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  1. Angelica G. Clausen says:
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    Nitrofurantoin for Cystitis

    After kidney removal for advanced renal cell carcinoma, nitrofurantoin retard was prescribed to me by the urologist as a permanent medication. There was no information about possible side effects, the drug was effective insofar as it protected my remaining kidney from infection. After about 3 years, the RöA thorax revealed suspicion of lung metastases, but biopsies did not confirm this diagnosis. Instead, I have lung fibrosis, probably caused by the drug Furantoin. The pulmonologist was appalled by the long-standing prescription, which was questioned by nobody, not even the family doctor. After 12 months of treatment with cortisone and of course immediate discontinuation of the drug, I’m now in a position to be minor !!! To cope with burdens. In the long run, taking Furantoin Retard has done much more harm to me than cancer, and that’s curious, is not it? I can only warn everyone before taking the drug.

    Side effects: Pulmonary fibrosis