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  1. Erin D. Johnson says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena for Edema; Acne; Hurt

    Hello, have the Mirena now for a quarter of a year, at the beginning, side effects were rather strong (pimples, abdominal pain, swelling of the feet), as me also had predicted the doctor. Since then, the positives are more prevalent: I took the pill for 10 years and would never do it again. Had with the pill massive mood swings, to the point of depression, no desire for sex and otherwise only problems, the only positive was the lower hair growth in the pubic area and the slightly better skin – where the pimples sprouted around the days around as mine best puberty years. With the Mirena I now have not only complete rest from the daily hormone swallowing and a much lower hormone concentration in the body, but also found my old lust for sex again. My hair and nails have become strong and do not break anymore and my wallet says thanks! Buy no more tampons, no more pill, the devouring each year umummen and the psychiatrist I could also unsubscribe. Of course, I have also discovered negative sides of the Mirena, such. the pimples or hair growth on the face. But unlike depression, these problems with good cleansing products and a little wax or sugering can be handled easily and let’s be honest: I did not have stomach ache before the pill during my days too tight. On average: Much better than the pill and much less debilitating and safer than other birth control methods.

    Side effects: Stomach pain; Pimple
  2. Marilyn N. Lococo says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Edema; Pain (joint); Pain (back); Overweight; Pain (acute)

    I let 2 hours ago insert the H. spiral. Before I let them insert, I have in various forums on event. Side effects read a lot and thought that these many women probably exaggerate powerful and I do not necessarily have to get these side effects – especially not so many at a time. For 1 month I have joint pain, in addition to various other side effects such. Water retention in the legs, extreme breast enlargement and stretching, back pain, extreme sweating, oily hair, weight gain (4 kg). At first I had joint pain with elbow strain, then wrists, finger bones, knees and for a few days my hips hurt. The pain disappears again and again, and then come back after a few days. I’m currently being treated by the orthopedist. The result of the blood test, if any rheumatism, is still pending. My gynecologist said that does not come from the spiral, my new gynecologist meant what else – if I previously the o.g. Had no problems. I have decided to let them get me and believe firmly that I am as good as before the Mirena, just a little pain in the menstrual period and a little heavier bleeding.

  3. April L. Palermo says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Edema; Fatigue

    I’ve been sick for a long time and have been getting worse, starting with anxiety, Depris (severe !!!), dissatisfied with everything and everyone, circulatory problems, water retention, acne and much more. lately i have had animal vision problems (i thought i was batty !!!) …. just awful !!! Decision is certain: I let them pull after 4J and 3 months now: But: I have Todesnagst, who made experiences? please tell me about *** my. norden@ewetel.net*** with me, I would be glad, the appointment should be in the next week. Thank you and best regards from Ostfriesland!