why. In addition, I had a dizziness every day, usually associated with nausea and headache. For months I tried to search for the cause of these symptoms, but found nothing. All doctors assured me that I was healthy and should not worry. Even I did not recognize myself again, I doubted myself and played with the idea to go into psychological treatment! Previously, I was self-confident, bubbling with energy and was thoroughly mentally resilient. Now, every night I was home because of my panic attacks, which increased and became stronger after taking the pill than during the day. My life was totally limited, to be alone at home was the purest horror for me … and that at the age of 20 years;) Another disease due to the side effects is a chronic bladder infection that plagues me since March 2008! A few weeks ago, the pill came as a possible trigger of all these issues in question and in fact it was! I have now discontinued the Yasmin and hope that soon recovery will occur … of which I am very convinced by the numerous reports of other women who were the same as me! My conclusion: NEGATIVE !!! The side effects are very violent and come only insidiously, after prolonged ingestion! Women who feel any symptoms should immediately stop Yasmin. Otherwise it could be painful months and years before! Women who tolerate the pill are lucky to be spared the side effects.

  2. Bunny J. Feller says:
    2.0 rating

    Headache, vascular pain, eye problems, asthma, rhinitis, muscle aches, joint pain

  3. Lucille K. Rodriquez says:
    3.5 rating

    In the first years of use except breast tenderness and some water retention no serious side effects. For about 1.5 years – Regular migraine-like headache with blurred vision, – often circulatory problems, – strong breast tenderness v.a. in 3 and 4 intake week, although I am actually a very balanced, calm and patient person: extreme irritability / strong, to depressive mood swings / tearfulness – & gt; always on time from the 3rd week of intake, at least until the onset of the menstrual period. -Water retention in the legs -Very bloated belly I expressed at my gynecologist the suspicion that I may no longer tolerate the pill. He put my symptoms into perspective and only recommended that I take the Yasmin through several months … which struggles me again. After reading these many accounts of similar side effects, and you can obviously see a connection to taking Yasmin, I will now change my FA and definitely switch to another pill.

  4. Mary W. Clark says:
    4.0 rating

    Yasmin for A headache; Pain (menstruation)

    Fast 10kg increase in weight (water) over 4 weeks, very unpleasant water retention throughout the body, which lasted 7 months. Normal weight since 7 years: approx. 68kg Weight from 09.2006-03.2007: approx. 78kg Weight loss from 04.2007-today: approx. 74kg to 62kg today! The water retention has disappeared overnight and I could not get an explanation for it today. I am afraid that this problem could possibly recur!

    Side effects: Water storages
  5. Laurel D. Duncan says:
    3.5 rating

    Yasmin for Cycle disorder

    Initially taken normal with regular bleeding. Here water retention in the thigh area. The last 2.5 years only every 3-4 months let my days come, because taken pill package. No problems at the beginning. The last year, however, increasingly: spotting, loss of libido, dryness vagina, muscles in the abdomen partially cramped (pain when penetrating sex – PS regularly have sex for 8 years and never have problems!), Chest pain just before the days in the Last year, many spider veins came to it! Have now switched to Valette due to the bleeding now, because my gynecologist said that it was the only one currently on the market where you can go through the pill 4-6 months without any problems. Take them in for 1 month … teilw. Problems. Later, if I take it longer, more about it … because my body has yet to get used to it.

  6. Vivian S. Okamoto says:
    3.0 rating

    In the first two months n. Ingestion: circulatory problems to mild syncope, bleeding After that no side effects felt and not for 7 years. 🙂

    Side effects: Between bleeding
  7. Katherine J. Lopez says:
    4.0 rating

    I took Yasmin for almost 3 years when I was 24 years old. I had problems with the compatibility of my contact lenses – which I have been using since I was 12 – during this time, but no other complaints. After two children and 10 years without taking any pill – covered by condoms – 6 years ago I started again with Yasmin, on the first day of my period, as it should be. After 9 days, I got spotting, which was quite strong and menstruation-like. When these bleeding did not disappear after 5 days, I discontinued the pill. But in the last 4 weeks I have repeatedly bleeding, sometimes strong and full of tissue, sometimes more like spotting. and in between 2 to 3 days nothing. I have to say that the last 10 years, before I started the pill again, every 28 to 30 days my cycle had, like a clock regularly. And during the time I took the pill, I never had spotting.

    Side effects: Spotting; Between bleeding
  8. Joy R. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    After not so long search, I now hope to have come to the bottom of all evil! I read some of your testimonials here and it fell like dandruff from the eyes – the Yasmin is poison and should be taken off the market! I’ve finished my current streak and am now taking a pill break and hope to get rid of all the side effects. In the first few weeks I found the Yasmin quite good, the skin improved and I did not gain weight, but again and again I got bleeding. After about 5 months it stopped, but after a short time it started again. After 6 months, my stomach slowly blew up, I look like the 5th month pregnant, although I am very slim. Also stomach problems, nausea and diarrhea torture me for weeks again and again for no apparent reason. The Migraeneattacken and permanent headache in the last about 3 weeks before Abruch made me crazy. Also, I could note significant mood swings and tearfulness, my friend recently said to me that he no longer dares to say anything, because otherwise I would get a totally overblown emotional outburst. I have been very healthy before taking Yasmin and are constantly bothering with colds, allergic skin reactions, stomach problems, bladder infections and pain (wherever). Maedels, keep your hands off this devil as soon as you realize something is wrong. The Yasmin I definitely do not recommend.

  9. Jayne D. Frey says:
    5.0 rating

    Headache, extreme abdominal pain, dehydration, pimples on the chest, stomach, back and genital area, bloated fungal infections, bladder problems, twitching in the legs, restless feeling, head and mind felt as though the body was tired = insomnia, depression and panick attacks , the feeling of not being myself, thoughts of suicide I strongly recommend seeing a doctor who is familiar with hormones, whether family doctor or gynecologist, and to stop immediately with this supplement of unnecessary hormones. I also recommend to go to a KINESIOLOGIN, as they are very good at detecting fungi and can therefore help. I have not taken the pill for 3 weeks, the side effects are still present. I’m currently taking depressants and any homeopathic medicines to rebuild my immune system and fight the mushrooms. I can only advise against any Pillenpreperaten and can be glad that after a year of agony, I got a super family doctor who has recognized that.

  10. Elisabeth J. Easton says:
    4.5 rating

    Yasmin for Pain (menstruation)

    YASMIN … The pill that changed my life … Sounds dramatic, but true !! For a long time I did not notice anything and most of all I did not think that severe depression could be due to the pill … If only I would have come up with it rather than listening to the funny doctors (yes, the Yasmin is expensive * wink) thanks Pharma *), so I would have spared me a lot! Only after about three years it started with the depression, first tired, impotent, sad … then so badly depressed that I have thought of suicide several times, complete withdrawal from the social environment, no head for job, husband, the like !! Migraine attacks (which I never had before), where I sometimes thought of ordering myself an ambulance, the pain was so bad !! But that was not the end of the flagpole: high blood pressure, weight gain, perfect Libido loss, pain in the long run Sex, changing my personality to an absolutely withdrawn mourning dumpling! When I finally, after 5 years of taking, despite the reluctance of my oh so expert doctors, dared to omit the monster pill … yes, I had within 3 months my old personality again! I can laugh again, no trace of Depri, do not let me hang anymore, no more migraines, all my (by the retreat) abandoned in the lurch friends again, ironed out my mistakes and paralysis in the job and ready for new acts! 🙂 May probably everyone else react on it, as I said that went well for three years … As a conclusion from the Odysee I can only advise every girl out there: listen to your body, watching small signals and changes to you before It forces you to kneel like me! I’d rather settle down and wait, see what happens to you … then you can start again, if you want! At least I’ll NEVER AGAIN take this nasty thing AGAIN !!! And above all: the doctors are not always right, there are always alternativesHope I gave you a little food for thought … Best wishes for your health 😉

  11. Leslie M. Thompson says:
    4.0 rating

    I was prescribed the pill Yasmin about 2 years ago in England because it does not give the Novial pill there. At first I was very satisfied and had no problems, no bleeding, clear skin, no weight gain, no chest problems. But since last year, I notice more changes just before my period notice: mood swings and depressive behavior. I am crying a lot and my mood changes from -10 to +500 which I am very irritated. My husband confirms that, too. I had bile removed at the age of only 30, and recently cysts have been detected. I never had any problems with Novial and I’m sure I took them 6/7 years.

  12. Matthew N. Roark says:
    4.0 rating

    I had very very strong mood swings after the 3rd intake. I cried for hours – for no good reason. For this my eye has been drawn for hours! For days! In the first week, tachycardia came along. No desire for sexual intercourse! I had to force myself that at least that’s still going well in the relationship. I was like a substitute – a stranger. I was always looking for a fight with extreme jealousy. When I mentioned my FA on it, he said that this is over and that the heart racing can not get away. Strangely, it was perfect for me before that. Shortly before the period, I got anxiety and panic attacks. Very depressive mood. The still holding and I got professional help because of that. My period, which was usually 3-4 days, also became longer, stronger and more painful. For 7 days and 5 days, I took painkillers one after the other. After the first cycle, I discontinued the pill as it became more unbearable day by day because I became more unbearable! After weaning: tachycardia for 2 weeks, even while asleep. Very real nightmares

  13. Joan K. Cromartie says:
    4.5 rating

    Side effects occurred only after about 3 years of use: diarrhea, headache, strong mood swings just before, during and after the period, depression, wobbly teeth, hair loss getting worse, flatter and dulling hair despite professional hair products (had thick curls before the pill) ), constantly changing light weight gain and loss, always within weeks. Now I realized that I also developed a lactose intolerance. I will drop you off after completing this pack and talk to my gynecologist about alternatives.

  14. Helen J. Hendrix says:
    4.5 rating

    After I took the pill Yasmin 10 kg increased. Despite regular sports and the same amount of food I have always gained weight. My legs were swollen every day and the whole body felt like a balloon. There were also headaches and listlessness. Even I had at times depression, that I did not even want to go outside. Now I have the pill discontinued and hope that my old weight comes back again. In itself, Yasmin is not recommended. Better to grab another pill.

  15. Connie C. Jackson says:
    3.0 rating

    At first always about 4-7 hours after taking nausea, z. T. with nausea. Another side effect at the same time mild headache. Later, more and more depressive moods, indifference, sadness, libido-loss …

  16. Maxine L. Simmons says:
    2.0 rating

    Side effects: nausea, diarrhea, depression, sadness

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Nausea; Depressions
  17. Monica R. Massey says:
    3.5 rating

    At first I had no problems, but already after the 2nd pack, my stomach has changed. I did not think anything at first. But after the 6th pack, I got terrible depression and only had diarrhea for about 7 days. I then dropped off the pill

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Depressions
  18. Debra E. Jones says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello! My name is Celine, 21 years young and take the pill Yasmin for about 5 years! I have to say that I tolerated them for a long time, although I have to say that I can now say in retrospect that nausea has been there since then, especially after eating! In recent years, I had the feeling more and more often pregnant or I had these symptoms: extreme nausea, pain in the breast, abdominal pain, fatigue, mood swings! But only very rarely! Last year, I started to sleep deprivation and alcohol with mild anxiety and symptoms of gastrointestinal reaction, only slightly but noticeable! This summer it started with bad panic attacks, also with bad nausea and stomach ache! I must say that last summer was the absolute hell for me and I did not remember who I am or what’s wrong with me! I felt like I was getting sick in my head and thought it would never get any better! At first I did not dare to leave the house, the work was a great overcoming for me, everything was commonplace for me, it was just scared for me! It sounded a bit off, with valerian and other sedatives! But the nausea and the nausea curtailed my life enormously, I could not go out to eat with friends, I was afraid to drive away that it came from nowhere! Until recently I was still so, but in a conversation with my mother, we gradually came to the point that it sounds like hormones and as I had noticed more often that it was good every few weeks, we came up with the pill! This forum has helped me so much and I could have howled with happiness and the idea of being able to live normally again! I completely discontinued the pill a week ago, will not take any easier and I have to say I’m fine! Slight nausea is still present from time to time but this is getting better and better from week to week! I hope I could help something! It is important that we women are made aware of it, because many (including me at that time) is not aware of what the pill can do with one, even after years of use!

  19. Carla L. Dowling says:
    4.5 rating

    Lactose intolerance, diarrhea, bowel / abdominal pain, migraine, after discontinuation of severe hair loss,