Sumatriptan side effects

What side effects can Sumatriptan have?

Below you will find the most important information about possible known side effects of sumatriptan.
These side effects do not occur, but you can. Because every person reacts differently to medication. Please also note that the type and frequency of side effects may vary depending on the drug formulation (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

Common side effects:
nausea and vomiting, tingling, pain, heat, heaviness, tightness, tightness.

Uncommon side effects:
Neck stiffness, redness and flushing sensation in the head, drowsiness, dizziness, feeling weak, tiredness, drowsiness, transient rise in blood pressure.

Rare side effects:
Drop in blood pressure, slow heartbeat, palpitations, palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias, ECG changes, cardiac spasms, myocardial infarction, circulatory disorders of fingers or intestines, seizures, eye flares, diplopia, eye tremors, facial field limitations, hypersensitivity reactions .

Very rare side effects:
loss of vision, persistent visual impairment, change in liver function.

Additional side effects of nasal spray: unpleasant taste, irritation, burning sensation in the nose or throat, nosebleed.

Special features:
Exaggerated use of sumatriptan may increase the risk of daily headaches and headaches.

In individual cases it has so far come in high-dose continuous therapy (several months daily 200 milligrams instead of once 100 milligrams) to a malformation of the red blood pigment (sulfhemoglobin formation). It manifests itself in a blue color of hands, toes and face. If such signs occur, the doctor should be consulted.

What interactions does Sumatriptan show?

Please note that the interactions may vary depending on the drug formulation of a drug (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

If you are taking ergot alkaloids, there is a risk of cramping the blood vessels in the heart.

Sumatriptan should not be taken with MAO inhibitors or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Side effects may also be more common with St. John’s wort.

Potential Sumatriptan side effects may include: