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  1. Donna B. Hagerman says:
    3.0 rating

    Yes, we just have to go through it if we want to LIVE. Have been on therapy with Zoladex and Tamox for three years. Diagnosis I got when I was 37 years and my little one just 3.. In three weeks – if everything o.k. is – drops the syringe. Then the Tamox probably 2 years. I did not believe the whole thing with the side effects at first. But it’s really what our doctors say to us – unbelievableI used to say that they should not be so stupid, but meanwhile I do not say anything anymore. I’m currently building such small pillars, such as After stopping the syringe it gets a little better, or something. It’s not all that easy, but when I read the other reports, I’m actually doing relatively well with the whole thing. And by the way: I have noticed that the whole thing is much easier when you see everything a bit looser and all the stress of us 150% wanting women, mothers, housewives and sharp workers! The last holiday in GR was also hot, but I did not care more than any other. At home, I can change clothes three times a day and change sheets every other day – yes, yes, but the main thing is that we work! And then the rest in a nutshell: Reduction of vision – Doc says it can not be that way – in my opinion, I am as blind as a eagle-owl, but then there will probably be other reasons. Vaginal dryness nd libido loss – whether the relationship will survive that will turn out. Bone pain I had at the beginning of Theraüoe. by now, but relatively rare, I’m definitely not as resilient as before and now try to implement a humorous and bearable level for me. My goal is actually only to experience the 20th birthday of my child. Best regards and all the best from Tyrol.

  2. Frances S. Slavin says:
    4.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    After chemotherapy and radiation I started tamoxifen. Since then, my eyes have become much worse. In addition, I suffer from edema, weight gain, numb feet and fingers, hair loss, vaginal dryness and bone pain. I hope that over time it will be possible to work normally again. At the moment, I struggle to do anything for a few hours a day.

  3. Willie B. Alcock says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Hot flashes with subsequent cold sensation (very common), weight gain, water retention, concentration and memory disorders, vaginal dryness, vaginal discharge, vaginal fungus, itching in the genital area, brittle fingernails, hair loss, cramps in the feet, carpal tunnel syndrome, nocturnal urination, mild sleep disorders … Me take tamoxifen after a breast surgery (breast cancer) for 4 years and 4 months. The first 3 years additionally Trenantone. I had 36 shots, no chemo. I can live with the side effects pretty well, but I feel like I’m more susceptible to illnesses, I’m always plagued by some nonsense. Since I was almost never ill before my breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 42 and never before in the hospital, so I have my problems with it. My visual impairment has also increased, but since I was already very short-sighted (above -10 dioptres) and my eyes have always worsened steadily, I can not judge whether the now progressive visual impairment is accelerated by the use of tamoxifen. I also have the impression that I have less hair, but since I’m blessed with extremely big and thick hair, I think that’s not so bad ;-). I also occasionally have to deal with mood swings, which at least my friend claims ;-). All in all, I’m fine, I’m continuing my (stressful) job and if tamoxifen helped to extend my life, then it was worth the side effects.

  4. Jeanette J. Kelley says:
    5.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Breast-conserved surgery in the summer of 2008 followed by chemo and radiation therapy; since spring 2009 therapy with tamoxifen; feel good and suggest me with my daily tamoxifen intake in the evening, that I only have the chance to survive. The previously small and considering the severity of a cancer-related side effects, I wear calm and try to alleviate them as much as possible, accept and calm to see … eg. Weight gain = less wrinkles and low-calorie food against my big hunger or vaginal dryness any amount of plantl. Mittelchen (and a sympathetic, dedicated partner ..), a committed dentist to support small dental problems and a lot of peace, fresh desire, meditation, love people around me and the attitude that I will not die from tamoxifen and its side effects … if it gets worse, you have to find new ways and will find them … Self-confidence and strength is part of every treatment and their recovery! Motto: The hardest part of the way is done! I’ll do the rest even more!