Plavix for Bypass surgery treatment

We have 67 consumer reports for treatment of Bypass surgery with Plavix. Bypass surgery used in 9% of cases.

Patients statistics on Bypass surgery for Plavix


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5′ 4″
5′ 9″

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Plavix Circle Diagram 6 consumers of 67 reported about Bypass surgery

  1. Willie C. Stevens says:
    3.0 rating

    Plavix for Bypass surgery

    after aortic aneurysm OP 2000 and 3 bypass surgery coronary artery disease Op supply 2009 uninterrupted after 15 years of use of Plavix 75 No side effects

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Donald C. Walters says:
    5.0 rating

    Plavix for Bypass surgery; Coronary heart disease

    take Plavix for 9 years, after the operation – 3-fold bypass – combined with ASS – bruised from blue spots – switched to mono (only Plavix) combined with Omacor (omega-3 capsule) less bruising but still very sensitive and for 2 months I’ve been coughing up everything and taking Plavix and only every 2nd day Omacor and behold, the bruises are fst of the past

    Side effects: Hematoma susceptibility