About Risperdal

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About Risperdal

The drug risperidone is used to treat severe psychosis with misunderstanding, delusions and hallucinations, such as those in chronic schizophrenia or a morbid exaggeration (mania) occur. Another area of use is psychosis in patients with dementia diseases.

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • Block dopamine and serotonin receptors in the central nervous system
  • treat schizophrenia
  • treat psychosis
  • Relieve depression
  • mitigate severe aggression

This is how Risperidone works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of risperidone.
Please also read the information on the drug group neuroleptics,
to which the active ingredient risperidone belongs.

Areas of application of the active substance risperidone

The drug risperidone is used to treat severe psychosis with misunderstanding, delusions and hallucinations, as they occur for example in chronic schizophrenia or a morbid exaggeration (mania). Another area of use is psychosis in patients with dementia diseases.

Risperidone can relieve aggressive behavior against yourself and others in mental illness. For neglected people with reduced or marginal intelligence and severe behavioral problems, risperidone may support social psychiatric therapy.

For the following application areas of Risperidon , in-depth information is available:

  • ADHD
  • psychosis
  • depression
  • dementia

Action of Risperidone

Neuroleptics such as risperidone exert their effect by blocking receptors for the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. As a result, psychotic disorders such as hallucinations and delusions can be alleviated.

In addition to dopamine receptors, risperidone also occupies binding sites for the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and epinephrine. This improves the ability to self-control. Aggressive behavior is reduced, the ability to concentrate is improved and severe depression can be alleviated.

Potential Risperdal side effects may include:

Risperdal used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Nicholas C. Quinn says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Depression; Psychosis

    Halllo !! At Risperdal, I also gained 8 kilos within 5 months! At Trevelor slowly but surely about 5 kg. This doctor gave me 2 minutes of talk time. I changed the family doctor and the psychiatric doctor. Lithium as profile ax for stabilization. Every day 900 mg / 86 in the blood value good Seroquel 300 for sleeping> & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; After 4 years Citalopram does not help against depression 40 mg.

  2. Otha L. Jones says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    I only had a relatively mild psychosis. At first I took 4mg daily. Now, nine years later, only 0.5mg. The only side effect was a weight gain. However, since the drug was lowered to 1mg, I have my old weight again. Four years ago I had a psychosis before. Triggered by lack of sleep, change of environment and permanent hashish consumption. Risperdal is a blessing compared to haloperidol (the first psychosis drug). The side effects are low. Being human, as another patient writes here, I have not lost through Risperdal. Even with 4mg per day, you are a bit slower, but not psychotic. The only question is: should it now, although low doses, but take forever?

  3. Trent C. Pelt says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Drive disorders; Psychosis

    Am very satisfied with this Medikamnet and get 80 mg in the morning against my drive disorders and to support my Risperdal Depot. The drive has not really improved and the antipsychotic effect is rather mediocre, but I feel much more comfortable in my skin through Zeldox. Side effects were a bit stiffer for me (but was rather positive, since anyway always a bit mushy) and initially a slight tension of the lower facial muscles (as if you have grinned too much / laughed), but what happened again after about 3 months Has.

  4. Juan D. Brown says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Drive disorders; Psychosis

    After the first 2-3 weeks I did not notice anything from Citalopram, but after the 3rd week I got a real boost and was also much better off. For a long time I’m not so susceptible to stress anymore, somehow everything is much better off and my sleep behavior has changed for the better, catch up faster and get fit again after 7 hours. I have side effects, except for some loss of libido, but within limits, no. After about 5 months, the drive has slowed again, but does not necessarily have to be on Citalopram. All in all, I am very satisfied with citalopram and wonder if I should agree on an increase from 20 to 40 mg.

    Side effects: Libido loss
  5. Michael R. Neubauer says:
    2.5 rating

    Risperdal for Autism; Borderline

    Risperdal reaction pharyngeal stiffness will be injected valproate not yet real improvement, still hitting very violently against the head must have tied the hands on back. We suffer it very much because no medication has yet struck

  6. Matthew B. Friedman says:
    1.5 rating

    Risperdal for Autism

    language disorders

  7. Peter A. Belden says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Dementia

    The administration of the drug takes place in liquid form (as the tablet is refused by the patient or is associated with great difficulties). Risperidone should provide as much as possible for an inner peace and limit the night activity. Unfortunately I could not detect a really noticeable change by the drug so far. Recognizable side effects have not occurred so far.

    Side effects: No side effects
  8. Vince K. Carter says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Schizophrenia

    I’ve been taking risperdal for 1.1 / 2 years now. Mentally, I am wonderful. Did not have any relapse since taking the drug. Physically, however, I have been getting worse and worse since then. Weight gain since taking 20kg, asthma attack, allergic reaction bursitis. inflammation of the upper respiratory tract lung infections .. At first I did not associate these with risperdal. But when I had to go to the clinic without much breath. And you could not really tell where it came from. I did my own research. Risperdal has psychologically stabilized me. But physically crippled. Hope it is reversible.

  9. James E. Rico says:
    5.0 rating

    Risperdal for Schizophrenia

    I received a Risperdaldepot 37.5 mg every 14 days in 2008 and have since complained that I lost my libido. Some time ago I was switched to Seroquel 300mg daily. I feel much better now, but my libido loss has gotten worse. Now I live as well as without sex. I try to provoke an orgasm from time to time, but it feels like I’ve already had sex. I am no longer aroused and have no interest in sleeping with my partner anymore. Risperdal has killed my libido! Of course I would like to have sexual feelings the same way as before but I have little hope that my problem could get better over time. I feel castrated and my self-esteem is down.

    Side effects: Libido loss
  10. John S. Sanders says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Hebephrenia

    I took the drug one day for a dose and was totally tired. It seems like every neuroleptics that the body first has to adjust to. I was so tired that I could no longer follow the conversation and just wanted to rest. Therefore, I have no experience with the drug. It is also always difficult to judge what the drug (neuroleptics) is and what the disease is. I am one of the lucky ones who have been hired on a Risperdal Consta and therefore do not have to take medication anymore than to pick up a syringe every 2 weeks. I can only recommend this injection because it helps against all the positive symptoms of my illness. Unfortunately, there are also some side effects but you can prevent it by going down with the dose.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  11. Carroll L. Conway says:
    1.0 rating

    Risperdal for Personality disorders

    After 2 months of taking, with parallel psychotherapy, seems to me the drug or the therapy, or both have an effect. Side effect: Anxiety in special situations (climbing up), otherwise not occurred in everyday life

    Side effects: Anxiety states
  12. Aaron R. Gould says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Personality disorders; Hallucinations

    Have been prescribed Haldol and Risperdal and discontinued .. With Haldol I got after just one day muscle spasms, involuntary convulsions, at Risperdal only after a few weeks. At Risperdal I noticed a calming effect at the beginning, but it quickly disappeared. Lyrica is supposed to be the new miracle cure, I do not know. Although I did not have such extreme side effects as with o.gen. felt, but I felt no real improvement in my condition Overall, I’m glad if I have to take anything.

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  13. Brian E. Cooper says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Delusion

    I started with 37.5 MG every 2 weeks (depot). In the beginning it did not work, even after 6 weeks, not really. In the time I was really dirty, it was a nightmare. Was upgraded to 50MG end of March and almost immediately from now on were my delusions (especially heartache) like blown away. It worked wonders for me! This phase lasted 5 months and was (I think) stopped by the increase. When the moment of the performance comes, then I just do not worry, it’s not scary anymore. I’m really pleased! Disadvantage is that I can fall asleep hard, but that does not matter because I get out of bed very well, it just makes you happy again, you understand? Otherwise, I do not hear any real side effects. Sometimes my heart rate is about 95 but thats okay 🙂 By then, head up

  14. Kelsey M. Williams says:
    2.5 rating

    Risperdal for Delusion

    I took risperidone for my delusions in the context of an affective disorder. First, I started with 0.5mg and then increased to 1mg daily. Has helped very well and fast!

    Side effects: No side effects
  15. Mitchel W. Dozier says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Was my first drug at the first onset of psychosis. As long as I got Tavor on the side, there were no problems, but when the tavor was reduced, the trouble started: at first, about 30-60 minutes after taking it, I noticed an unpleasant urge to move or exercise. If I could not do this, I became extremely restless. Then bad nightmares with anxiety were added, whereupon I needed reassurance again. Eventually, it got so bad that I became suicidal, after which the drug was switched to Zyprexa.