Propranolol for Tremor treatment

We have 18 consumer reports for treatment of Tremor with Propranolol. Tremor used in 28% of cases.

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  1. Michael V. Baldridge says:
    1.5 rating

    Propranolol for Tremor

    Have been a half year constantly neck and shoulder problems, suspected that this comes from the drug propranolol.

  2. Lawrence M. Hadley says:
    3.5 rating

    Propranolol for Tremor

    Strengthening of the tremor and muscle pain in the shoulders, the cervical spine

    Side effects: Muscle aches
  3. Franklin F. Broughton says:
    3.5 rating

    Propranolol for Tremor

    The Alprazolam acts after about 20-30min very reliable and takes me in need the fear very well. Initially with a dose of 3mg and now it is 1mg. Before that, I had tried Lorazepam, which showed no effect on me. The propranolol shows no side effects. The tremor is in spite of the intake (3x daily 40mg) available and felt only slightly muted.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  4. Ronald B. Howard says:
    3.5 rating

    Propranolol for Tremor

    The drug Edronax I take now for six days. This was due to an extreme drive weakness and constant fatigue, along with a great limitation of short-term memory. All this after successful treatment of a Panick disturbance with accompanying depression. Side effects of Edronax so far: Sleep disorder, which is unacceptable if not decay as a side effect for me and probably then leads to discontinuation of the drug! Furthermore, the following are justifiable side effects: occasionally palpitations, sweating, restlessness and disturbance of the sexual life. I got Sertraline for the panic disorder. Unfortunately, the drive increase described in all antidepressants did not materialize here. The panic disorder was, however, now almost completely cured. The only side effects here were the strong trembling of the hands began and sexual intercourse with my wife was almost only possible with appropriate drugs to increase the erection. The tremor was successfully corrected by my psychiatrist with the propranolol once a day 10mg. With the propranolol I never had any side effects. There were never any side effects with drugs that increased recovery. I wish for the pharmaceutical industry, finally, a Antriebssteigerndes- and mood-enhancing drug, which also keeps what it promises! After 2.5 years Sertraline daily 200mg! I have noticed by a mood brightening and drive increase if I’m honestly nothing. The panic disorder, however, has almost completely eliminated it so far.

    Side effects: Unrest