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  1. Angelica J. Moore says:
    5.0 rating

    I have the recommendation of my FA use the Mirena. Previously had migraines because of my pill. The insertion was terrible. After that, I had the most terrible pain and an extreme foreign body sensation. I could not stand still nor did I walk through the apartment in the twilight state. Painkillers did not work. Could not stop crying and thought I could not stand it and go crazy. After less than three days, I let her go to the emergency department of our hospital and I’m glad to finally get rid of her despite enormous financial losses. I will change the doctor and a Mirena never comes near me again, can only advise all, just keep away from it.

  2. Helen D. Peterkin says:
    4.0 rating

    5 years ago I received my first Mirena. The onset was very painful and the two days after I had pain, which I felt like severe menstrual pain. The first 3 months I had again and again – very irregular – very slight bleeding, sometimes a foreign body sensation but no more pain. After the first half year, my menstrual period has completely stopped and I am completely free of complaints and satisfied. After the 5 years Mirena was over, I decided to have a new set. Again, though not as much as the first time, it was painful. But after about 2 hours I was completely symptom free. After inserting I had for about a day heavy bleeding (as announced by my gynecologist) but since then not again. For me, the Mirena – despite the unpleasant first quarter of the year – a super contraceptive method!

  3. Leah G. Harris says:
    5.0 rating

    I had the spiral inserted for the first time 5 years ago. I was really happy with the first, even though the onset was catastrophic (very, very painful, I had circulatory problems for 2 days afterwards!). I did not have any bleeding, no complaints, no problems, no pain from then on. Like in a picture book! Now, in January, the change was due, and since I was so satisfied, I decided to let me set a second. This one was not painful, I was pretty surprised … Unfortunately, I’ve had spotting, backache, discomfort, and the feeling of being able to feel the return threads ever since … Especially after the GV, the feeling is quite strange. I find that extremely funny, because I tolerated the first one so well! I would not recommend them, just because of the fact that this is REALLY very painful. And that the money is spent for nothing, the thing should fall out or not be tolerated. I’m going to hold on for a while now, but should the bleeding stop, I’ll go back to my FA and see what he means …. I’m not going to take any hormones to stop the bleeding …. That can not at all healthy!