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  1. Marion R. Sheppard says:
    4.0 rating

    Immediately after insertion: bleeding and light abdominal jokes for about six weeks. In the first half year: sweats and hot flashes, as well as severe hair loss, as well as extreme tiredness to exhaustion and vertigo attacks. My FA denied (quite irritated) any connection with the Mirena! The internal medical examination showed that I’m completely healthy organically! After six months of lying time: first an ovarian cyst of 4cm, then at the next check two months later an ovarian cyst of 8cm (!). Both cysts regressed under estrogen treatment. Since then, the rule is only very irregular as a slight spotting. I then changed the FA, which very probably considers a connection possible. He nevertheless advised me to wait a bit while pulling the spiral. Have since the onset of Mirena until now 8 kg increased (despite consistent diet and exercise). Now that after two years of lying still severe anxiety came to it, my partner has decided to sterilization. I hope that after the removal of Mirena, I will soon become the old, well-balanced and cheerful woman I used to be!

  2. Jill D. Piland says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I am suffering from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder since 2010. came in January by chance on this page and have seen that many have anxiety and panic attacks here. Thought so would have to lie on the Hormnspirale. I let her go immediately. It is nice and easy to have a clear reason for his bad problems, is also much easier than z. b. to do a therapy … But sometimes it’s not that easy. I felt much worse after the pull, and lust for sex, I had no more, had no desire to get pregnant. And the pill gives off as many hormones a day as the spiral in the month, I did not want !!! The first time I got the Mirena set in 2001, then we wanted another child and then I let them put me back in 2004. In 2009, the 5 years were over and I got the third set. and then I let myself go after a year, even though she could have stayed in it for 4 years, because you would do anything to stop the panic and the fear … I read the reports here after the pull again and found that I have acted too hastily, because often stands there: have discovered the page here, now knows where my problems come from and will let me in 3 days to pull or something. Or I was strangled the evil spirals pulled and now I hope that I feel better soon … You will find very little reports where it is inside have let me pull a year ago and since it gets better … You know the but People are not here at all and who knows why they are mentally ill and why it will be better after a year, maybe they do a therapy in the same period of time, you do not know that! I have the spiral back in it (since 2 days), have abdominal pain from use, but I hope that’s normal. I have been very happy with the spiral over the years and have recommended it to everyone. The pressure of suffering from anxiety and panic is very high and I had hoped that it would be so easy to get rid of the fears, but it is not … The minimum dose of hormones is not responsible for it anyway, otherwise any woman taking the pill would be massive problems. I also wanted to write something about it, because a report like mine might have saved me the pain of pulling and inserting and in addition the money, since I had to pay again now 380 € for use … I advise you just to think carefully before you make a decision, whatever it turns out to be …