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  1. Phyllis D. Urso says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Aggressiveness; Pain (acute); Hypermenorrhoea

    I’ve been using the Mirena 6 weeks ago because of excessive period bleeding. The onset was not so painful, but the three days after that were marked by abdominal pain and I had the feeling that I had a stone in the uterus. Since then, I have chronic bleeding as a medium-strong Mens (not the predicted spotting). Libido rather stronger, but with this bleeding it would not be better. Very aggressive, irritable, contentious. Breast slips: The cup size went from D to E within a few days, no bra fits anymore. Just putting on and taking off a bra is a pain. Touching is definitely not. I’ve had dizzy spells since then – but it can also be due to blood loss. A kind of permanent piercing in the abdomen, whether I’m walking, sitting or lying down. Like with a knitting needle from the inside. I had that from the beginning and unfortunately did not go away. I’ll let this thing go again. Strong period, however, is a walk! By the way: a friend of mine is after 5 years of Mirena already in depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, all diseases that allegedly have no causes.

  2. Naomi W. Martin says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    I have the Mirena for three years. The migraine attacks are indeed almost gone (from up to 10 a month under the pill (Cerazette) to now 2-3 a year), but there were other supplements: Initially, I had about 6-7 months long bleeding. Since then, I still have long-lasting and very irregular bleeding. Mostly they last 15-20 days, then I have 10-15 days break, then it starts all over again. That is very annoying. Despite regular checks every 6 months, my doctor wants to leave everything so, because neither a pill nor the NuvaRing I could tolerate. More side effects since laying the Mirena: For two years therapy wg. Depression and mood swings, plus 10 pounds of weight gain, loss of libido and blemished skin. But I do not see an alternative – presumably I’ll have to hold it through to menopause. But I’m already almost 46 … – juhu! Recommendation: Changeable, the lesser evil. dieheideblühte

  3. Cheryl M. Salas says:
    2.5 rating

    After getting my daughter (today almost 6 years old), after having had a mishap three months after giving birth to me and my husband, I was told by my doctor to use the hormone spiral Mirena either after the pill or if I would like to avoid it in the long term , Since I have trusted my doctor blindly, as he is more likely to fall back on homeopathic medicines, I did not question this. After she was in, I had half a year bleeding permanently. After taking an additional hormone in tablet form (progestogen) for a few days, the bleeding stopped and my period stayed off all the time. This is also a desired side effect of the hormone spiral. For four and a half years, I actually forgot about the spiral, but there were more and more body ailments, which I initially always pushed to other causes but in no way led back to the spiral. After I had because of constant gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, stomach ache, constipation 2 gastroscopy and a colonoscopy, nothing was found in both investigations. My depressive mood, and since the onset of hormonal spiral constant insomnia and when I could sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and suffered from shortness of breath and got panic attacks with sweats. Then all the organs were sonicated and examined by me (thyroid, pancreas, bile, etc.) fortunately all normal and even now I was not thinking of my spiral. Then I consulted a psychologist and here, too, it got worse and worse with the panic attacks. In addition to the weight gain of 10-15 kg (which just did not want to go away (even with sports and nutrition there was nothing to do)) I suffered from total libido loss. Then I could no longer tolerate certain foods at once including various fruits and vegetables with which I had never had a problem before laying the spiral. After accidentally stumbling across the internet about the side effects of Mirena, I realized to my horror that the complaints of other fellow sufferers 1: 1 with my complaints. My marriage was threatened with the side effects, because I was only depressed and had no desire for affection. Since I had to think about it anyway if I wanted a new spiral or not, I decided against it and then wanted to let me go. However, this was also more difficult than expected because the retrieval thread was no longer found and finally I had to pull the spiral under anesthetic in an outpatient surgery. So far so good. After the removal of the spiral, I went through all the side effects that have crept in 4.5 years within three months in the time lapse backwards again. Today, my husband says he finally has his wife back. None of the symptoms described above are still part of my life. I would never let the coil be used again. And since then warn every woman about it, as the side effects can go on slowly and have massive effects on the whole life.

  4. Florine J. Bridwell says:
    3.5 rating

    Hello, I did not tolerate Mirena and my gyn pulled her back after 1 year. Bleeding periods were normal and headache, irritability and sexual desire too. BUT I also lost weight, even though I ate like a barn shredder I have never had. Eat what I wanted and I have lost weight 🙂 Now I take the pill again and everything is the same (unfortunately have my old weight again but everything else is good again)

  5. Cassidy T. Proper says:
    5.0 rating

    Good day dear fellow sufferers, I have the hormone spiral Mirena on 17.07.2013, 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter, let lay. This was not very painful, I thought it was ok. My gynecologist recommended the Mirena as a very safe contraceptive because we do not want a child anymore. The doctor gave me before inserting, a week to think and the leaflet with. I have also been informed in the week about the side effects in forums, but thought that I do not meet these agony. After the Mirena was laid, I first had my first period after the birth of my child and followed, according to my doctor, the normal spotting, to settle in to the spiral. This procedure lasted about 1.5 months. After that, extreme abdominal pain followed, I was already thinking of contractions, went to the doctor and this only said that the body just got used to it. In September / October I had a lot of stress and lost a lot in two weeks, so friends of mine thought I was anorexic, but I have to say I was always very slim before pregnancy and I had the same stress as others, but never lost so much weight. Then from the time of October to December including a short break of 10 days, completely bled … Sometimes weak times strong, but no end in sight. Several gynecological visits and painkillers prescribed for abdominal pain, as well as 2 cysts in the relatively short time. Nervously I was built very close to the water, which was not before. The end of the Mirena, however, I had 3 weeks ago, when I finally had another 2 days no bleeding and then but had very severe pain in the GV, it was over for me. Why do I need a contraceptive if I only bleed and, especially with GV, have pain and no longer feel like it? It was clear to me, get out with the part. When my family doctor also reported blood results from the last decrease and asked me to let the coil go because of the chronic bleeding, because I have a Lyme disease that needs to be treated urgently, it was 100% clear that she had to go out , I then made an appointment a week ago with my FÄ, this had no objection, even said that it is better that way and that it just does not suit me and so I have today after half a year, the Mirena let go. I felt a bit better right after the draw, because I had such a very bad feeling of pressure in the abdomen, it just hurt, was gone … It was the spiral itself. My FÄ said in the draw that the spiral itself already had solved itself, so my body would have repelled the Mirena quasi …. So it has felt the last days: O I just hope that my body levels off again and I hope soon again have a regular cycle, because I do not know this at all now. I do not regret laying and early pulling because I know my body, it just did not fit. Just a shame about the money, the health and body sensation. Never again Mirena!

  6. Marlene C. Duarte says:
    4.5 rating

    Never again!!! Hello dear ones …. After one and a half years of nightmare, I have yesterday, against the advice and to the great horror of my gynecologist to pull the Mirena spiral. I was very skeptical from the start, but I still let it set because of my heavy menstrual bleeding. Then the nightmare began. I had 6 months of constant pain that almost drove me crazy. Not to mention the permanent bleeding. I’m always back to my doctor, who always said the same thing … Initial difficulties that settle. It did after half a year … But then started the fear and the panic attacks. I became a different person. I am firmly convinced that it is certainly related to the spiral. The many women who report the same, confirm this. I hope very much that, over time, my life will become what it was before the Mirena. I can only really advise against it all. The doctors swore on it. Not me. Greetings to you and I would be happy to read even more experience reports .. Manu

  7. Mary C. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hypermenorrhoea

    Today I have the Mirena removed and hope for improvement. I let them use 1.5 years ago, because I had with the copper spiral extremely heavy bleeding and these should stay away with the Mirena. The insertion was no more painful than with the copper spiral. Only then I was a little speechless … 3 weeks bleeding, 2 days without bleeding, then a week bleeding then not a week, then two weeks bleeding then a week not. I felt like … with the rule through the year 🙂 after half a year, she has left alone, as always, my gynecologist was baffled, because he had never experienced something like that. At the time, I was under treatment for panic attacks, palpitations, depressive moods, wherever that came from. The spiral was sterilized and replaced. Well, in the meantime, I have gained weight and have not gone back despite the gym (and I’m doing it right), I have not changed my eating habits into negative. I also did not get rid of the permanent bleeding. My chest was always sensitive and how inflated and did sometimes hurt properly (2 cup sizes more !!!) I also have back problems. As my physiotherapist said my lumbar vertebrae was a swelling and after Dorn-Preuß that was the area of the uterus, stood for me the decision .- out with the THING !!! Now let’s see if everything gets better again. Starting tomorrow, I will start a detox treatment. I think, either you are content with the hormone spiral top or you just can not stand the thing.

  8. Doris C. Austin says:
    4.5 rating

    I let myself use the spiral 3 years ago, the gynecologist said she was better than any pill. After the onset of long lasting bleeding. After about 2 years, only once a year ne small spotting bleeding. But after 2.5 years, the abdominal pain was more, the Ärtzin always meant everything ok. The abdominal pain was always present except for a few days. Unfortunately, too. After almost 3 years, I was often sweaty at night, awake and got panic from the tachycardia. I was afraid to die, that’s how it happened. Everything is ok with the cardiologist. The tachycardia was getting worse and the panic attacks, anxiety became more, it dragged on for months, fatigue and irritability are the order of the day one is only weak and one is dizzy (CT in order) blood levels ok thyroid ok and the weight gain despite Eating under observation is inexplicable. Now it has been found out, it is the Mirena side effects that have now occurred. The spiral comes out now. My side effects in one sentence: palpitations & amp; Rhytmus Disorder (L-ECG), Dizziness, Fatigue, Irritated, Lower Abdomen & amp; Chest pain, weight gain, anxiety & amp; Panic attacks, sweating (circulatory problems)

  9. Ryan N. Balderas says:
    4.5 rating

    It started with rash. After a few weeks, hot flashes, aggression, depression, acute respiratory distress, loss of libido, anxiety, 10 kg of weight gain and various other side effects were reported. It was not until I had to take the pill because of a slight permanent bleeding and the symptoms increased a lot on me since I have become a different person since Mirena. The doctors wanted to put me down as mentally ill and prescribe me antidepressants. Now I am 4 days free Mirena and I am getting better every day! It was really a bad time.

  10. Kim G. Zajac says:
    5.0 rating

    hello together I introduce myself briefly: I am 22 years old no children and prevent since october 2009 with the mirena, the reason for the insert was very simple: I wanted to save money. From the age of 20 you have to finance the pill yourself and I thought the mirena would be a great alternative. which is true to a certain extent. Although it is expensive to buy but there are no further costs until then. until sometime use the side effect. It started with permanent bleeding. 3 months after I had bleeding, my gynecologist calmed me down and said that it would be normal in the first 6 months. but then it got worse: AKNE but right everywhere I had pimples and not too little, besides, I have constantly greasy hair, which I had never before in general my skin looks greasy. I’m biased anyway in the teenage years I had acne but not bad. Although I knew this could happen but how to stop that way you think that does not happen to you and if it does not become so bad. when the acne did not want to be less, I read some experience reports and found that it was some women like me. I had also read that many women had psychological problems, I could not determine with me and the acne after 1 year had waned I felt better. but the worst side effects came slowly, I count the times: 1) nausea 2) dizziness 3) panic attacks 4) breathless 5) mood swings 6) secretion from the left chest + tension pains 7) depression 8) Increased hair growth normally, I am a relaxed human, nothing brings me so fast from the rest and cope with emotional well, but for several weeks it started with panic attacks and breath, I went to the ambulance and was checked through but they could not find anything organic. which is good but the uncertainty remains, and the attacks did not stop, in the middle of untericht I got panic attacks from the blue sky with breathless, only with a lot of strength, I can calm down so I do not panic run away from the classroom. At some point I was so far that I thought it’s over with me, of all people I just became a psycho. and I NEVER thought in LIFE that everything could have anything to do with the mirena. I was about to go to my home tincture and allow me to prescribe antidepressant because my friend also noticed that I am in the last years more and more in a bad mood. until the experience reports from back then came back to me. I have read VERY MANY and was shocked that SO MANY women as well as I am. and that can not be coincidence. NO WAY. Of course, you can not push everything on the mirena, you have a nasty day or sometimes bad skin, but how can panic attacks explain that I’ve never had otherwise? I am now convinced that the mirena is the trigger. I’ll call my wife’s art right on Monday and make an appointment to remove. better today then tomorrow. the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. First I would like to take hormones no more, I must first recover from the dirt I’ve done to myself there. It was indeed my wish that has fulfilled with my wife’s art, so I can not blame him, even if he had counted me this side effect (which he did not do), I would probably have decided it yet. sometimes you have to fly on your own to learn from it. it can only get better. I would like to thank all the women only by their experience reports, I could say that I suffer genaso under the side effect as they. MANY THANKS!!! and I hope that I could help someone with my experience. when the mirena íst out I will report how I do without it. lg

  11. Carol D. Fitzpatrick says:
    4.0 rating

    Headache, migraine attacks, permanent bleeding (21-23 days bleeding – then 6-7 days bleeding), severe to very severe abdominal pain at onset of bleeding (1-2 days), mild to moderate pain in the abdomen without bleeding, depressive disorders, mood swings, loss of libido , Lack of concentration, hair loss, listlessness