Trileptal contraindications and warnings


Drug medication should not be taken in a number of cases:

  • children who are less than three years old;
  • increased susceptibility to the components of the drug.

With special care, Trileptal is prescribed for:

  • increased susceptibility to carbamazepine;
  • liver diseases.

Application in pregnancy

Taking medication by women who are carrying a baby can lead to severe vices in the embryo. In this regard, you should abstain from taking the drug during this period.

When planning or detecting pregnancy during medication, it should be understood that the risk for normal development of the embryo is very high, so it is necessary to tell the doctor about taking the medication.
It is impossible to completely abandon therapy against epilepsy during the period of gestation, as this also carries great risks to the health of the future mother and her child.

The drug should not be taken during breastfeeding, as it penetrates into breast milk, which means it can have a negative impact on the health and development of the baby.


Do not take Trileptal in a larger dosage than prescribed by your doctor, as, in rare cases, this can cause an overdose. When overdosed with Trileptal, the following symptomatic signs appear in patients:

  • decrease in the concentration of ions in the blood;
  • bifurcation of objects;
  • narrowing of the pupil;
  • deterioration of vision;
  • a feeling of nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • overwork;
  • lower respiratory rate;
  • drowsiness;
  • vestibular disorders;
  • violation of the coordination of movements of various muscles;
  • involuntary oscillatory movements of the eyes of high frequency;
  • involuntary trembling of fingers;
  • ataxia;
  • involuntary contraction of muscles;
  • pain in the head;
  • coma;
  • fainting;
  • aggressiveness;
  • excited state;
  • blurred consciousness;
  • lowering of blood pressure;
  • dyspnoea.

If signs of overdose show, you should contact your doctor who will provide appropriate symptomatic help. To begin with, you should do a gastric lavage and take activated charcoal.