About Metformin

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About Metformin

Metformin lowers blood sugar levels. It is used to treat obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus if the high blood sugar level can not be normalized in the long term with either diet or exercise therapy.

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Inhibit sugar production in the liver
  • Improve sugar utilization
  • Reduce sugar intake from the intestine into the blood

This is how Metformin works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of metformin.
Please also read the information on the drug group oral antidiabetics,
to which the active ingredient metformin belongs.

Application of the active substance metformin

Metformin lowers blood sugar levels. It is used to treat obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus if the high blood sugar level can not be normalized in the long term with either diet or exercise therapy.

For the following uses of Metformin , in-depth information is available:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Action of Metformin

Metformin belongs to the oral antidiabetics. It lowers the blood sugar level in three ways. By:

  • Inhibition of the body’s production of sugar in the liver
  • Improving sugar utilization in body cells, especially in muscle tissue
  • Preventing the absorption of sugar from the intestine into the blood. As a result, on the one hand, sudden increases in blood sugar, so-called blood sugar peaks, are avoided. On the other hand, the calorie intake is reduced, which facilitates a weight loss of the overweight diabetic

The success of treatment with metformin is indicated by the decrease in the red blood pigment (hemoglobin) bound sugar (HbA1c value). This value is important for the long-term control of blood glucose concentration.

Because metformin does not affect insulin release from the pancreas, the occurrence of hypoglycaemia is not expected.

Potential Metformin side effects may include:

Metformin used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Donna E. Townsend says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Metformin as discussed, slowly crept in. At a dose of 1000mg daily abdominal pain and diarrhea began. On demand, nevertheless, gradually increased the dose to 2x850mg. Unfortunately, severe diarrhea with acute burning on the anus, severe stomach / intestinal spasms, nausea, loss of appetite.

  2. Susan R. Lee says:
    4.5 rating

    Metformin for Polycystic ovaries

    I take Metformin 500 3 X daily because of the disease PCO syndrome. KInderwunsch is present for 5 years and the rule has remained completely since the age of 18 years. In these years, much increased, without eating differently. With Metformin 500 I now have a regular (to the exact day) period and in the 8 months have lost about 17 pounds and even had an ovulation last month. In the beginning, had to deal with diarrhea, but after a few weeks was fixed. Can only recommend this drug. I am not a diabetic but still insulin resistant. Unfortunately, the PCO syndrome is not well known to the doctors. Am glad after many years to have come to a gynecologist with knowledge of this disease (metabolic disorder). This drug is an off-label use for this disease, so I get a private prescription and have to buy it myself for about 14 euros a month.

    Side effects: By snowfall
  3. Robert D. Beaver says:
    1.5 rating

    at the beginning itching on the armpits (Xelevia, verily), occasionally nausea.

    Side effects: Itching
  4. Marcy C. Pentecost says:
    1.5 rating

    Metformin for Polycystic ovaries; Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I have been taking metformin for 16 days now. In the first week I started with 1 x 500, now I take 1 x 1000 and from next week I should increase to 1 x 1500. I’ve been having flatulence and diarrhea since then. Since the increase to 1000 comes tremendous nausea feeling and crazy sweats as in women with menopause added. That makes me crazy. Besides, I’m just tired and always exhausted. Is that normal? I would like to stop it, because without metformin I feel better.

    Side effects: Sweats; Fatigue; Flatulence; Diarrhea
  5. Victor J. McDowell says:
    1.0 rating

    Metformin for High blood pressure; Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Heartburn every night after taking Celledrin for uric acid. After taking Celledrin with 40mg Riopan no more heartburn – a good night’s sleep. If I stop celledrin, the heartburn will disappear as well.

    Side effects: Heartburn
  6. Amy E. Molina says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Depression

    My mood is more balanced overall with the Abilify and the other medications in combination. I only cry very little and stay calm in all situations. The quality of my sleep at night is also improved. In conclusion; it helps and stabilizes me enough to finally be able to shape my normal everyday life. However, there are side effects that are unfortunately not always so pleasant for me.

    Side effects: Unrest; Muscle aches; Fatigue
  7. Frank J. Klein says:
    2.0 rating

    Metformin hydrochloride The remedy causes bloating, stomach problems, loss of appetite and general discomfort. Of the effect, I can not yet report, because after 3 1/2 weeks of application, I have no effect (except side effects) noticed. I will look for an alternative, because that does not have to be.

  8. Jacqueline R. Duke says:
    5.0 rating

    hi so I take metformin again. had it taken in November 2016 and there everything went so far as well had hardly lost much hunger .. did they stopped after about 4 months since we wanted to test of what drug I got problems (but was not on Metformin) Now I started to take metformin again about 4-5 weeks ago because I wanted to bring something back in line with my weight: D … everything started like the first time barely hunger Feeling of fullness decreased only about 2 kilos but now ‘m about 2 weeks so I’m so extremely tired and beaten off I could sleep all day come to nothing as soon as I lie down I’m gone … I do not know why that is so now I actually think the drug is quite good and I have again more hunger and the 2 kilos increased again … This morning I have simply omitted the dosage and I’m feeling better while still tired but iwie fitter … will probably go to the doc again n need to ask and …: / greetings

    Side effects: Bloating; Fatigue
  9. Felicia R. Knauer says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Although metformin lowers the blood sugar well, so the effectiveness is very good, you can not ignore the enormous side effects: For me it is gastrointestinal discomfort (bloating, flatulence,)

    Side effects: Bloating; Flatulence
  10. Denise D. Stoddard says:
    3.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Positive: no food cravings anymore, no longer tired, muscle weakness lifted Negative: restlessness, nightmares, panic attacks, depression Unfortunately, the drug had to be discontinued because the side effects were appalling.

    Side effects: Unrest; Depressive moods
  11. Tamara R. Nelson says:
    3.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I do not tolerate metformin at all. Was just tired, limp, deprevious, knocked off. Dragged me through the day. Constantly had stomach pain, intestinal pain, nausea. We’ll take more metformin.

  12. Jennifer A. King says:
    3.0 rating

    Metformin for Kinderwunsch-treatment; Polycystic ovaries; Diabetes mellitus type ii

    After such a short intake (1 month), of 2 x 500mg daily, I must say that this medi has some side effects. After one week, I had again of the 15 kg, which I have taken off the MF, again angekuttert 2 kg. HEISSHUNGER high 2 !!! The remaining side effects are stated above …. Wish it would be otherwise …

  13. Anastasia J. Williams says:
    3.5 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I do not contract metformin at all. Was constantly tired, limp, listless, inattentive, unfocused. Despite taking omeprazole, I had severe stomach pain, nausea, nausea, heartburn. Eyesight, I thought I need new glasses. Was at the ophthalmologist. My eyes are fine. Came from the metformin. Take glimepiride for 14 days. Really awesome feel like new.

  14. Romeo P. Gilbert says:
    4.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I occasionally had calf cramps that I did not associate with metformin. Yesterday, the muscles hardened in calves and thighs, the pain lasted 2 days. A muscle group in the left calf is still hard and cramps for a few minutes when getting up. My neck muscles are still hurting. I puked in pain and I was so dizzy that I fell over. I could barely breathe I also had unbearable stomach ache and my kidney area hurt a lot, also laterally in the back I was in pain and hardly got any air. I also did not see properly and had difficulty swallowing. I was so exhausted that I did not want to live anymore

  15. Stephanie M. Casey says:
    3.0 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    In the evening I drank a glass of red wine. took about 1 hour later 2 sifrol 0.7 mg, as every evening. at night I got leg cramps. is that sifrol? I had that about 1 year ago. In my opinion, red wine and sifrol cause cramps in the legs.

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  16. Archie J. Garcia says:
    4.5 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    A transfer of my general practitioner to the Diabetologische focused practice brought a new drug setting within the ICT and me in 2008 for the first time with Actos 15 in contact. At the same time, the accompanying medication was adjusted to Metformin 500, later to Metformin 1000. Almost parallel, there was an inexplicable nausea, which even brought me out of bed once every night and into the bathroom in anticipation of a nausea that never came. I have even had this examined once with a gastroscopy, of course, without findings. However, the insulin resistance decreased very slowly – it turned a long-term (!?) A more stable blood sugar levels. Until then, however, changed the indication of Actos 15 on Actos 30 to Actos 45 for a once-a-day single dose. In the meantime, slight edema in the legs had developed, which I ascribed in advance to the phlebitis, which had already been treated surgically before the onset of diabetes. However, a newly developed compensatory vein for the previously drawn has apparently not formed. The skin on the legs, after being burnt for years, became increasingly glassy, i.e., hard and extremely sensitive. Now she was additionally stretched from the inside by water retention and, of course, minor injuries due to diabetes healed much more slowly. In addition, I hardly ever fit a pair of shoes. The new HA simply prescribed a dehydrating drug (HCT) and increased the dose to 25mg twice daily, although it is warned against long term use. He came to my presumed coronary insufficiency with the prescription of a beta-blocker (ACE) without consulting a cardiologist. The shortness of breath, however, remained. Later, he switched to enalapril 20, mainly against high blood pressure. Other chronic diseases that have been with me for more than 20 years have widened. Once a year occurring forehead u. Sinusitis also appeared suddenly in the summer and remained unusually persistent and long. The first ENT doctor consulted the case with a far too low dose of antibiotic, and for the first time also had an allergic reaction with which I never had to fight before. Sinusitis dominated my head for a good three weeks and has been on more and more often ever since. The blood glucose levels derailed significantly each time, especially in the morning. A muscle tension in the back I attributed to a nocturnal chill, which may have been caused by a slipped Zudecke, but I had a good four weeks, an exceptionally painful muscle strain on the right back. A misstep on the descent from the second step of a stepladder was followed by a fall back on soft mossy turf, but as it rolled, it squeezed my right arm roughly into the right side, culminating in a six-week healed healing of a broken rib. From a ridiculous crawl on all fours to plant a garden-bed, I was unable, as a result of shortness of breath, to raise myself again, and fell on my stomach, like a fish on dry land. All shopping trips by bike regularly lead, despite adapted clothing, to torrents of sweat that stream out of all the pores of my head, as if you had turned on a water tap. – After that, I often have to recover for over an hour lying on my bed and change clothes completely. My consumption of kitchen rolls has increased dramatically in the last two years, but not by the need for kitchen work. The fragrance that accompanied me for over ten years, would rather not speak. Unfortunately, I barely smell it myself and may therefore often let me respond to it. A particularly unpleasant side effect is the coloring of body sweat. The ingested drug cocktail bleeds outright yellow in the underwear and can be bleached only by the soaking in dilute chlorine detergent for several days before cooking with the machine at all again. Another normality associated with diabetes sequelae are nerve disorders, especially on the extremities. Whenever I lie down for more than a few minutes, the numbness begins in the toes and bones of both feet. As soon as I stand and walk, the feeling subsides, regardless of any “sugar pleasure”. Since I also suffered from increased sleep disturbances in previous years, often due to occupational stress, at first I could not see any direct connection with Actos 45. However, I believe that especially after reading the internet I should reevaluate the context of action. Often I fall asleep with exhaustion for one to three hours, then I’m back – also deep in the night

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Nausea