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  1. Don W. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    I took this medicine at a psychosomatic clinic at the age of 15. The first few weeks went well but showed no effect. Therefore, the dose was increased to the maximum. The result was that I had numerous neurological problems and deficits. Including as in the internet and here perhaps already listed a so-called extra-pyramidal-motor syndrome that was not even the main problem, the cause of my terrible time were mainly agitations daily and a certain slowing of movement and thinking and the Personality which made me think of pseudo-Parkinson’s. An example that supported my guess was e.g. I only needed to walk 10 yards 10 yards (bradykinese) cool iatrogenic damage by e.g. Supinator Syndrome It manifests itself by the fall of the fingers when stretched, because the finger stretchers are slightly paralyzed due to the iatrogenic damage. So honestly everyone who wants to give the death blow should be as blessed as I am!

  2. Dorothy D. Lingenfelter says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Sleep disorders; Depression; Psychosis

    Haldol and Risperidon … Hellendinger! But well … They work differently for each … In Haldol I suffered from painful gaze spasms, extrapyramidal movement disorders, mild tremors in the arms and legs and after weaning occurred almost 5 months of persisting insomnia, only by diazepane intravenously was suspended for just 4 hours. Risperdal had similar side effects … tremor and uneasiness or something … Both drugs made me helpless and desperate! Amitriptyline made little mention of it … The drive got better … However, it caused a mania and confusion … And Seroquel … Works okay, but even at a low dosage of 100-0-100 it has strange emotional deafness caused! Good that I do not take all these fucking things anymore …..