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  1. Tracy S. Walls says:
    3.0 rating

    Topamax for Migraine

    First, I increased the dose of topiramate from 25mg to 100mg daily. In addition to a strong tingling in hands and feet, I also have language and word finding disorders. In addition, I am tired and need much more sleep than before (about 9h). At 100mg, the migraine was gone, but I was also totally depressed. Therefore dose reduction to 50mg per day. Meanwhile, the side effects are so far okay except for the speech disorders and the tiredness and the need for sleep. At least I thought so. Until now it turned out that Topamax is damaging my liver. And pretty massive. Therefore, I can only advise all migraineurs under Topamax to keep an eye on liver enzymes! Conclusion: If the NW are tolerable, Topamax is really good. Otherwise unfortunately less. I have to stop it now. P.S .: Incidentally, I am one of the few who have slightly increased in Topmamax … but still tolerable at 4 kg

  2. Diana L. Toledo says:
    4.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    to Keppra: Fatigue, dizziness, aggressiveness, depulsive disorders, lack of strength and listlessness – side effects diminished after about 2 months of use, unfortunately, despite a high dose in monotherapy no seizure freedom could be achieved, therefore Topamax as second-medi, again severe fatigue, occasionally mild dizziness (slow dosing!), slight eye pressure, severe bones or joint and muscle pain – improvement after about 2 weeks after each increase, mild word-finding disorders mainly about 1h after taking Topamax – but seizure freedom !!! With Convulex (valproate) over 17 years completely seizure-free, weight gain, hair loss on the head or unwanted hair growth -> hormonal causes, other hormonal problems: cysts in the ovaries, absence of the menstrual bleeding, etc., Long-term side effect: liver parenchyma – & gt; Liver fatty acid GammaGT at 498 … & nbsp; WITHOUT ALCOHOL! Lamotrigine: gastrointestinal problems, increase seizure frequency