Menorrhagia effect of Mirena

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  1. Evelyn M. Bruss says:
    4.0 rating

    Abdomen – abdominal pain especially during ovulation, (worse than at the mens) different strength / days of bleeding during mens, listlessness, fatigue, bladder infections, permanent fungal infections, headache migraine, blemished skin / greasy hair, all started very slowly. The good thing is hardly gaining weight in contrast to my old pill, but venous problems in the legs

  2. Dorris J. Grisham says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    After the insertion of the Mirenaspirale it came with me for 7 to 8 months to bleeding around the entry around, the menstrual period was weaker but unpleasantly prolonged (about 10 days). Due to a thrombosis during my last pregnancy, the pill was out of the question and my gynecologist told me to keep it up for at least 1 year. After 8 months, the bleeding had disappeared, the menstrual period was much weaker than before Mirena and I had no convulsive back pain more (as before the spiral). Meanwhile, I live with the spiral for 10 years (now the second one) and I am very satisfied. No pain during the rule, almost no menstrual period. My prescriptor assumes that she had prematurely come into menopause because of the spiral. Whether that is so, I can not judge. I myself will be 50 this autumn and have no menopausal symptoms. Remark: Incidentally, I also had an ovarian cyst (frequent side effect of Mirena), but thank god it disappeared. No pain during the rule and almost no bleeding is just great, so I highly recommend the Mirena on. But I also take the artificial hormones in purchase (pill is in the point but not better)

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