Plavix for Stent inlay treatment

We have 67 consumer reports for treatment of Stent inlay with Plavix. Stent inlay used in 34% of cases.

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  1. Rowena D. McKeown says:
    3.0 rating

    Plavix for Cholesterol value increase; Stent inlay

    Unfortunately, the side effects are really dramatic on a daily basis. Arms get hot and feel like they are wrapped tightly with bandage. Every little thing, simple, light bumping into something causes massive pain. Dayly morning sickness. Only listless and without any drive. In the present cold extreme pain in the fingertip re hand little finger. There the calcification shot in August and caused an embolism in the finger. Has probably left lasting damage. Nevertheless, that was obviously my LUCKY DAY. For the artherial calcification in the carotid artery could also have wandered into the brain. Oh man, you are so ungrateful, but the complaints really make me crazy. Cholesterol levels still increased (214 total) and inflammatory levels rose again to 1.9. And the search for the causer continues. I’m tired, always something new.

  2. Cindy M. Hole says:
    4.0 rating

    Plavix for Coronary heart disease; Stent inlay

    After taking Plavix about 2 hours. later drawing pain in both wrists. Otherwise, muscle pain in both hands, both at rest and during exercise. Answer of the doctors: I have to accept this, there is no alternative because otherwise both stent implants (DES) run the risk of closing again. My hope, there are only two months left. It is very painful. Who has had the same experiences?

    Side effects: Muscle aches
  3. John P. Robinson says:
    2.5 rating

    Plavix for High blood pressure; Stroke; Coronary heart disease; Stent inlay

    1992 Heart Attack 3 Bypasses (open until 2008) In June 2007, 2 stents implanted get used in August 2007, a defibrillator (because of too low a heart rate below 40 / minute)) After the insertion of the two stents in June 2007, it started slowly with the Dizziness u. Blurred vision Vasomotal 16 mg get prescribed, nichs.Blutdruck brings thanks to drugs normal 130 – 140 no cardiac arrhythmia, was in the ENT doctor (paranasal sinus) everything i.O. Ophthalmologist everything i.O. but the dizziness is getting stronger. Impudence, tired, no desire for some I’m best when I sleep, but after getting up the dizziness starts again. Will let me again neurologically examined.

    Side effects: Fatigue; Dizziness
  4. Harry L. McPherson says:
    3.0 rating

    Plavix for Stent inlay

    On 06.03.08, a catheter examination showed that a vein is already completely dense. So there was the stent, another non-smoker was born !!! Until then, I took Ena and Meta. Since I got the stent, I also get ASV and Plavix, Simvastatin, which has already been discontinued in consultation with the doctor. Since the stent, I have the feeling that I am a sick person. I stand completely beside the track. A constant feeling of dizziness is present. In the course of noon, I get a kick that throws me completely off track. I am no longer able to concentrate, I am irritated! That all of these withdrawal symptoms should be NO SMOKING I consider unlikely. Last week I made a heart of Sintigram, where everything was 100% ok. Who has had the same experiences and can help me? I am currently unable to run my business properly. My doctor refuses to stop Plavix because the danger is too high.

    Side effects: Dizziness