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  1. Tammy R. Crosby says:
    5.0 rating

    I started in the first week with 20mg and then every week lowered by 2.5mg down to 5mg. For the first two weeks I was still fine. Often had red cheeks and about an hour after taking mild pain in the kidney area. But from the third week it went downhill continuously … I got more pimples and generally had an exciting, thin skin. There were also headaches, only light but persistent. In addition, high blood pressure, palpitations, sweating, nervousness, blurred vision, water retention, weakness, difficulty concentrating, cravings …. The list is long. For short-term use, it is a good thing, but with prolonged use, I would weigh … Only for me, if it is not otherwise unbearable.

  2. Richard S. Gardner says:
    3.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Bronchitis (acute)

    Because I copd and my chest from the many coughing was very cramped I got Prednisolon.Hätte I would never takenPurest rat poison.Einnahmetag 1 2St.genommen much drunk after half an hour noticed o yes I’ve got there also a stomach , Day 2, ne liver is there too, Day 3, The excretions from the intestines and bladder are corrosive.Bekam Ge3lenkschmerzen of which I have not much, nausea until vomiting, food intake is not possibleWhere is the pill remainder? Put it in the box, at the pharmacist. It is indeed fasting but so I did not want.Hab the pills stopped down before 3Nase nose full I want to live longer. Headache I still have pimples with 70 do not care, the visual disturbances are crass all fog wall Sometimes I feel like my head is the globe and the neck of a match. There are also flavors. The damage done by the stuff outweighs the benefits.

  3. Jeffrey S. David says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Sarcoidosis

    I have to undergo cortisone therapy for 7 months due to sarcoidosis. During this time, cortisone was gradually reduced from 80mg initially. The sarcoidosis has disappeared but there were quite a few side effects during this time. At first everything tasted of metal. By Wasseinlagerungen I took 18Kilo, which are now dismantled, however. Cortisone attacks the gastric mucosa resulting in heartburn, on the other hand, there were tablets that also helped. At first I always got calf cramps at night, whereas magnesium helped, besides, I could fall asleep badly and sweat a lot at night. The cortisone promotes fungal infections, in my case there was an infection in the mouth, in the genital area and in addition also hemorrhoids and flatulence. The most painful thing was the infection in my mouth, because I always had the feeling that I had to drink something. Fortunately, all of these side effects have disappeared towards the end of therapy. Towards the end of the therapy, I suddenly had a vision disorder. I got up in the morning and could not recognize the font on my phone which went without problems the previous evening. A check-up with the ophthalmologist said the eyesight is 100% there and nothing can be detected on the eye, but now you are far-sighted and need reading glasses. This is now 6 weeks ago my vision fluctuates strongly, sometimes I can see better and sometimes worse, I hope, of course, that still with the time is still. Conclusion: As good as it helps cortisone, it is a devil of all the side effects, even if most side effects are gone, I would prefer other therapies if there are any.