About Wellbutrin

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About Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin is the most famous drug on the basis of bupropion. Instruction for use states that the form of release of this medication is tablets. Tablets are packed in bottles of 7, 30 and 90 pieces.

One active substance – bupropion represent the composition of the drug. Its dose can be 150 and 300 mg. Additionally, the agent also includes a group of components, among which polyvinyl alcohol, methacrylic acid, and other substances are present.

Indications for prescription

There are several directions for the appointment of bupropion. The instruction contains information on the following indications for use:

  • treatment of depressive states (from mild to severe) in combination with other agents;
  • prevention of exacerbations of depressive disorders;
  • treatment of manifestations of anxiety and social phobia in the event of a depressive condition;
  • treatment of neuroses of different etiologies;
  • during quitting;
  • with increasing weight and the appearance of sexual problems in the background of a depressive state;
  • for the elimination of attention deficit disorder;
  • to eliminate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorders.

Application: general rules

Bupropion tablets are taken without chewing, with plenty of water. The action of the medicine comes in a few weeks of regular admission.

Before use, you need to familiarize yourself with the specific features of the product:

  • the maximum dosage is 450 mg per day;
  • one day is enough for a day;
  • you need to drink tablets at the same time.

Initially, a dosage of 150 mg is prescribed. If necessary, a doctor may recommend an increase in the amount of substance taken per 100 mg. Then the patient’s condition is monitored for 2 weeks. In the absence of improvement, a maximum dose is prescribed. Long-term use is shown (from 6 months and more).


Appointment in pediatrics

One of the contraindications of the drug is the age younger than 18 years. In pediatrics, the remedy is not used in connection with the danger of thinking with suicidal tendencies.

Use in old age

Prescribing a medicine after 65 years requires dose adjustment or a reduction in the number of doses. This is due to the danger of side effects.

Potential Wellbutrin side effects may include:

Wellbutrin used to treat the following diseases:


  1. Hector L. Tran says:
    4.5 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    Be 1.5 years severe depressive episode with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. Panic Attacks: Venlaflaxin very good effect. Lyrica only minor effect. Other drugs have no effect. Generalized anxiety disorder: Lyrica very good effect, venlaflaxin moderate to good effect. Lamotrigine moderate effect. Depression: Therapy resistance to antidepressants of the SSRI and SSRNI class (venlaflaxin, sertraline, citalopram). Therapy to lithium. Wellbutrin low to moderate effect. Lamotrigine very good effect. Nicotine addiction (unplanned treatment): Wellbutrin very good effect. Side effects Venlaflaxin in the first four weeks: anxiety, dizziness, severe agitation, loss of libido, headache, sleep disorders. Venlaflaxin after the first four weeks: complete loss of libido. Lyrica: weight gain, initially tiredness. Wellbutrin: Sleep disorders, headache (both only at the beginning). Dry mouth. Lithium: Severe tremor, acne, weight gain, dry mouth, thirst. Lamotrigine: no side effects. After more than a year of drug treatment and unsuccessful treatments, I was prescribed the drug lamotrigine. This works very well, without side effects. Since I also have ADHD, it has modified my depression. The result was, as with many ADHD and depression patients, an extensive therapy license. According to my specialist in ADHD and mood disorders (depression, anxiety), the drugs Wellbutrin and Lamotrigine are in most cases very effective while classic antidepressants fail. After more than 1.5 years of immeasurable torment and suffering, I am finally on the road to recovery. Even if one does not believe it, it passes. PS: Was briefly treated with Seroquel (fatigue, appetite increase, weight gain) and Ritalin (agitation)

  2. Tyler D. Arteaga says:
    3.5 rating

    Wellbutrin was weak in drive to better prepare me for my PhD, suffering from depression and feeling powerless. Already after the first intake I got violent cramping, which lasted until it stopped. Now the depression exploded even more, I had suicidal thoughts (I did not know about me until now), so I kept talking on the phone with my family to do nothing. I dreamed violently, very aggressively, suffered from an enormous sleep disorder, during the day I was scared, became paranoid, had destructive thoughts. After four days of taking my condition worsened and I stopped the stuff immediately. It was a nightmare. NEVER AGAIN, I will take an AD. Therefore, I recommend that you first try natural remedies, such as Rhodiolan® NE from LOGES or dysto-loges® S (injection!). That helps me best, my mood has improved. With sports, learning works very slowly. Of course it also depends on the personal suffering, how far a natural remedy can help or rather an AD, but the search for the right remedy can take years. Often their effect improves with the supply of vitamin B (wg coenzyme). Depression is a difficult disease to treat, the ADs have in most cases severe side effects and change after years of taking the personality. I wish everyone a good recovery

  3. John D. Johns says:
    2.5 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    The first few days a headache – often restless – mood has improved

    Side effects: Headache; Unrest
  4. Carolyn G. Murray says:
    3.0 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    Loss of appetite, insomnia despite exhaustion and fatigue, headache, nausea, depression, The drug is, however, taken only for 5 days. Everything can therefore change for the better as for the bad.

    Side effects: Insomnia; Fatigue; Anorexia; Nausea
  5. Julia G. Graham says:
    4.0 rating

    Wellbutrin for Drive disorders; Depression

    I got the Wellbutrin in addition to another antidepressant (Paroxat), because the Paroxat had shown a very good antidepressant effect, but is not a drive-enhancing AD. Wellbutrin 150mg was prescribed for me, so that my listlessness is corrected, it has really improved. I do not feel so down anymore, I’m a little more enterprising without being shaky at the same time (which is the case with many other drive-enhancing medias …). Wellbutrin is an AD, but has a different mode of action than SSRIs, so it can easily be prescribed to other ADs, thus enhancing the antidepressant effect. I had almost no side effects, even if you do not take it for a few days, you will not feel anything, so there are hardly any withdrawal symptoms. The only one was a slight restlessness, but only at the very beginning of the intake. P.S. since I have taken it at the same time to another AD, I can not specifically assess the antidepressant effect exactly!

    Side effects: Unrest
  6. David C. Matthews says:
    3.0 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    Cipralex 10mg. Libido loss, no ejaculation, 8kg. Weight loss, strong mood swings, fears, constipation Wellbutrin 150mg. Weight loss, restlessness, anxiety, Errektionsschw. at times

  7. Maryanna T. Corbo says:
    4.0 rating

    Wellbutrin for Depression

    I only took the medication for two weeks because the side effects became unbearable. Instead of increasing the drive as promised, I was even more exhausted than before. I was always dizzy, I could only lie on the sofa. I had bad tensions on my back which I naturally have because of mild scoliosis, but which became unbearable with the drug. In addition, I became more and more bad and I finally vomited. I had sleep problems only at the beginning, but not more than I already had. Taking in the morning helps a lot. Shopping was frustrating, because I was totally annoyed by the noise and the people and was overwhelmed. I had the total sensory overload which made me very aggressive and nervous. I would not take Wellbutrin anymore.

    Side effects: Aggressiveness; Dizziness; Nausea
  8. Gary C. Waldrop says:
    4.0 rating

    I had some nausea and less appetite for Wellbutrin at the beginning. But that settles with the time and is not bad. I also had some headaches. But they went away after some time. All in all, I would say a good drug.

    Side effects: Headache; Anorexia; Nausea