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  1. Yolando C. Carrero says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Hair loss; Cyst formation

    It started very slowly, after about a year. So I got hair loss, cysts, hot flashes, breast tenderness, my days did not come back, my mood was depressed and anxious. In short: I felt like an old menopausal woman (am 21). To completely ignore my sexual desire, she had reached zero. It took me a long time to find out where my problem lies. My gynecologist praised the Mirena before inserting the highest notes, because of side effects free etc. ???? With my problems and stillness, I went to her to describe my complaints. She’s a big fan of my asking if this could be due to Mirena. Your answer, but NO, I would be the first with these complaints that she would never have heard, all other women get along wonderfully. These complaints can not come from the Mirena. After the examination she said that organically everything was fine, maybe it was because of the stress. The body also needs some time to get used to it. So I had my tranquilizer (My course brainwashed) and was a little reassured. Only my complaints did not stop, as if my body would never get used to it. So again to the doctor, this time 2nd opinion, other doctor. He was just like that. No side effects, the greatest thing it ever z.Z. At the examination he discovered a cyst and said he had to treat them additionally with the pill Qlaira, I as a non-expert and still the completely trusting sheep, let him grant and swallowed good the pill. I was getting worse and worse. I rummaged on the internet and found my complaints black and white. I found afflicted women with the same complaints and the worst I ever got was fooled and lied to by my treated doctors. I realized they were trading for the money and not for the people. Mirena is a lucrative merit, since it is best to keep quiet about the side effects. I also found out that Schering issued so-called Rote Handzettel to all specialists, but unfortunately they continue to deny the side effects under Mirena before their patients, or refer you to a psychiatrist. Long live the money and no longer the human being. I have the Mirenanach 3 years in the hospital emergency room removed. Finally, I had severe abdominal pain, inflammation in the urinary tract and again cysts. Be smart about this spiral, question everything. The doctors know the warnings of the industry and they are deliberately kept secret. CHATE YOUR LEGAL GYEGOLOGIST for the suffering of the many young women.

  2. Phyllis D. Urso says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Aggressiveness; Pain (acute); Hypermenorrhoea

    I’ve been using the Mirena 6 weeks ago because of excessive period bleeding. The onset was not so painful, but the three days after that were marked by abdominal pain and I had the feeling that I had a stone in the uterus. Since then, I have chronic bleeding as a medium-strong Mens (not the predicted spotting). Libido rather stronger, but with this bleeding it would not be better. Very aggressive, irritable, contentious. Breast slips: The cup size went from D to E within a few days, no bra fits anymore. Just putting on and taking off a bra is a pain. Touching is definitely not. I’ve had dizzy spells since then – but it can also be due to blood loss. A kind of permanent piercing in the abdomen, whether I’m walking, sitting or lying down. Like with a knitting needle from the inside. I had that from the beginning and unfortunately did not go away. I’ll let this thing go again. Strong period, however, is a walk! By the way: a friend of mine is after 5 years of Mirena already in depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, all diseases that allegedly have no causes.

  3. Marilyn N. Lococo says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Edema; Pain (joint); Pain (back); Overweight; Pain (acute)

    I let 2 hours ago insert the H. spiral. Before I let them insert, I have in various forums on event. Side effects read a lot and thought that these many women probably exaggerate powerful and I do not necessarily have to get these side effects – especially not so many at a time. For 1 month I have joint pain, in addition to various other side effects such. Water retention in the legs, extreme breast enlargement and stretching, back pain, extreme sweating, oily hair, weight gain (4 kg). At first I had joint pain with elbow strain, then wrists, finger bones, knees and for a few days my hips hurt. The pain disappears again and again, and then come back after a few days. I’m currently being treated by the orthopedist. The result of the blood test, if any rheumatism, is still pending. My gynecologist said that does not come from the spiral, my new gynecologist meant what else – if I previously the o.g. Had no problems. I have decided to let them get me and believe firmly that I am as good as before the Mirena, just a little pain in the menstrual period and a little heavier bleeding.

  4. Barbara J. Wang says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Mood swings; Cyst formation; Hurt; A headache; Pain (acute)

    Hi Guys! I can not believe what I read here !!! Today Google I breast tenders Mirena and then I come across this page. Thought it was not the hormone spiral. Just as my gynecologist has told me that the Mirena is not responsible for breast tenderness and certainly not for mood swings and slight irritability. Now I understand. I have the Mirena 4 years ago and 10 Montaten use and my gynecologist has called me no side effect. Sure, at 22, it always sounds good if you do not have to think about contraception for 5 years and you will not get any menstruation! And that the Mirena acts locally and does not pump the whole body full of hormones. Calculated on the years, the Mirena is also cheaper, she told me. Why should I ask synonymous because of side effects if it all sounds so great! Since I was young and stupid I must confess honestly. The insertion was not so painful. She has given me a remedy that widens and stuns the uterus. So it was just unpleasant pulling. Have spotting every month and often take 5 to 7 days. During the annual examinations she often told me: So it is very rare that the women who wear the Mirena regularly have menstruations or spotting. (Nice for the majority of these women) In the ultrasound, she also often found a cyst on the ovaries, but 90% of them disappear by themselves. So the cause of abdominal pain found. Never had cysts before !!! Then she prescribed a gel for breast tenderness. She could have smeared that in her hair, too. From month to month, the pain in the breasts is more and more and they are hot, hard and riiiiiesig and there are nodules to feel. My friend already asked me why they are so riiiiiesig? He is rarely allowed to touch them because they are very sensitive. I would only be interested in how much profit per Mirena jumps out at the doctors. Because of my impure skin, I was also the dermatologist and prescribed me again anoint, detergent, etc. for treatment and he said it was the conversion of the contraceptive. Well, this is almost 5 years ago and it is still the sameSo if I count the drugs for the impure skin and the gels for the breast breakdown together, then I have saved myself in contrast to the pill at all! On the contrary!! I’m glad if I get pulled in 2 months and I’m curious how life feels afterwards! 😉 Greetings Dani

  5. Jeanette D. Vandenberg says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Cycle disorder; Bleeding

    Have now been 6 months, the Mirena. So far every day lubricating bleeding. Cramping, nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, night sweats and extreme fatigue. This was followed by a 4 cm cyst and three months’ intake of chlormadinone 2mg fem. This made it better. Now I have a bacterial infection with an antibiotic and then with lactofem to help restore ph in the vagina. Against the spotting I take parallel desogestrel first for a month. What can I say. If it does not get better now, I’ll let the spiral go.

  6. Ina B. Stromain says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I’m a real stone from the heart, after I read here from the many testimonials and mine are so very similar! Pro for Mirena is the lack of menstruation and the elimination of troublesome pill intake. Unfortunately, the list of the Contra is much longer. Massive hair loss, fast-drying hair, pimples, irritability, restlessness, tachycardia, digestive problems and the worst of all the enormous weight gain (18kg). My breasts are swollen from 70c to 85d and always with tense pains like milk after breastfeeding. But not only the breasts are like the end of the pregnancy and my stomach now looks like I’m 9 months pregnant. I eat very healthy, do sports but the weight is not significantly reduce. My baby bump is stuck. In the summer I was often asked when it was so far (birth). That made me so insecure that I let myself be tested for a brotherhood. My friend has since left me he was tired of my eternal irritation. Then I must mention here that I am only tired, which I attributed to my sleep disorders, for which I could find no sustainable explanation. I’ve always had the suspicion that it might be related to the spiral, but all the physicians I interviewed said it was always negative. On the contrary, I always heard the opposite, the spiral has a positive effect on the skin, hair and the aging process of a woman. On Friday I have the appointment and I will free myself from Mirena lasting! I wish I had found this site here rather nice, then I would have spared a lot of suffering. I was able to move my new partner to a vasectomy in August. Now only sperm light is available and I can finally get rid of this monster! Never again!

  7. Kennith K. West says:
    5.0 rating

    In October 09 I had the third Mirena spiral (interrupted by a pregnancy) used in succession. The first I had super tolerated. The second spiral had symptoms I did not associate with the Mirena: mild vision problems, palpitations, listlessness, slight breast tenderness, general malaise in large crowds (anxiety). The o.g. Symptoms increased dramatically after the onset of the third spiral in October. Within the last three months, I suffered from tachycardia (my doctor told me to use beta-blockers), my blood pressure was far too high, I experienced an incredible form of listlessness, even though I was actually a very active person, my breasts seemed to burst and the Anxiety increased massively. I barely dared to leave the house for fear of large crowds. These attacks are really bad. I arranged an appointment with the FA and asked him to the spiral wg. of possible side effects. He explained to me that there were such symptoms but less than 1% and that it could be menopausal. (I’m 45). I asked him to pull her anyway. Since then I still am not feeling so well, but much better. I was in town today (among many people) and just had a slight dizziness – do not worry and do not panic -. I think that both aspects play a role in me. Spiral and menopause. But the one problem is already solved, now I can take care of the other thing completely hormone free 🙂

  8. Irene M. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    The side effects of Mirena come slowly. Usually after 2 years begins the negative effect of the spiral. Tiredness, unfocused, dizziness, nausea, weakness, insomnia, joint and muscle aches, masculine hairiness, itching, odor sensitivity, breast tenderness, altered body odor, muscle atrophy, head and back pain, water retention in hands and feet, brittle fingernails, panic attacks, muscle twitching. Mirena turns healthy women into sick women. In my view, the Mirena is not recommended ..

  9. Catherine L. Abney says:
    4.5 rating

    Hi, I have read many reviews here and would like to thank you first, through your reports, I realized that all my side effects come from Mirena – I’m 100% sure. So: my 8 months with Mirena began with the fact that I was assured by the FA that his patients have no side effects with the spiral. It gives only very small amounts of hormones, etc. .. In any case, the insertion was hell for me! I do not have a child, so did not know what kind of pain you can have down there! I almost climbed off my chair again – it really hurt like hell. Had I guessed that, I would never have done this to me !!! After the onset, I could not even stand with cramps and circulatory problems. I had to lie down and thought my last hour had struck. I’m still traumatized today. The pain was already gone the next day – no more problems. Then I was happy because and thought it was worth the pain. After two months without problems, it started: breast tenderness, fatigue, acne (never had problems with acne even before the pill), dry eyes that I almost could not open in the morning in pain, dry skin tense, hair loss, greasy hair after 48 hours after washing, … After 8 months it was enough for me and yesterday I let her go – finally. Did not hurt at all – was not felt. Of course I was still afraid of inserting but was not really bad. Today I have already gotten my days and I feel not so tired as usual. In addition, I notice that my eyes are not dry anymore. I would not recommend Mirena to anyone. There are certainly many who tolerate it well, but I will never again torture my body with artificial hormones! I hope my remaining problems get better soon 🙂 Lg Susanne

  10. Debra R. Myers says:
    4.0 rating

    Today, after 2.5 years, I let the Hormone Spiral redeem me. Had I not had a girlfriend who also had negative experiences (extreme hair loss, loss of libido) with the spiral, I probably would not even have come to the conclusion that some ailments are related to it. At first I was more irritable than usual, impotent, and tears quickly rose in my eyes (for example, reading obituaries of obituaries, reports on television). But I have dismissed this with normal everyday stress and ignored. My girlfriend noticed these changes in her nature and she spoke to me because she recognized her own situation in it, so I became alert and began questioning things. After wearing contact lenses for 15 years, even in the pregnancies, complaints began in May. My hard lens had to be replaced after only 1.5 years, because such a lubricating film of lipids and fats had formed that the lens was useless. At the moment I did not find that questionable, even though my life span was up to 4 years. Only when my eye had ruined the new lens after only 6 weeks, I became suspicious. I have worn 2 hard lenses since inserting the Mirena on one eye 2 and on the other. My then gynecologist denies a connection. The ophthalmologist said that hormonal reasons can certainly be responsible for this. So I belong since then again to the spectacle wearers, which of course after such a long time first again a change. In many situations in which I had otherwise responded in a sovereign manner, I was easily irritable and aggressive. I was not nearly as strong as before. In the last few months, my libido has dropped to zero. No sexual initiative left me, which of course made my husband pensive. Especially since my period has completely failed (the only plus) and so yes I could have actually anytime. I have also noticed the following changes on my body, but they did not occur permanently: pimples on the scalp, headache with nausea, strong feeling of tightness in the breasts, besides, I simply can not control my weight anymore. I have been practicing the same sport for years, which used to help me to compensate for the sins of the weekend, but for quite some time now nothing has happened on the scale, even if I had eaten little on the day before. I have confronted my gynecologist with my complaints. He has somehow waved off, my complaints would be too unspecific, as that could make a connection, certainty would exist only if the thing would be out. Quote: maybe it’s because of the cuts that you have in the evening, or the cold cuts you drauftut and they are getting older. I’ve had some bad experiences with Implanol a few years ago, where I was also dissatisfied with the way my gynecologist handled it, but still stayed. Only after months of tormenting (Dauerschmierblutungen) turned out at that time, the hormone dose in the pen for some women probably not enough and I had to first take 1/4 pill later 1/2 pill in order to adjust the whole. I felt like a guinea pig. But now the measure was really full. Today I was with another doctor, who showed much more understanding and gave me the impression that the inventions of the pharmaceutical industry are beyond any doubt. The part is definitely out and I feel good with this decision. I will observe my body closely in the near future and will certainly then also determine what the Mirena has done with my body in the last 2.5 years, which I may not even be aware of. There may be women who can handle the spiral well, but you should just be alert and listen to your body. Maybe the Mirena is not responsible for all the problems, but in the future I can be sure that if I have complaints, they will not be controlled by any artificial influences.

  11. Vicki M. Edgar says:
    4.5 rating

    Unfortunately, only after 6.5 years Mirena (2.Hormonspirale) lights up on me. Also I was never informed by my FÄ (1st spiral another FA) about the side effects, but only about contraindications that they either slipped or might grow in. There should be no side effects, one drummed. That this is the greatest contraception that there is, no question, because lust for sex, I hardly have. Quite apart from the loss of libido, my skin has changed a lot and hair growth has increased enormously. Of course, only in places that should be reserved for men. My chin is now covered in inflammation and scars, as I am dedicated to my morning and afternoon ritual of stubble removal with tweezers. The hair grows, despite constant exfoliation, in the skin and this inflames. Without covering the places with tinting cream, I dare not leave the house. Although I’m dark in type and have always had more hair, but not to that extent. On the toes, back of the feet, chin, buttocks, Pofalte they have now increasingly settled, are still hard and black. Growing, shaving, plucking becomes everyday. 1 1/2 years ago I even bought an expensive device for permanent hair removal with the light technology. At first thought it would also help on the chin, unfortunately not. But my biggest problem is the permanent itching all over my body, mainly on my back and arms. Am for years at the clarification at the house or dermatologist. Since I used to have a mushroom braid, I thought I would never get rid of it. Here are circular white spots after scratching, which I can detect all over the upper body and arms. My family doctor said, with the tablet cure for skin fungus, the problem would have to be finally resolved, since I already a year often a shower cure for the disease and did not help. But I did not realize that this had already been fought for a long time. yes, no skin fungus was more evidence. Nevertheless, itching and permanent white patches of skin, which are very pronounced in summer and ugly to look at. A terrible burden, because until the evening intensifies the itching and prevents falling asleep. I had no explanation yet, already bought acute sprays for itching for neurodermatitis patients, made sea salt baths and am now still every day 2-3 times creaming and make the itching more bearable. In addition, since a few years hives, which makes itself felt in the cold. Already at 10 degrees, itching pustules on the thighs form when I go walking. Also, in the evening, all of a sudden, I got hives all over my upper body. Inexplicable, because I did not eat or did anything special. Neither detergent change, nor food change changed something. You get totally crazy because nobody can help you. My sister advised me wg. hair growth and itching to remove the spiral, as this had to be the trigger. Never, I thought, can not be, did not want to believe her. Why? No FA confirms that, as many women read here. After all, is a lucrative business with the spiral. The patient is secondary. Sometimes one gets the feeling that here in agreement of all FÄ the side effects of the Mirena are simply rejected and concealed, in order to keep the business going. Other side effects include flatulence, bloated abdomen with malaise, as if you were pregnant. For some years diarrhea, sometimes so strong that the chair is only watery. An anal thrombosis had to be removed a few times, so the proctologist advised me not to push so hard during bowel movements, which would cause hemorrhoids and thrombosis. He did not believe me the diarrhea, because I have according to his statement have a hard bowel movement. A colonoscopy, therefore, I had to endure even over me. So, nothing fits together anymore. Still ask me if all my complaints are triggered by the Mirena. Two years ago, I still got pain in my tailbone, without it would have fallen on it. At some point it became so strong that I could not sit down normally anymore. After about 1 1/2 years, a CT was finally made. Of course without findings! No periostitis or anything else to prove. Pain is my constant companion, as tendinitis in the arms to the wrist, as osteoarthritis is also suspected in the shoulder joints. As well as osteoarthritis in the knee and cervical spine. Inflammation can never be detected in the blood and I am absolutely pumperlgsund. Since many women here indicate back pain and joint pain, this pain could also have to do with the spiral. Unfortunately, one can not prove this. The coccyx

  12. Sharon W. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Uterine fibroids

    Mirena was recommended to keep my fibroids in Schacht.2006 I had to be removed a large and it was described to me as a Toppräperat.Von side effects was not the speech in 2007 was laid and in 1 year I had little problems.Then got I had tachycardia, respiratory problems, pimple invasions, hair loss, tension. I was checked by specialists without findings. The complaints became better after a few months until 3 months ago, I am constantly sick (like pregnant) abdominal pain, constant bleeding, migraine, dizziness, problems of Digestion, tightness in the chest, hair dull (falls off again), pimples without end, paleness, fatigue, extreme muscle tension, breast tenderness. Then googled the complaints and I dropped out of faith that the HS is responsible. In all experience reports, I have found myself again. Therefore, I’m the gyn of the dispute. He says that could also be something else. He again found a large fibroid Well, he had not promised me high and holy I would never have to worry again, he wanted to give me then a hormone injection, which should bring it to shrink, incl.Nebenwirkung. I just shook my head and said the end of it now with the uterus. Fatzit from 2.5 years Spiral: False promises, 350 € costs, ovarian cysts, hormone nodes in the chest, jaw cysts / inflammation, pain, migraine, tension, hair loss, pimples, bleach, palpitations, blurred vision, weight gain 7Kg, difficulty breathing, fainting, caressedness , Libido loss, bleeding, cramps, indigestion OP in February! I never thought that such a small thing could negatively affect my life.To the annoyance over the Gyn of all complaints has dismissed and one declared stupid! I am extremely disappointed with such business-oriented behavior at the expense of my health! Mirena Never again, not recommended!

  13. Elizabeth F. McAnally says:
    4.5 rating

    One week ago I let out the Merina spiral and lo and behold: I feel much better !!! I have laughed so much on the weekend as never before !! I have re-established contact with friends and these (without anyone knowing of the Merina) tell me that I listen much better …. and that after such a short time. Of course it may be that everything is just a head thing BUT the complaints were there and now I’m better and that counts !! If something changes, I will write again …. I wrote my first post 2 weeks ago ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: complaints: 5-6 years, I got panic attacks, had the feeling (when falling asleep) to get more air. Was with the pulmonary specialist, o. , A short time later (when I was alone at home), I also got panic attacks during the day: racing heart or thinking of the heart sets. Again to the family doctor: o. , During the day and at night, I sometimes had hot flashes (which I attributed to menopause). My gyn twice made a hormone test: o. I always had a headache and breast tenderness every now and then. Last but not least, I have been suffering from severe depression since last summer, went to the spa and since then I have been unable to work. By chance, I now learned from a friend about these or similar problems using the Mirena. Until yesterday, I really would have recommended this spiral to EVERYONE … but somehow it looks as if there really are connections. Anyway, I’ve just made an appointment and I’ll get her next week …. will then report how I feel about it. I got my first Mirena spiral 14 years ago. This was, wg. Desire for children after 3 years away. About 5 months after this pregnancy, I got the Mirena again and about 5 years later again, which I wear until today.

  14. Kim G. Zajac says:
    5.0 rating

    hello together I introduce myself briefly: I am 22 years old no children and prevent since october 2009 with the mirena, the reason for the insert was very simple: I wanted to save money. From the age of 20 you have to finance the pill yourself and I thought the mirena would be a great alternative. which is true to a certain extent. Although it is expensive to buy but there are no further costs until then. until sometime use the side effect. It started with permanent bleeding. 3 months after I had bleeding, my gynecologist calmed me down and said that it would be normal in the first 6 months. but then it got worse: AKNE but right everywhere I had pimples and not too little, besides, I have constantly greasy hair, which I had never before in general my skin looks greasy. I’m biased anyway in the teenage years I had acne but not bad. Although I knew this could happen but how to stop that way you think that does not happen to you and if it does not become so bad. when the acne did not want to be less, I read some experience reports and found that it was some women like me. I had also read that many women had psychological problems, I could not determine with me and the acne after 1 year had waned I felt better. but the worst side effects came slowly, I count the times: 1) nausea 2) dizziness 3) panic attacks 4) breathless 5) mood swings 6) secretion from the left chest + tension pains 7) depression 8) Increased hair growth normally, I am a relaxed human, nothing brings me so fast from the rest and cope with emotional well, but for several weeks it started with panic attacks and breath, I went to the ambulance and was checked through but they could not find anything organic. which is good but the uncertainty remains, and the attacks did not stop, in the middle of untericht I got panic attacks from the blue sky with breathless, only with a lot of strength, I can calm down so I do not panic run away from the classroom. At some point I was so far that I thought it’s over with me, of all people I just became a psycho. and I NEVER thought in LIFE that everything could have anything to do with the mirena. I was about to go to my home tincture and allow me to prescribe antidepressant because my friend also noticed that I am in the last years more and more in a bad mood. until the experience reports from back then came back to me. I have read VERY MANY and was shocked that SO MANY women as well as I am. and that can not be coincidence. NO WAY. Of course, you can not push everything on the mirena, you have a nasty day or sometimes bad skin, but how can panic attacks explain that I’ve never had otherwise? I am now convinced that the mirena is the trigger. I’ll call my wife’s art right on Monday and make an appointment to remove. better today then tomorrow. the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. First I would like to take hormones no more, I must first recover from the dirt I’ve done to myself there. It was indeed my wish that has fulfilled with my wife’s art, so I can not blame him, even if he had counted me this side effect (which he did not do), I would probably have decided it yet. sometimes you have to fly on your own to learn from it. it can only get better. I would like to thank all the women only by their experience reports, I could say that I suffer genaso under the side effect as they. MANY THANKS!!! and I hope that I could help someone with my experience. when the mirena íst out I will report how I do without it. lg

  15. Renay J. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and wanted to share my experiences with the Mirena. I let them put me in early 2015 after the birth of my daughter, because I did not want to take the pill again and so wanted to burden my body with fewer hormones. The shot went completely backwards ….. At the beginning I had a 5.4 cm cyst at the first routine examination, which had to be treated with additional hormones! What irony, I wanted fewer hormones. Thank God, she left alone. After that, the odyssey then really started …… Constant breast tenderness on the left and that so much that even the smallest touch made me twitch (sleeping on the stomach was no longer possible), hair loss on the head, but excessive hair growth at other parts of the body, nonspecific abdominal pain partly with spotting, totally blemished skin especially on both arms (t-shirt is not possible anymore in summer) Of course I did not get a leaflet and was not asked about the side effects. Creeping then came now even more anxiety and concentration problems and also the next cyst sneaked in (5.7 cm ….. had to be treated again) With all these side effects, I was with my FA and he has me always with the statement sent home that it could in no case be due to the spiral. Now I let her go and hope for improvement …… Consider exactly what you do with your body;)