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  1. Marjorie D. Wall says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Hormonal tumor 06/2013, breast conserving removed! 6 months chemo, then 30 irradiations! Since 03/14 I’m taking Tam, which I should take over a period of 10 years! After just under a year, I would like to sell the stuff! First mega violent hot flashes, which have become better, but extreme joint problems! Can hardly walk in the morning, the shoulder joint is inflamed, my bursa in the hip also (I started to walk because of the gain in weight, but came out well, because of the joints), according to a new scintigram (01/15) was also added to the articular arthrosis ! In the scintigraphy before the OP 2013, I had not yet, which confirms that the problems come from the Tam. But no doctor wants to hear that! Have finally begged 10 lymph drainage, after both the Onko and the orthopedist did not help me. Can sometimes just howl and I’m only 41 !!!