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  1. Simone T. Nipp says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 35 years old and I got the Mirena immediately after the birth of my daughter 4 1/2 years ago. I came across this page because I googled a bit after talking with my girlfriend about the hormonal effects of contraceptives. I’m terribly frightened and at the same time soooo happy that my whole – since 5 years ongoing complaints now finally have an end. I never thought in the least that Mirena could be the cause of everything. I feel like every woman who has left her report here and complains about the bad side effects. I suffer from extreme depression, which I have treated by my alternative practitioner. Mood swings of the finest kind. We have a company – and a lot of stress – that’s where I put it. But in the past I was not like that either. I’m crying a lot, I’m not able to handle anything at all. Driveless – invitations to friends or nightlife at music events are cruel. I’m totally exhausted and at times suicidal thoughts are not uncommon. It’s absolutely no life to go through such things all the time. You are afraid of anything. The libido has been at zero for 5 years. I’m just lucky that my husband is extremely resilient and tolerant – everyone else would have chased a woman off and on. I can not confirm the weight gain with me, but everyone is different. Itchy skin and eczema are also there. I have a routine check-up with my doctor in 2 weeks and I’ll count every hour until then, because I’ll definitely have the thing removed on that day. I find it a very bad thing for the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors to let women into such a trap. I’m overjoyed to read these posts and encourage every woman to deal with the side effects – it can destroy families and even lives

  2. Cassidy T. Proper says:
    5.0 rating

    Good day dear fellow sufferers, I have the hormone spiral Mirena on 17.07.2013, 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter, let lay. This was not very painful, I thought it was ok. My gynecologist recommended the Mirena as a very safe contraceptive because we do not want a child anymore. The doctor gave me before inserting, a week to think and the leaflet with. I have also been informed in the week about the side effects in forums, but thought that I do not meet these agony. After the Mirena was laid, I first had my first period after the birth of my child and followed, according to my doctor, the normal spotting, to settle in to the spiral. This procedure lasted about 1.5 months. After that, extreme abdominal pain followed, I was already thinking of contractions, went to the doctor and this only said that the body just got used to it. In September / October I had a lot of stress and lost a lot in two weeks, so friends of mine thought I was anorexic, but I have to say I was always very slim before pregnancy and I had the same stress as others, but never lost so much weight. Then from the time of October to December including a short break of 10 days, completely bled … Sometimes weak times strong, but no end in sight. Several gynecological visits and painkillers prescribed for abdominal pain, as well as 2 cysts in the relatively short time. Nervously I was built very close to the water, which was not before. The end of the Mirena, however, I had 3 weeks ago, when I finally had another 2 days no bleeding and then but had very severe pain in the GV, it was over for me. Why do I need a contraceptive if I only bleed and, especially with GV, have pain and no longer feel like it? It was clear to me, get out with the part. When my family doctor also reported blood results from the last decrease and asked me to let the coil go because of the chronic bleeding, because I have a Lyme disease that needs to be treated urgently, it was 100% clear that she had to go out , I then made an appointment a week ago with my FÄ, this had no objection, even said that it is better that way and that it just does not suit me and so I have today after half a year, the Mirena let go. I felt a bit better right after the draw, because I had such a very bad feeling of pressure in the abdomen, it just hurt, was gone … It was the spiral itself. My FÄ said in the draw that the spiral itself already had solved itself, so my body would have repelled the Mirena quasi …. So it has felt the last days: O I just hope that my body levels off again and I hope soon again have a regular cycle, because I do not know this at all now. I do not regret laying and early pulling because I know my body, it just did not fit. Just a shame about the money, the health and body sensation. Never again Mirena!

  3. Debra R. Myers says:
    4.0 rating

    Today, after 2.5 years, I let the Hormone Spiral redeem me. Had I not had a girlfriend who also had negative experiences (extreme hair loss, loss of libido) with the spiral, I probably would not even have come to the conclusion that some ailments are related to it. At first I was more irritable than usual, impotent, and tears quickly rose in my eyes (for example, reading obituaries of obituaries, reports on television). But I have dismissed this with normal everyday stress and ignored. My girlfriend noticed these changes in her nature and she spoke to me because she recognized her own situation in it, so I became alert and began questioning things. After wearing contact lenses for 15 years, even in the pregnancies, complaints began in May. My hard lens had to be replaced after only 1.5 years, because such a lubricating film of lipids and fats had formed that the lens was useless. At the moment I did not find that questionable, even though my life span was up to 4 years. Only when my eye had ruined the new lens after only 6 weeks, I became suspicious. I have worn 2 hard lenses since inserting the Mirena on one eye 2 and on the other. My then gynecologist denies a connection. The ophthalmologist said that hormonal reasons can certainly be responsible for this. So I belong since then again to the spectacle wearers, which of course after such a long time first again a change. In many situations in which I had otherwise responded in a sovereign manner, I was easily irritable and aggressive. I was not nearly as strong as before. In the last few months, my libido has dropped to zero. No sexual initiative left me, which of course made my husband pensive. Especially since my period has completely failed (the only plus) and so yes I could have actually anytime. I have also noticed the following changes on my body, but they did not occur permanently: pimples on the scalp, headache with nausea, strong feeling of tightness in the breasts, besides, I simply can not control my weight anymore. I have been practicing the same sport for years, which used to help me to compensate for the sins of the weekend, but for quite some time now nothing has happened on the scale, even if I had eaten little on the day before. I have confronted my gynecologist with my complaints. He has somehow waved off, my complaints would be too unspecific, as that could make a connection, certainty would exist only if the thing would be out. Quote: maybe it’s because of the cuts that you have in the evening, or the cold cuts you drauftut and they are getting older. I’ve had some bad experiences with Implanol a few years ago, where I was also dissatisfied with the way my gynecologist handled it, but still stayed. Only after months of tormenting (Dauerschmierblutungen) turned out at that time, the hormone dose in the pen for some women probably not enough and I had to first take 1/4 pill later 1/2 pill in order to adjust the whole. I felt like a guinea pig. But now the measure was really full. Today I was with another doctor, who showed much more understanding and gave me the impression that the inventions of the pharmaceutical industry are beyond any doubt. The part is definitely out and I feel good with this decision. I will observe my body closely in the near future and will certainly then also determine what the Mirena has done with my body in the last 2.5 years, which I may not even be aware of. There may be women who can handle the spiral well, but you should just be alert and listen to your body. Maybe the Mirena is not responsible for all the problems, but in the future I can be sure that if I have complaints, they will not be controlled by any artificial influences.

  4. Jennifer F. Miles says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello. I’m pretty shocked what I read like that. But somehow also relieved. I thought I was crazy. Have now my 3rd Mirena. October 2013 last exchange. I found the laying even though I was childless not too cruel. But it was not great either. I am 35 years old and wanted to reliably prevent 4 years for career reasons. So it was not OK to let the Mirena lay again. I have managed so well with the Mirena for the last 10 years. That was bomb. ONLY THAT NOW! In April I suddenly had complaints, nausea, howls, depression, sweating, sleeplessness, aggression, fatigue and at the same time restlessness and meanwhile I hate to visit somebody, water retention (up to 4kg), panic attacks, chest pain, migraine attacks etc. per month approx 25 days of pain with a huge, swollen hot bosom. Normally, I am active, facing others, very laid back, enterprising, physically fit. NIX out of the end. Was at the family doctor got a blood picture done. All values are great. Thyroid is also great … No need to worry. Then I am on gyn. Due to falls in the lungs, or rather slimy, bloody disgusting secretions, with back pain and abdominal pain. Conclusion. At the end of May, I was diagnosed with a cyst on the left ovary, but it was already dry. So died by itself. Estrogen excess – body thinks he was pregnant was the statement of the doctor – may happen again, but does not have – na primmmmmmmaaaaa – then breast examination. Two cysts discovered. For mammography but only for safety. Had to cancel 2 appointments, because I have only breast tensions and can not even say when they come and go. In the last two Mirenas I had a very reliable. Cycle. And never bleeding. Now in July I have the same symptoms again – I’m fed up. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to move. I want to be myself again and not hormone controlled. I’m glad if this thing is finally out. Contraception must then somehow go differently – that settles already. Until October 13 I would have recommended Mirena to everyone and there are plenty of people who get along just fine. I thought also 10 years. It was also like that … but you change yourself too and at some point the body suddenly says NÖ! I started to hate this thing in me …….By the way, GV is not to think at all, because I have absolutely no desire. In the head sometimes, but that’s gone very quickly, because I feel completely stressed out of all this. In addition, since the last use little secretion still exists. So furztrocken … So from tomorrow a hormone-free life – jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I’m happy. Dorina

  5. Angie J. Potter says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello to all the compassionate women out there! I have let Mirena over 1 year ago, because I forgot the pill again and again after two pregnancies and the period was very annoying. The laying of the spiral was very painful. It took almost 10 months for my cycle to stabilize, until then bleeding again and again. Only now, for the third time in a row, is my period accurate to the day, or a slight pulling and smearing, hardly worth a panty liner. I read here reports that could have come from me, about side effects that I have kept to myself, because my husband could not hear it anymore and which, as already described here, was not confirmed by the doctor, except the very bad skin, there is apparently the Mirena according to my gynecologist, known. My husband already thinks I’m crazy. I do not dare to mention anything that bothers me. As mentioned. I’ve never known what a pimple is, since the onset of Mirena I look on the face and on the back like a crumb cake, that I find so repugnant! Now in the summer I do not dare to wear something open. The other day at the outdoor pool with my children, I did not even want to take my T-shirt off because I felt like everyone was staring at me! I struggle with my weight, it is not much, but the 3 kilos do not want to go away. I have been starving for almost 2 months, but more than 1 kilo does not want to leave! In addition, my family suffers because I am very irritated, I constantly go for trifles in the air, it annoys me somehow everything! I have not kept crying all those years, now I could cry for any word I do not like! I hardly sleep, wake up constantly, sweat a lot, also smell unpleasant, that I did not know. My urine smells like I eat asparagus every day and my hair is not just half way down, they are dull and ugly. All this affects my married life, as I do not even think it’s nice to be kissed by my dream man, because I’m afraid he might want more, since the desire for really everything is gone. My life is someone else’s, I can not explain it, but somehow everything has started the last few months .. I will remove the spiral in 4 days and hope to wake up from the nightmare, so that I can finally be the mum and wife again can I was a year ago! All the best to all the others and I hope that women who are in the process of making a spiral learn more about it than I did!