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About Mirena

Levonorgestrel is used to prevent pregnancy (“pill”, “contraceptive pill”). The active substance is particularly suitable for women who do not want to use estrogen-progestagen combinations for contraception or who are not allowed to take estrogens due to illness. Since the active ingredient does not affect milk production, it can also be used during breastfeeding.

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • thicken cervical mucus
  • block male sperm cells to the uterus
  • prevent nesting of a fertilized egg into the uterus
  • Prevent Pregnancy

This is how Levonorgestrel works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of levonorgestrel.
Please also read the information on the drug groups progestins, contraceptives, sex hormones, to which the active ingredient levonorgestrel belongs.

Areas of application of the active substance levonorgestrel

Levonorgestrel is used to prevent pregnancy (“pill”, “contraceptive pill”). The active substance is particularly suitable for women who do not want to use estrogen-progestagen combinations for contraception or who are not allowed to take estrogens due to illness. Since the active ingredient does not affect milk production, it can also be used during breastfeeding.

The prerequisite for reliable contraception is the daily intake of a levonorgestrel-containing tablet at about the same time of the day. If this time is exceeded by more than three hours, the contraceptive effect is no longer guaranteed and on the following 14 days, additional non-hormonal measures to prevent pregnancy necessary. Also, nausea and vomiting as well as severe diarrhea may affect the efficacy of levonorgestrel.

Another form of contraceptive protection is a levonorgestrel-containing intrauterine device. Such an insertion system, also called a spiral, is made of plastic and is inserted into the uterus. It continuously releases small amounts of the active substance over a period of up to five years and prevents pregnancy with high reliability during this time.

Furthermore, a single dose of high dose of the active ingredient can prevent pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. The reliability is greater, the less time has passed since sexual intercourse. Since the body is heavily burdened by the high hormone dose, this type of contraception should be limited to emergency situations.

In combination with an estrogen, levonorgestrel is also used to prevent pregnancy (for example, ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel) and, in addition, such combinations can alleviate cycle disturbances and discomfort.

For the following application areas of Levonorgestrel , in-depth information is available:

  • contraception
  • Cycle Disorders and Discomfort

Mode of action of levonorgestrel

Levonorgestrel is an artificially manufactured hormonal drug. It is assigned to the group of progestagens for prevention and can be used as a mini-pill or intrauterine pessary (spiral). The drug thickens the mucus in the cervix, so male sperm can not enter the uterus. Furthermore, it changes the structure of the uterine lining so that a fertilized egg can not implant itself.

High dose levonorgestrel may also prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex (“morning after pill”). In this case, the drug suppresses imminent ovulation and prevents an already fertilized egg from intercalating and growing in the uterine lining. If the implantation has already taken place at the time of ingestion, levonorgestrel can no longer prevent the pregnancy since it does not have an abortive effect.

Potential Mirena side effects may include:

Mirena used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Carol E. Duncan says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Endometriosis; Hypermenorrhoea; Pain (menstruation)

    insidious side effects. Over time, complaints arose that I did not initially associate with the Mirena; Joint pain numb feeling and tingling in the hands stuffy nose mood swings heavy sweating chest pressure stomach problems nausea water retention weight increase dry skin and hair increased hair growth on the face cysts on the ovaries temporarily severe abdominal pain without clinical findings Since 4 weeks Mirena is out and I feel completely better. All complaints are not gone, but no more water retention, no stuffy nose and no pressure on the chest.

  2. Teresa D. Bedford says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Pain (menstruation)

    The absence of the rule – although desired – was initially getting used to. In the first two weeks slight spotting as announced. After that, only very, very light but regular cycle had. Everything is wonderful. Cycle-related regular monthly migraine was thus 90% away. For me a very good decision, especially since I want to reliably prevent. Since contraception is a very delicate, far-reaching topic, the here described numerous hardly attributable to the low locally effective hormone dose symptoms suggest that certainly the psyche could play a role … no offense

    Side effects: Spotting
  3. Cheryl D. Charles says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    I have the mirena since June 2016! Since then I only have problems. My skin has deteriorated in the face very much, even on the arms I get small pimples (with the pill was never) sweat odor under the armpits (I had never) and constantly pain on the right sometimes to the knee! (and several times a month) Was therefore also my FA because of these symptoms! She said that’s not the spiral finished with me. Strange that I had all these symptoms only when I was in the spiral. I am very much thinking of having them pulled back if not even my doctor takes me seriously and does not help me. The only positive thing I can say about the spiral: do not forget to take it like the pill and the rule is missing.

  4. Emily J. Vega says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Bleeding

    I am now 48 years young and take the Mirena for the third time in a row. My third Mirena is now however with agreement of the FA 7 years inside. Actually I had always tolerated them quite well, but for three months I had persistent bladder pain with and without bacteria. I could not look forward to anything anymore. I received antibiotics 3 times during this time. Again and again I had this bladder pain. Now I had the Mirena pull me yesterday and so far I have no more pain ;-)). Maybe it really had something to do with it ?! I can hardly believe it and I am totally happy. I hope it lasts, normally I should now take an antibiotic regimen of up to 100 days.

    Side effects: Bladder infections
  5. Verna J. Fennell says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I had the Mirena laid about 2 1/2 years ago, after I absolutely did not want to become pregnant with two adult children and over 40. My gynecologist recommended the hormonal spiral so that I can rest for the next 5 to 6 years. All of my concerns about side effects have wiped her away with explanations. So it was time, the insertion of the spiral. On the first try, it did not work out, my cervix is too firm despite the birth – nothing went – so one month waited and right on the first day of the bleeding back. The stretching of the cervix was absolutely painful and lasted quite a long time. When it was time and the Mirena was used, I had the feeling she comes through the uterus and abdominal wall back out … pain without end, the circulation has cut me to a huge pool of blood was with. I have to stay in practice for over an hour – they gave me 800 ibuprofen. After that I had about 6 months constantly pulling and pain, my days were sometimes much stronger than before. After 6 months it got better – the FA said my uterus is fighting against the spiral so badly. That happens … Then I was a few months better, the bleeding was less, no more pain. But after 9 – 10 months it went off with hair loss, no more desire for sex, funny thick yellow discharge, nausea, cystitis, frequent headaches …. and then came as insidious depressive moods to depression. I never had anything before. My gynecologist only said that does not come from the Mirena – can not be. And she does not know a woman who has such problems with Mirena. My girlfriend has a similar problem and goes to the same gynecologist … In the last investigation a few weeks ago I’m back with the gynecologist and she is still of the opinion, that does not come from the Mirena. Now I researched on the Internet and found that there are many women with the same problems. So, my decision is firm – the thing comes out again after nearly 2 1/2 years – and I hope, I’ll be back soon as good as before … There are certainly women who tolerate the Mirena well, but me think it’s all shit that the gynecologist do not enlighten about any side effect, but pretend that all this has nothing to do with the Mirena. Please think carefully, if you use such a part !!!

  6. Kathryn R. Navarro says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello! Was 25 years old when inserting the spiral. Almost never ill, no complaints, do not smoke, do not drink, athletic. No children. At first everything went pretty fast. No more mens, no longer having to worry about contraception, etc. After a few months, I was very irritated, stressed, restless. Had lively nightmares and hot flashes. Later, extreme palpitations followed. After a few months, it was accidentally found by a blood test that I suffer from Graves’ disease, a form of hyperthyroidism and autoimmune disease. I’m pretty sure today that the Mirena has contributed since her part. My gynecologist advised me then vehemently from a removal of the spiral and denied any connection with the disease. About 2 months later, bladder infections started. Soon I received antibiotics prescribed monthly. No improvement. No reason was found. I had unexplained pelvic pain, breast tenderness for several days which made it impossible for me to sleep on my stomach, never-ending yeast infections. I was advised with my friend to have no oral sex and anal sex, normal intercourse only with condoms and after each GM to swallow a single dose of antibiotics. ???????????? I’m sick! That’s a problem and not a cause fight! I will let me remove the Mirena, despite the remorse of my gynecologist. It is an offense on the body of every woman! Too bad I had to make these experiences …

  7. Ina B. Stromain says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I’m a real stone from the heart, after I read here from the many testimonials and mine are so very similar! Pro for Mirena is the lack of menstruation and the elimination of troublesome pill intake. Unfortunately, the list of the Contra is much longer. Massive hair loss, fast-drying hair, pimples, irritability, restlessness, tachycardia, digestive problems and the worst of all the enormous weight gain (18kg). My breasts are swollen from 70c to 85d and always with tense pains like milk after breastfeeding. But not only the breasts are like the end of the pregnancy and my stomach now looks like I’m 9 months pregnant. I eat very healthy, do sports but the weight is not significantly reduce. My baby bump is stuck. In the summer I was often asked when it was so far (birth). That made me so insecure that I let myself be tested for a brotherhood. My friend has since left me he was tired of my eternal irritation. Then I must mention here that I am only tired, which I attributed to my sleep disorders, for which I could find no sustainable explanation. I’ve always had the suspicion that it might be related to the spiral, but all the physicians I interviewed said it was always negative. On the contrary, I always heard the opposite, the spiral has a positive effect on the skin, hair and the aging process of a woman. On Friday I have the appointment and I will free myself from Mirena lasting! I wish I had found this site here rather nice, then I would have spared a lot of suffering. I was able to move my new partner to a vasectomy in August. Now only sperm light is available and I can finally get rid of this monster! Never again!

  8. Mary J. Coger says:
    4.5 rating

    After recommendation by two gynecologists, I decided after two pregnancies mainly because of my ever-strong monthly bleeding for the prevention with the Mirena Hormone Spiral. Although I have initially bothered somewhat because of known side effects, but I finally decided very consciously and with a positive attitude to it. I’m definitely nobody who inhales leaflets in his details and looking for side effects – in which case I have informed myself about the fundamental risks and lifted the note. What can I say? – After initial enthusiasm because of the painless laying and the significantly reduced monthly bleeding I could have written the leaflet myself! After I kept getting worse and worse, after almost a year I studied it more closely. I had gained eight kilos, was extremely fickle than otherwise balanced character and went up with every little thing like a bomb (great with two toddlers !!!), probably through the water retention in the legs I had extreme joint pain in the feet, on the chin and Thick black hair suddenly grew around my mouth, I had permanently swollen and aching lymph nodes under my armpits while my bra size grew from D to F, the allegedly only spotting became permanent and my generally poor condition ultimately caused a loss of my libido not only with me, but also with my husband. When I finally got abscesses in the genital area (passed harmless) and on the temple (had to be treated with antibiotics and made for the swelling of all lymph nodes around the ear region), it was enough for me completely. (Incidentally: The lymph node swelling under the armpits, I have all clarified – had no other, even malignant cause.) So I decided after less than a year to let the Mirena again. For six weeks, I’m now rid of the spiral. But after the drag, the fun went on: After two weeks, I suffered a fall bleeding, so I did not come for two hours from the toilet and at the end in the emergency room. Although the bleeding passed after a few hours, but I was now advised because of the strong bleeding tendency to let the womb lining. After our family planning is definitely over, I let that happen. Everything went well and I wonder why I did not decide it right away. And otherwise? Woman will ask: I did not have to wait the average indicated time of about the duration of the spiral until the side effects subsided. By now I’m three and a half kilos off without a diet, my old bras fit almost again, lymph node swelling are gone, joint pain much better, no more abscesses, the mental fluctuations are gone and most importantly: I can with my dwarves again without risk of Rage also look forward to chaos. My husband is relieved too. If the whole thing digested first and the abstemious time after surgery is over, that will be back with the libido 🙂 Well – and the black hair on the mouth part I stop and hope for their disappearance. CONCLUSION: The Mirena may be well tolerated in other women, definitely not with me. I would have gladly spared the 350 euros and the associated martyrdom! Oh yes: the hormone release is by no means as low as stated by the manufacturer and NATURALLY the hormones go into the bloodstream and not only act locally! This has now been scientifically proven. It is a scandal that both the manufacturer and most doctors do not acknowledge and admit that !!!

  9. Elsie R. Monroe says:
    3.0 rating

    Mirena: initial acne, hair loss, now after a year, everything externally good but inwardly miserable. Strong depression, big cyst, constant stomach intestinal infections, lack of concentration, often pinching in the stomach. Let them pull me next month, finally wants to get rid of the cyst and hope the depression.

  10. Kristy H. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I had in June 2011, the third spiral can be used as a result. Had never before problems at least not aware. Even when inserting I noticed that it was different, I had never had such a pain. Just a short time later, it all began. I got strong panicacs , Tachycardia, depressions and again and again stomach, intestinal problems, back pain, headache, tingling in the hands, I was constantly sick and either diarrhea or very hard bowel movements.Bin from one doctor to another! At the end of July, I was a week in the hospital; Nothing advised me to take a cure, I did, but after that I did not feel much better! On the contrary it got worse and worse. Until a customer told me about hormone problems. I had the impression that she told my story. Have googled that first and found really frightening reports. Have discussed it with my FA, She said: Yes, there would be such cases would be unlikely, since I previously a After some new blood tests, she said I could let her out, but that should be considered carefully, because it was also a question of price! Am now also decided to let me pull, because you can enjoy life with no Can pay money.

  11. Arnold D. Adair says:
    4.5 rating

    I have had the mirena for almost 5 years. The onset was very painful and in the 5 years with Mirena I had many complaints that fit into the picture of side effects. My doctor said that of course this could not be related to the Mirena and I resigned myself to it then. Well, I’m looking for a new contraceptive and have also come across a number of reports about Mirena. Now I list the side effects that I have since. The doctors have not found another cause: headache, weight gain, pimples, decreased libido, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal pain, and for about a year strong, almost unbearable pain during orgasm. not always, but depending on intensity and position. I changed the doctor and now change over to the copper chain

  12. Amy P. Houston says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I let the Mirena use me 2 months ago, because my fa has recommended this to me as well. The onset was already very painful and the first week after insertion I had severe abdominal pain. Over this I had more than one month spotting and for about one month strong depressive episodes without direct trigger. Strong future fears and concentration difficulties are currently my constant companion … When I was with my Fa, that’s why she dismissed that as not coherent and even wanted to prescribe me a pill to do it … Besides, I now had two mushrooms within a month …. Thank you for the many testimonials !! I will let the spiral pull next week and then comment here again if it improves.

  13. Donald M. Peters says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Hypermenorrhoea

    Almost daily spotting (mostly weak). Since loading but no menstruation has occurred. Infection susceptibility in the genital area (continuous wearing of panty liners not used). Increased mild headache. Otherwise very satisfied!

  14. Mary J. Fikes says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Sleep disorders; Mood swings; Libido disorders; Acne; Cycle disorder; A headache; Pain (acute)

    I am shocked and do not even know where to start writing … I had Mirena put on after the birth of our third child, because I put special emphasis on the safety of contraception 🙂 headaches and bleeding over half a year, it started. Then one after the other came: bad mood, mood swings, Ausraster where I stand partially off and wonder about myself. I almost always have abdominal pain and the libido is not only zero, but really moves in the minus area! Then it went parallel with pimples in the face (is getting worse !!!) And sleep problems continue. Now night sweats were added. And so hard that I have to change at night. The spiral has been in it for only a year, but seen a year too long, because I had no fun in life at the time. Next week the thing will come out irrevocably !!!

  15. Luella T. Schnieders says:
    3.0 rating

    I am stunned by what I read here and in other forums and groups. 4 years ago, I had the MIRENA placed after swallowing the pill daily for years. I am 41 years old and my gynecologist recommended the spiral and praised her in the highest tones. She would be well tolerated by all and all her patients would be satisfied. On my note, it would also be hormones, she reassured me, the MIRENA would deliver the hormones only locally. The spiral was laid, no possible side effects were given to me on the way, a leaflet I was certainly not handed. Today I know how naive I was. On holiday 2 months ago, I got to know a young woman and we came to the subject of MIRENA, why can not I say exactly today, but on arrival at home, I researched the Internet on this topic. It is unbelievable what I read all about complaints under the MIRENA. – premature menopausal symptoms – hot flashes / sweating – water retention – circulatory problems – dizziness – hair loss – sleep disorders – night sweats – mood swings – depressive episodes – irritability – fatigue / fatigue – weight gain – joint pain – muscle tension – abdominal pain – back pain – digestive problems – vaginal infections – blemishes – Facial hair – dry eyes Almost everything I read has been coming to me in the past 4 years, and I have not had the slightest idea that it might be due to the spiral. I have been walking from doctor to doctor for months, I doubt it myself, last year I have a rectocele removed from the rectum because I can not stand the abdominal and back pain, with the result: digestion works better now, abdominal and back pain remained. Previously unfit for work and taking antidepressants and sleeping pills for weeks due to these ongoing problems. Then I get vaccinated with gynatren last year for 97, – €, because I suffer again and again of vaginal infections and thus my antibodies should be strengthened, with the result: I treat myself with vaginal pills and ointment now, because I’m stupid happen to run to the doctor again and again. Then the annual check-up at the gynecologist, all right, spiral is perfect, my mentioned problems of sweating, sleep problems, mood swings, night sweats and pain all over the body can also indicate a defect and I would like to ask my doctor’s blood to be examined. Result: thyroid, iron, vitamin D, B12, folic acid everything in the green range and 18, – € for the lab paid as non-cash benefit. Then, five weeks ago, I had arthroscopy on my right shoulder to remove an inflamed bursa. Previously, I had been in pain for about 2 years, had been a permanent guest at physiotherapy to relieve muscle tension, had taken painkillers to work, and to sleep at night, I went to the neurosurgeon, who confirmed that my cervical spine was gone intact, but age appropriate and no surgery would be necessary, fortunately. I’ve been to the rheumatologist, with the result: all right, no rheumatism. Today’s current condition: bursa is out, proliferation on the biceps has been removed, everything went well, but … I still have painful movement restrictions. Then I have massive hair loss that has even struck my hairdresser now, I have gained 10 kg in 4 years, I get pain in the joints at night, I sweat as if I was in menopause, I am moody and irritable and have Therefore I have more and more stress with my husband, I am tired and beaten during the day, but can not sleep at night, I have a bloated face in the morning, in the evening swollen fingers and water retention above the ankles, I have facial hair growth, that I shave myself daily like a man, I have dry eyes and treat them with eye drops and I have blurred vision, have had me to do a progressive lens, which also does not really help me and the optician said that I was still pretty young for a lens with Nahverstärkung. The fact is that I let the spiral go and I hope, hope, hope that I will eventually go better and I find a suitable for me hormone-free contraceptive method. I found a Swiss company on the internet selling a cycle computer called Daysy. The information sounds pretty promising, but I’m pretty undecided as to whether it makes sense at my age just before menopause.

  16. Angelica J. Moore says:
    5.0 rating

    I have the recommendation of my FA use the Mirena. Previously had migraines because of my pill. The insertion was terrible. After that, I had the most terrible pain and an extreme foreign body sensation. I could not stand still nor did I walk through the apartment in the twilight state. Painkillers did not work. Could not stop crying and thought I could not stand it and go crazy. After less than three days, I let her go to the emergency department of our hospital and I’m glad to finally get rid of her despite enormous financial losses. I will change the doctor and a Mirena never comes near me again, can only advise all, just keep away from it.

  17. Helen D. Peterkin says:
    4.0 rating

    5 years ago I received my first Mirena. The onset was very painful and the two days after I had pain, which I felt like severe menstrual pain. The first 3 months I had again and again – very irregular – very slight bleeding, sometimes a foreign body sensation but no more pain. After the first half year, my menstrual period has completely stopped and I am completely free of complaints and satisfied. After the 5 years Mirena was over, I decided to have a new set. Again, though not as much as the first time, it was painful. But after about 2 hours I was completely symptom free. After inserting I had for about a day heavy bleeding (as announced by my gynecologist) but since then not again. For me, the Mirena – despite the unpleasant first quarter of the year – a super contraceptive method!

  18. Linda T. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I got the Mirena in October 2010. At that time, I was 23 years old and had to deal with migraine with aura. According to my gynecologist, the Mirena was the best and healthiest alternative if I was to prevent myself. First it was said that my period would then fail, the spiral is drawn after 5 years and then can be used again at will a new one. The setting of the spiral turned out to be problematic for me. Unfortunately I had so much pain that it was only possible under general anesthesia. The next 2 years after that ran off without major complications. Although my period did not last, I had significantly less bleeding than before. After two years, everything changed abruptly. All of a sudden, I always had abdominal pain. Everything drew together, so that I could not stand in part. The pain was bearable only with the intake of at least 1800 mg ibuprofen a day. From 28 days I had about 15 days with pain. During this time I also took about 15kg. Before that I had a weight of 60 kg and then 75 kg at 1.69 m. My skin deteriorated rapidly and I can no longer speak of a libido. I was tired of all the affection of my partner. So I decided to let the spiral go early. This was again possible only under general anesthesia. Since this day I have NO pain, my skin is clearer than ever and the libido has come back. I only have to work on the weight loss. The kilos unfortunately do not disappear by themselves. As a conclusion, I can only say: I would not recommend a young woman to let the Mirena set. I really do not wish anyone that pain.

  19. Jessica J. Hampton says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hair loss; Acne; Depression; Overweight

    hi love her, I am 23 years old and have not had any children yet. Due to very strong, irregular and for me debilitating menstrual bleeding my gynecology finally recommended the mirena. to use this – in february this year – was hell to say the least: pain, pain, pain. and that over 4 days, including circulatory collapse still in gyn.praxis. well, I thought to myself, there you have to go through, do not be so – after all, everything should be better! But now, after less than 10 months, I have for next week a date to let me remove the mirena again. I’m really patient and no memes, but what I’ve experienced here at NW, really blows up the frame: -massive skin deterioration (previously I had, apart from small pimples to teenage times, a madness skin) – bleeding still strong, irregular, associated with massive cramps – hair loss (luckily I have full, thick hair ….) – despite sporting activity, an increase in weight of 6kg (I’m 1.85 tall at originally 68kg) – depressive mood up to complete lack of humor all in all, although I have some friends in my circle of acquaintances, who get along well with the mirena and the simple way of prevention advertise.dennoch I would others rather discourage very young women – prefer the conventional way with the pill ö.ä. I hope this experience report could help a few out there a little! best regards, madeleine

  20. Arlene J. Lerner says:
    4.5 rating

    Have the Mirena-HS set before 3.5 months, after recommendation of my FA.Habe since that ver … Day bleeding, migraine, abdominal pain, back pain, sleep disorders, skin problems, Schweisausbrüche and very, very VERY bad mood NW explained my FA as follows: the menstrual bleeding can turn out completely! Thought me at the age of 34 and after 2 children there can be worse! The Mirena is a lot, much worse with their NW! The laying was very painful and when I think about what I could have bought my children for 360 euros! I recommend them to any woman in the world and have an appointment in three days hope that then my life and my body will be back as before and I can once again laugh, swim or do sport. To all fellow sufferers greet and advise everyone you know please from!