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  1. Justin S. Yedinak says:
    4.0 rating

    Propecia for Hair loss

    Before taking the drug Finsaterid I warn everyone urgently. Who takes it, should know what he could do with it. My following experiences: I am 44 years old today. My hair loss started at the age of 22. Since then I fought against it, with various means, such. B. birch water etc. Everything did not work. Then in November 1998 I became aware of the drug Propecia in the daily newspaper. The drug had made it to the first page. To my delight, it should work for over 80 percent of users in hair loss. I went to see my family doctor and had Propecia prescribed. With the intake I started at the end of December 1998, daily one tablet. At first, after a few weeks, I noticed changes in some parts of my skin, they were pointy redness that was flaking. My desire for sex eased. The ejaculation volume decreased. Further, I perceived the enlargement of my breast. I play tennis. After about 1-1 / 2 years I was short of breath. I noticed this when playing tennis. The longer a match lasted, the more likely it was that I lost it. I finally did not win a match over three sets. It took another long time for me to associate this with taking Propecia. It is important to know that the process of changes in the body is creeping. In June 2001, I decided to wind down Propecia. Until then, the drug had already done enough for me. The hair loss was indeed stopped, but at what price. I hoped the shortness of breath and the other side effects mentioned, in addition to the occasional Aufdunsung my face, get rid of the deposition. I started jogging after discontinuing the drug. It became clear how bad my condition was already. At the slightest load, ie lowest running speed, my pulse ran upwards. I never had that before. My overall performance was worse, sometimes I just went up a 30-step staircase and colleagues asked me about my shortness of breath about running a marathon. The longer the drug was discontinued, the better I was. The shortness of breath and other side effects subsided more and more. In November 2001, however, I noticed that the hair loss started again. The side effects were all gone at this time. Now I made a decision, the consequences of which I still suffer today. Actually, I could have been glad that I was restored. But no, a bald head was horror for me then and so I took Propecia again. I decided to take a three-month course of treatment and stop taking it for three months, then take it again for three months. So I put it then. For me was in the episode even clearer than before, that only the taking of Finasteride was responsible for my complaints. It was like that that I jogged the 10 km meanwhile in 46 minutes. This time was, despite the same training, worse after taking. I was now clearly shorter breathless and more powerless than described above. It seemed to me running on time as a catalyst for the side effects. It was Easter 2002 when I decided to drop the drug again. Despite the withdrawal, this time the side effects remained and they got worse. There was also mood swings, I could not remember anything, generally I was in a bad mood, I got an irritable bowel. Endurance sport was out of the question, my pulse shot up to over 200 minutes after a few minutes. A cardiologist after a lapidary testified that my heart was healthy. He did not arrange further investigations. When urinating the beam became smaller, I got a prostate infection. Doctors, whom I told my impression that my massive complaints are obviously due to the earlier intake of Propecia, told me that this could not be so, because the active ingredient after the dismissal for a long time is no longer in the body. But I knew better, my feeling for my body I consider very good. It could all be related to the intake of Propecia. Finally, in the summer of 2009, I found a doctor who could alleviate my suffering. Since 2004 I played almost no tennis anymore, although it was my favorite hobby. Because of my shortness of breath, it just did not work anymore. I was in the club twice club champion and 9 times double championship. I say this only to make it clear that I would not have hanged such a hobby without good health problems. The doctor determined by an ultrasound scan that my spleen contracted to almost half its normal size

    Side effects: Breast growth; Libido loss
  2. James C. Jarvis says:
    3.0 rating

    Propecia for Hair loss

    Acts great at the beginning of hair loss (* no * new hair but stabilization or visible improvement) Side effects – slight chest pain after about 10 months – again and again – suspicion (my part) on incipient gynaecomastia (breast growth) Price: Relatively expensive (1 € / day ) when purchased as a hair restorer

    Side effects: Breast pain; Breast growth
  3. Norman F. Stiltner says:
    4.5 rating

    Propecia for Hair loss

    This drug, rather the active ingredient finasteride, stops the hair loss as good as 100% !!! It’s the only remedy for genetic hair loss that works. Unfortunately. For me, the following side effects occurred after a long period of use: – Weight gain (Partially uncontrollable, I ate very little and increased anyway) – Tiredness – listlessness – aggravated to impossible muscle growth – Enlargement of the breast of course, this has to do with the fact that the biologically valuable DHT is blocked and thus there is too much testosterone there. Since this can then be less or hardly converted to DHT, automatically produces more potential to produce estrogen. What the body does !! Sequence = & gt; Feminization !! The worst thing for me was the effect that I got annoying ENT infections after a while. I then dropped it off to test a lot and it confirmed that the infections stopped. Since I was really sick again and again, and unfortunately even feverishly, I had to sell it.