Wellbutrin contraindications and warnings


The use of bupropion has many positive reviews. Despite this, you should know about the conditions under which the drug is not recommended for admission. Among the contraindications to the prescription of medicine are:

  • epilepsy and other types of convulsive activity;
  • age younger than 18 years;
  • the presence of pathologies of the neuro-psychic nature (anorexia or bulimia);
  • development of neoplasms of the brain;
  • allergic reactions;
  • Parkinson’s disease (due to drug incompatibility);
  • diabetes;
  • the use of other antidepressants (a break between drugs should be at least 14 days);
  • disruption of kidney function in nephropathy;
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

Pregnancy and lactation

The purpose of the drug when bearing a child is shown strictly on the advice of a doctor. There is no data on the effect of bupropion on fetal development. Therefore, its safety for pregnant women remains in doubt.

Bupropion penetrates into breast milk. Therefore, during the lactation application is excluded.