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  1. Debra W. Adams says:
    2.0 rating

    two days of lower abdominal and lower back pain due to onset; after putting, pain for a few days after intercourse; frequent spotting for about one month (then two months sporadic onset of SB); painful menstruation for about two months; Completely free of complaints after three months

  2. Phyllis D. Urso says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Aggressiveness; Pain (acute); Hypermenorrhoea

    I’ve been using the Mirena 6 weeks ago because of excessive period bleeding. The onset was not so painful, but the three days after that were marked by abdominal pain and I had the feeling that I had a stone in the uterus. Since then, I have chronic bleeding as a medium-strong Mens (not the predicted spotting). Libido rather stronger, but with this bleeding it would not be better. Very aggressive, irritable, contentious. Breast slips: The cup size went from D to E within a few days, no bra fits anymore. Just putting on and taking off a bra is a pain. Touching is definitely not. I’ve had dizzy spells since then – but it can also be due to blood loss. A kind of permanent piercing in the abdomen, whether I’m walking, sitting or lying down. Like with a knitting needle from the inside. I had that from the beginning and unfortunately did not go away. I’ll let this thing go again. Strong period, however, is a walk! By the way: a friend of mine is after 5 years of Mirena already in depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, all diseases that allegedly have no causes.

  3. Sandra D. King says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Pain (back)

    so . I suffer since I have the mirena under all the side effects that I think there is felt pregnancy is really the crowning .. weight gain ,. to Stuhlstuhlproblemen .. really shit! but I can not find any more days, have bleeding once every few months. whatever is so extreme, is my constant bad mood, I’ve read that it can be a side effect .. pisses me and zwack it everywhere dickgegende do often hurt as if what is trapped .. annoying slow really thought it disappears .. with de rime since may 2011 ic has the part drinne .. can no longer want to raus se .. slowly .. do nothing more to take artificial stuff .. was hormone free for a long time that was much more relaxed .. no pain .. .. now even 4 year 😉 ws solls .. for the costs were too high …

  4. Catherine R. Burges says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Endometriosis; Pain (menstruation)

    In November 2015, I had the Mirena babble on, as my gynecologist said to have discovered endometriosis. After more detailed explorations in the circle of acquaintances I learned that with the ultrasound this mucosal proliferation is not necessarily recognized. However, I had already used the coil at the time and had to fight after an allergic shock in the full-nose even with severe bleeding and abdominal pain. This was followed by spotting and strange labor-like pains until January. Also in other experience reports named breast pain and hair growth on the chin were added. The complaints were dismissed by my gynecologist but as abdominal pain, with which I was referred to the internist, but found nothing and also said that my complaints would sound like menstrual pain. In order to initiate the rule since the end of the spotting odyssey, I still got chaste tree, which changed nothing after two months on the condition. Oh yes, and a support pantyhose was also prescribed to me, as he would recommend such slender dainty women like me for the circulation. I found myself in some experience reports again and am appalled that behind this Mirena seems to be a big pharmacy business. This also resulted in research on application forms of the corpus luteum hormone. The constant stimulus on the cervix has more effects on other parts of the body than expected. In spite of fear of repeated anesthesia (to which I reacted so badly), I am thinking about having the spiral removed again and, as before, using the condom to prevent hormone-free. Maybe that’s why I react to the Mirena with severe abdominal pain, because I had little contact with other hormonal contraceptive methods in my 31 years of life and was careful with any medication before. As far as I read here, women were more likely to tolerate the Mirena, even if they had been taking the Pilla for years. I will continue to follow the topic and look for reviews.

  5. Carol E. Duncan says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Endometriosis; Hypermenorrhoea; Pain (menstruation)

    insidious side effects. Over time, complaints arose that I did not initially associate with the Mirena; Joint pain numb feeling and tingling in the hands stuffy nose mood swings heavy sweating chest pressure stomach problems nausea water retention weight increase dry skin and hair increased hair growth on the face cysts on the ovaries temporarily severe abdominal pain without clinical findings Since 4 weeks Mirena is out and I feel completely better. All complaints are not gone, but no more water retention, no stuffy nose and no pressure on the chest.

  6. Verna J. Fennell says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I had the Mirena laid about 2 1/2 years ago, after I absolutely did not want to become pregnant with two adult children and over 40. My gynecologist recommended the hormonal spiral so that I can rest for the next 5 to 6 years. All of my concerns about side effects have wiped her away with explanations. So it was time, the insertion of the spiral. On the first try, it did not work out, my cervix is too firm despite the birth – nothing went – so one month waited and right on the first day of the bleeding back. The stretching of the cervix was absolutely painful and lasted quite a long time. When it was time and the Mirena was used, I had the feeling she comes through the uterus and abdominal wall back out … pain without end, the circulation has cut me to a huge pool of blood was with. I have to stay in practice for over an hour – they gave me 800 ibuprofen. After that I had about 6 months constantly pulling and pain, my days were sometimes much stronger than before. After 6 months it got better – the FA said my uterus is fighting against the spiral so badly. That happens … Then I was a few months better, the bleeding was less, no more pain. But after 9 – 10 months it went off with hair loss, no more desire for sex, funny thick yellow discharge, nausea, cystitis, frequent headaches …. and then came as insidious depressive moods to depression. I never had anything before. My gynecologist only said that does not come from the Mirena – can not be. And she does not know a woman who has such problems with Mirena. My girlfriend has a similar problem and goes to the same gynecologist … In the last investigation a few weeks ago I’m back with the gynecologist and she is still of the opinion, that does not come from the Mirena. Now I researched on the Internet and found that there are many women with the same problems. So, my decision is firm – the thing comes out again after nearly 2 1/2 years – and I hope, I’ll be back soon as good as before … There are certainly women who tolerate the Mirena well, but me think it’s all shit that the gynecologist do not enlighten about any side effect, but pretend that all this has nothing to do with the Mirena. Please think carefully, if you use such a part !!!

  7. Arnold D. Adair says:
    4.5 rating

    I have had the mirena for almost 5 years. The onset was very painful and in the 5 years with Mirena I had many complaints that fit into the picture of side effects. My doctor said that of course this could not be related to the Mirena and I resigned myself to it then. Well, I’m looking for a new contraceptive and have also come across a number of reports about Mirena. Now I list the side effects that I have since. The doctors have not found another cause: headache, weight gain, pimples, decreased libido, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal pain, and for about a year strong, almost unbearable pain during orgasm. not always, but depending on intensity and position. I changed the doctor and now change over to the copper chain

  8. Amy P. Houston says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello, I let the Mirena use me 2 months ago, because my fa has recommended this to me as well. The onset was already very painful and the first week after insertion I had severe abdominal pain. Over this I had more than one month spotting and for about one month strong depressive episodes without direct trigger. Strong future fears and concentration difficulties are currently my constant companion … When I was with my Fa, that’s why she dismissed that as not coherent and even wanted to prescribe me a pill to do it … Besides, I now had two mushrooms within a month …. Thank you for the many testimonials !! I will let the spiral pull next week and then comment here again if it improves.

  9. Mary J. Fikes says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Sleep disorders; Mood swings; Libido disorders; Acne; Cycle disorder; A headache; Pain (acute)

    I am shocked and do not even know where to start writing … I had Mirena put on after the birth of our third child, because I put special emphasis on the safety of contraception 🙂 headaches and bleeding over half a year, it started. Then one after the other came: bad mood, mood swings, Ausraster where I stand partially off and wonder about myself. I almost always have abdominal pain and the libido is not only zero, but really moves in the minus area! Then it went parallel with pimples in the face (is getting worse !!!) And sleep problems continue. Now night sweats were added. And so hard that I have to change at night. The spiral has been in it for only a year, but seen a year too long, because I had no fun in life at the time. Next week the thing will come out irrevocably !!!

  10. Angelica J. Moore says:
    5.0 rating

    I have the recommendation of my FA use the Mirena. Previously had migraines because of my pill. The insertion was terrible. After that, I had the most terrible pain and an extreme foreign body sensation. I could not stand still nor did I walk through the apartment in the twilight state. Painkillers did not work. Could not stop crying and thought I could not stand it and go crazy. After less than three days, I let her go to the emergency department of our hospital and I’m glad to finally get rid of her despite enormous financial losses. I will change the doctor and a Mirena never comes near me again, can only advise all, just keep away from it.

  11. Helen D. Peterkin says:
    4.0 rating

    5 years ago I received my first Mirena. The onset was very painful and the two days after I had pain, which I felt like severe menstrual pain. The first 3 months I had again and again – very irregular – very slight bleeding, sometimes a foreign body sensation but no more pain. After the first half year, my menstrual period has completely stopped and I am completely free of complaints and satisfied. After the 5 years Mirena was over, I decided to have a new set. Again, though not as much as the first time, it was painful. But after about 2 hours I was completely symptom free. After inserting I had for about a day heavy bleeding (as announced by my gynecologist) but since then not again. For me, the Mirena – despite the unpleasant first quarter of the year – a super contraceptive method!

  12. Linda T. Wheeler says:
    4.5 rating

    I got the Mirena in October 2010. At that time, I was 23 years old and had to deal with migraine with aura. According to my gynecologist, the Mirena was the best and healthiest alternative if I was to prevent myself. First it was said that my period would then fail, the spiral is drawn after 5 years and then can be used again at will a new one. The setting of the spiral turned out to be problematic for me. Unfortunately I had so much pain that it was only possible under general anesthesia. The next 2 years after that ran off without major complications. Although my period did not last, I had significantly less bleeding than before. After two years, everything changed abruptly. All of a sudden, I always had abdominal pain. Everything drew together, so that I could not stand in part. The pain was bearable only with the intake of at least 1800 mg ibuprofen a day. From 28 days I had about 15 days with pain. During this time I also took about 15kg. Before that I had a weight of 60 kg and then 75 kg at 1.69 m. My skin deteriorated rapidly and I can no longer speak of a libido. I was tired of all the affection of my partner. So I decided to let the spiral go early. This was again possible only under general anesthesia. Since this day I have NO pain, my skin is clearer than ever and the libido has come back. I only have to work on the weight loss. The kilos unfortunately do not disappear by themselves. As a conclusion, I can only say: I would not recommend a young woman to let the Mirena set. I really do not wish anyone that pain.

  13. Arlene J. Lerner says:
    4.5 rating

    Have the Mirena-HS set before 3.5 months, after recommendation of my FA.Habe since that ver … Day bleeding, migraine, abdominal pain, back pain, sleep disorders, skin problems, Schweisausbrüche and very, very VERY bad mood NW explained my FA as follows: the menstrual bleeding can turn out completely! Thought me at the age of 34 and after 2 children there can be worse! The Mirena is a lot, much worse with their NW! The laying was very painful and when I think about what I could have bought my children for 360 euros! I recommend them to any woman in the world and have an appointment in three days hope that then my life and my body will be back as before and I can once again laugh, swim or do sport. To all fellow sufferers greet and advise everyone you know please from!

  14. Evelyn M. Bruss says:
    4.0 rating

    Abdomen – abdominal pain especially during ovulation, (worse than at the mens) different strength / days of bleeding during mens, listlessness, fatigue, bladder infections, permanent fungal infections, headache migraine, blemished skin / greasy hair, all started very slowly. The good thing is hardly gaining weight in contrast to my old pill, but venous problems in the legs

  15. Douglas R. Hoffer says:
    4.0 rating

    Hi, I have the Mirena now for a year and can not recommend it: – The insertion was hell (I have no children) and really hurt terribly – In the first 2 months after insertion I had 3 cysts, which also have hurt a lot (especially when running) – from the 3rd month came extreme menstrual pain (the rule was indeed weaker, the pain but stronger than in front of the Mirena) – since this month I have since just before ovulation, so now good 10 days, pulling / pain in the abdomen Conclusion: I will let me pull the Mirena. Question to you: Did this pain / tearing in the abdomen with you sometimes over a longer period before. I’m just seriously thinking whether the Mirena has also prevented me safe. Greetings.

  16. Mary E. Oliver says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello … my first HS I have 3 years well tolerated. Then it started so bad with breast tensions that I was super sensitive and could not even push my kiddies anymore. I then had her out in the summer of 2004 and tried half a year with a contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate that, so I let my HS use again in December 2004. Had total pain … even days later. In the first time it was then quite well … until I realized after almost 2 years that I was just tired, broken, etc. I then tried to regain control of vitamins. It gradually came more and more: hypothyroidism, thyroid surgery, tinnitus, dizziness, restlessness, sadness, neck complaints, sinus surgery, depression, aggressiveness, constant bleeding, moodiness, abdominal pain … etc. Then I ran from doctor to doctor and was allowed to listen to the most amazing things 🙁 Then my L-Thyrorin had suspected that it was too high doses, but it was not because my lust for life was now almost at the zero point. Since yesterday the Mirena is out and I hope that it will be better now.

  17. Cynthia W. Huber says:
    3.0 rating

    Abdominal pain sometimes. But then hard. Bleeding between periods. Dark discharge. Weight gain. It’s hard to lose weight. Light acne, although I’m not sure it depends on it. All of these side effects are always uncommon and rarely concurrent. Otherwise it is very convenient and pleasant not to have to worry about the contraception (with the same partner!) You do not have to think about the pill, can not forget condoms to serve for the prevention and the red aunt does not look over.

  18. Marion R. Sheppard says:
    4.0 rating

    Immediately after insertion: bleeding and light abdominal jokes for about six weeks. In the first half year: sweats and hot flashes, as well as severe hair loss, as well as extreme tiredness to exhaustion and vertigo attacks. My FA denied (quite irritated) any connection with the Mirena! The internal medical examination showed that I’m completely healthy organically! After six months of lying time: first an ovarian cyst of 4cm, then at the next check two months later an ovarian cyst of 8cm (!). Both cysts regressed under estrogen treatment. Since then, the rule is only very irregular as a slight spotting. I then changed the FA, which very probably considers a connection possible. He nevertheless advised me to wait a bit while pulling the spiral. Have since the onset of Mirena until now 8 kg increased (despite consistent diet and exercise). Now that after two years of lying still severe anxiety came to it, my partner has decided to sterilization. I hope that after the removal of Mirena, I will soon become the old, well-balanced and cheerful woman I used to be!

  19. Brett A. Baum says:
    4.0 rating

    Good morning I have had the Mirena spiral for two years. When she was put to me, I had endless pain. In the weeks after, I still felt the whole thing in the abdomen. Sometimes I even felt it when I just sat down. Then it went better. Well, for half a year I have more and more water in the tissue and I am also again (which was also the case with the last pill.) Then at the beginning with the discontinuation of the pill 8 Kg and now through the Mirena I have now I also have swollen feet in the evening but what bothers me the most are the swollen swollen breasts, even wearing a minimizer bra that supports the whole thing.The nipples are also very swollen and hurts, and I can not stand up in the evening In addition, the last exam again and again cysts were detected, which I had not before.had now decided to remove the Mirena again, but must also say that the gynecologist was not properly informed and also no brochure or the like has received, where you could inform about it!