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  1. Cynthia W. Huber says:
    3.0 rating

    Abdominal pain sometimes. But then hard. Bleeding between periods. Dark discharge. Weight gain. It’s hard to lose weight. Light acne, although I’m not sure it depends on it. All of these side effects are always uncommon and rarely concurrent. Otherwise it is very convenient and pleasant not to have to worry about the contraception (with the same partner!) You do not have to think about the pill, can not forget condoms to serve for the prevention and the red aunt does not look over.

  2. Mary R. Scott says:
    5.0 rating

    Since I had a very strong period after the birth of my son, my gynecologist recommended Mirena. The insertion I really did not mind! However, I had constant bleeding for almost a year. My FA encouraged me to hold out, which I did. After one year I had almost no bleeding, every few months for a few days a minimal spotting. However, from time to time I got a fungal infection, which I did not think and my FA anyway meant that many women would get these days. After wearing the spiral for about 3 years, the number of fungal infections increased, alternating with vaginal bacterial infections. Sometimes both at the same time. For 2 years I have had a fungus or a bacterial infection almost uninterruptedly. I almost went crazy. Only introduce suppositories, creaming constantly with mushroom ointments …. Sex was only possible with rubber. I only washed towels, disinfected the toilet, changed my clothes frequently …. On my question at the FA where this could come from, after all, I would do everything so that the constant infections do not happen, I got the answer: I There would be diabetes and you would be more susceptible. However, my diabetologist said that could not be, because my blood glucose levels with the drugs I take would be great and I would have the same values as a healthy person. Now my search for why went on then. On the Internet, I read in a report that the Merena could be the trigger, because can raise the thread of bacteria and fungi. Of course, I asked at my FA, but said that this could not be absolutely. Now who should I believe? So I continued to suffer …. over 2 years of constant itching and burning … Since July of this year, the Mirena is now out after 5 years and lo and behold ….. I have never once since a mushroom or bacterial infection. For me it is clear, it was due to the hormonal spiral, because I do not believe in miracles. For half a year I am now free of complaints !!!

  3. Laura J. Brown says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello Have the Mirena for 2 years in it. I do not have a child anyway, the FA advised me to the copper spiral. Well … dan came the day of inserting .. after 5 days of infernal pain, then the pain subsided a little, but it is still not good. I have been consulting my FA over and over since I always bled at the beginning. This meant then it was normal the body needed time. After 2 years, I still have problems … every 2 weeks bleeding … really great stuff … now I have an appointment for the draw settled. I’m glad if the part comes out. have recently been tremendously unbearable pain in the Gv.

  4. Dorris J. Grisham says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    After the insertion of the Mirenaspirale it came with me for 7 to 8 months to bleeding around the entry around, the menstrual period was weaker but unpleasantly prolonged (about 10 days). Due to a thrombosis during my last pregnancy, the pill was out of the question and my gynecologist told me to keep it up for at least 1 year. After 8 months, the bleeding had disappeared, the menstrual period was much weaker than before Mirena and I had no convulsive back pain more (as before the spiral). Meanwhile, I live with the spiral for 10 years (now the second one) and I am very satisfied. No pain during the rule, almost no menstrual period. My prescriptor assumes that she had prematurely come into menopause because of the spiral. Whether that is so, I can not judge. I myself will be 50 this autumn and have no menopausal symptoms. Remark: Incidentally, I also had an ovarian cyst (frequent side effect of Mirena), but thank god it disappeared. No pain during the rule and almost no bleeding is just great, so I highly recommend the Mirena on. But I also take the artificial hormones in purchase (pill is in the point but not better)

    Side effects: Menorrhagia; Between bleeding
  5. Karen R. Hutton says:
    4.5 rating

    After 5 children I wanted a longer-term contraception where I did not have to worry too much, my gynecologist recommended to me the hormonal spiral Mirena since these 5 years, more or less, with no side effects, it would be very well tolerated and the hormones would Targeted only in the uterus and that very minimal, the body would not be as burdened as with the pill. I trusted my doctor and was looking forward to the very painful start to not having to do this to me now for 5 years and now I no longer have to worry about contraception, I was always healthy fit sporty and full of zest for life. The following side effects gradually appeared: Tinitus, insomnia, lack of concentration, tiredness, dizziness in all variations, weight gain, abdominal pain, bleeding, palpitations, nervousness, stressed, restlessness, depression, headache, headache, irritability, listlessness After three years I have I can not stand the side effects anymore, when I could not get out of bed for a whole day because of all the dizziness, I told myself NO that it really is not worth it, so I decided to have them removed. Unfortunately, I can not recommend them.Hormones are hormones whether in the pill or on the spiral who does not tolerate them should keep their hands off, so I for my part b Stay with the condom.