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  1. Nicole G. Blanton says:
    4.5 rating

    I am now 30 years old and have used the mirena after the birth of my son. everything sounded good, no more rule, 5 years of protection, only locally acting gestagene, almost never problems observed, etc. I agreed, but it was completely different. I had my rule for about 1 year, then it stopped slowly. it was not that dramatic, but the other changes were really bad. I got sweats, shortly after the bath I was already sweaty and smelled unpleasant (so typical hormonal), I had zero lust for sex with my husband. It was over 3 1/2 years that I have rarely slept with my husband. which of course did not necessarily meet with great enthusiasm. I had a headache and unbearable whimsy. when we had sex, I had pain and it was unpleasant. sometimes my husband had to stop, because the thread had made him feel that he was hurting. It was a disaster. have cut the thread, nothing brought, have told of my complaints, got only the information: \\\ That can not come from the mirena, which works only locally, if I make them out, then she is out and if they still have the complaints then they get annoyed. So, let them in there. In the end, it got so bad recently that I was sick for weeks, I got sweats, just lay on the couch and was totally at the end. All the internist things were clarified until I got the advice from my GP that I should have the mirena removed, maybe I have a hypersensitivity. because according to her statement small amounts of gestagene go very well in the bloodstream and if you do not tolerate, it comes to such an impact. What can I say, the mirena is outside and I feel like I was born again. no nausea, no sweat, my pimples disappear, my whole general condition has improved, good mood, lust for sex, fun again, no pain. All I can say is that I think there must be better education about what you do to your body with these hormone hammers. for me it is clear – never mirena

  2. Leonor J. Fletcher says:
    4.5 rating

    The first time I still thought that happens over time, the body just needs his time to get used to the unfamiliar hormones. But I can not (and do not want to) think about the symptoms because they can not – they are too massive for that. Have had yesterday night with unlikely nausea, sleep bad at night, must go out often (it grumbles in the stomach, often diarrhea) – I do not know that, I am known for my solid and deep sleep and had a firm for my intestinal activity rhythm. Furthermore, I can hardly look at myself for several weeks in the mirror – bloated, ablafft, tired. I could spend the whole day in bed. Do not eat any other than before, walk – no chance to hold my weight; Let alone reduce. And that, although he spoke really well on change conversion, in the evening only fruit, etc. Was not a problem for me. Furthermore, I not only feel sexual disgust, but even aversion to my beloved work. Must think and fight every morning, so I really get up and go. I’m moody like a teenager and so emotional that I cry for every bit of it. Yesterday I decided to have my spiral removed.

  3. Pauline C. Metcalf says:
    4.0 rating

    negative side effects: – after use heavy bleeding about 2 weeks, later for half a year lubricating bleeding – beginning after about 3 weeks after onset blemishes on the stomach, strong itchy big pimples – disappeared after a few weeks – sometimes itching all over – Pain in the chest – made me transfer to mammography, because I thought I have something serious – severe anxiety, bad dreams – to the point of dread – panic attacks – terrible moodiness – purulent strange taste in the mouth, which came and went – severe pain in the right Area after about 1 year steadily getting worse – especially around the entry point – in urine sometimes severe pain, thought constantly I had a urinary tract infection – paralysis especially on the right side – got migraine – became much worse during Mirena time – less pleasure positive side effects : – Menstrual bleeding was very mild AFTER REMOVAL the Mirena: – immediate improvement of the right-sided pain – it turned out that the thread had wrapped somewhere – no more anxiety, no panic – in a better mood – all negative side effects were gone sooner or later I think that every woman this spiral different good or bad tolerates … I did not tolerate it unfortunately although I saw the type of contraception for very practical, but the side effects were then too much laborious. I was constantly afraid that these apparitions would remain.