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  1. Tami R. Nichols says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Delusion; Hallucinations; Depression

    Unfortunately, I have been greatly increased by Seroquel.This, however, in combination with a significant hypofunction of the thyroid.I also take other medications, Trevilor, L-thyroxine, Melperon and Lyrica.Unfortunately, this is not otherwise feasible. Under the Medikamet Seroquel in combination with the other drugs, I feel really great. Sleep better, hardly any fears, good mood usw..Ich can recommend it quiet conscience. Only a few side effects are constant colds and dysphagia, but I like to accept. Sometimes it annoys, but on the whole, I get along well with it.

  2. Jason B. Dobbs says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Hallucinations; Fatigue; Sleep disorders; Depression

    I have been taking Remergil for 2 months, the dose was only 15 mg and then increased to 30 mg, because the desired effect was not shown. Then the dose was reduced to 15 mg and I got the Cipralex in the morning (first 5 mg then 10 mg). So far, I still notice no change in mood swings. And since 7 days I get the Seroquel which really helps very well against my voice hearing. Unfortunately, I have increased by the Remergil within the time of taking 11 pounds. This is very stressful for me because I’m in a depression 🙁

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  3. Michael K. Tarrance says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Hallucinations

    Description of the unwanted side effect: hello I take since 11 years neuroleptics in things feel good I know from experience that melperon is good (OPIOID pedigree) and quetiapine (Metadon positive in the UK) the best are I have all by 1 year stationary everything by Seroquel I had more times 2 years sometime few months Seroquel is in my opinion codein similar one feels the tobacco smoke from the whistle barely the artificial fatigue is similar but clearly from embossed and the sperm etc have the same as the codein I am not talking about the poppy but of cold remedies ! problematic! your arteries do not come out in the hand area you go with a stiff try to drain water the mouth dryness leads to dementia according to NDR due to the anticholinergic ingredients of the neuroleptic in the morning get up? I would alarm the alarm clock 2 hours earlier I am very worried that I am suffering from film I can only imagine two things underneath why it is so Photographic memory is lost (see pictures is so sick ..) or the emotional memory is a geschrenckt by The emotional blockade of the dopamine receptors (because dopamine is another word for feeling) I wonder if I should crawl the neuroleptics with doxepin or oxazepam this medekamte as far as I know have nothing to do with dopamine when weaning problems such as exaggerated frustration are afraid Quetiapine works after a day of boisterous dosis Quite unlikely norquetiapine to the benefit of quetiapine leaves you indifferent to everything casual after three weeks of withdrawal you take one it also voluntarily again because you have no desire to * through to dre hen * in purchase one does not take good feelings only on a line without height and depth I once told a responsible neuroleptics are an umbrella that bring you through rain and hail but WHAT if the sun is shining yes then you wear the umbrella anyway means you the sunbeams come through ?? if possible reduce the screen and you will notice the sunbeams come through more but with a thin screen hut in front of the storm .. so in kind greetings your simon alex Posted on 4/25/2017 as Record 77169 Edit record

    Side effects: Mouth dryness
  4. Julia K. Sanchez says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Hallucinations; Psychological instability; Sleep disorders

    Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had some terrible sleep problems for the first time in my life. Sleep was still, but did not fall asleep. Physically totally exhausted, on the verge of fainting – in the head but then so active, constant musings, auditory hallucinations, thinking thinking thinking without wanting it, despair, because you can not fall asleep. So I was prescribed at the beginning of Seroquel 25 mg, of which I should first take half a half, very low dose so (the tablets can be divided but really bad, since no scored). First side effects immediately after swallowing: Swelling of the mucous membranes (angioedema). Had the feeling that the pill is still in the throat, I thought I’m too stupid to swallow. The same thing the next night … In addition, it has not really worked and the next morning my blood pressure was so down (otherwise normal NEN to slightly increased), first took forever to get out of bed, another 2 hours to clear again to be able to think and have the feeling of being among the living. Should expose because of the angioedema first Seroquel, because it can be life-threatening … Got something else (Risperidion), I took the Easter holidays I think, did not help me, have only gained 2-3 kg, not even 20 tablets. So I dropped it off automatically and resorted to the Seroquel again, with some respect for the pills, of course … (This time 25 mg) The first 3 days still angioedema, but then it was less and after a week was nothing at all. The blood pressure in the morning was often down anyway. But it started to work, was quickly tired at the beginning, or just a little dazed and sedated, have seen blurry and so, weak muscle, until sometime just tired (from 30 minutes starts sometimes even when it runs well). So again was great, no matter how much I have thought or pondered, then I fell asleep at some point. After consultation with the doctor so further income. By now I am at 50 mg. In between, I tried to remove the Seroquel, when everything around me was a little calmer and less stressful … It really started backfiring, I could not sleep at all, thought it might be a certain placebo effect, maybe it is, but me rather call for withdrawal symptoms. I felt as if I had also read something in the packaging leaflet about a so-called ‘shock’ or something similar, which occurs when the medication stops abruptly (after all, withdrawal symptoms?). So could not sleep at all, was partly awake for up to 3 hours, until I finally resorted to medication. Have tried it also with homeopathic things, everything does not work for me … I regularly check my blood levels, if everything is right, if the tablets do not do anything else stupid in my body, so far everything was okay. I just hope that there will be no later serious consequences. So I’m not that excited about Quetiapin, but at least I can fall asleep with it, I did my high school diploma 🙂 and I do not think so, haha!