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  1. Carmen L. Bennett says:
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    Lyrica for Sensibility trouble

    I have taken Lyrica 25 mg for 2 months of sensitivity disorders [SS] (degree of sensation: heavy, medium and light spots or areas on the body): NW: massive headache to migraine-like headache, as well as fatigue and tiredness. After 2 days change to Lyrica 50 mg: No NW !!! Einnamehdauer: So far 1 week Previous improvement: 1-2 scale values, i. so far only (and fortunately) at the heavy (with lasting pain) of SS concerned hand. I hope for even more effect by increasing the dose and taking longer. In this respect already a success exists. I will continue to take it in succession and increase according to new regulation from tomorrow to 2 x 50 mg or 1 x 100 mg. – & gt; I will report 😉 Note: According to doctor, the drug in general. only after 1 week show effect, with me she almost immediately after dose increase to 50 mg occurred. Note2: Not helped and the SS had worsened in the short term had with me sand basin (cold) gravel pit (warm) or similar. manual applications such as electric massagers.

    Side effects: Headache; Fatigue
  2. Jane A. Juarez says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sensibility trouble

    More side effects occurred with increasing dose, such as: * Nausea * Blurred vision * Pain and swelling in various limbs * Dizziness and drowsiness * Limbs (arms, legs) fall asleep * Muscle twitching * Fatigue * Burning sensation * Tachycardia * Increased sensory disturbances

  3. Juana H. Pixley says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sensibility trouble

    I had already written a post with the headline: Sensitivity disorders Lyrica 25 mg 50 mg Since it started so well, the doctor had the idea every 5 days to increase the dose by 50mg per day until the daily dose was 200mg – and that’s exactly what my started NIGHTMARE !!! Duration: 1 month The drug was within one month to total ALPTRAUM because of the NWen !!! The incidents that have occurred: – in pain, I could no longer occur on one (of both) feet (appearance like a heel spur, so that only the collaboration of orthopedist and neurologist, let recognize that it is ONLY the NW and no heel spur! Immediately confirmed by reducing the daily dose.) – From dizziness I could almost not run straight out, let alone sit on the couch, so I just wanted to lie about 30-60 min after taking, because I was so dizzy! – burning hands like extremely strong tingling until it just hurts violently, i. It has strengthened the SS several times and no longer diminished even by later following dose reduction – stingy pain on the back of the hand (which is most affected by SS on the body) similar to when a blood loss by repeated miscarriage subsequently hurts) only the love-long day ! – I was sick, i. I felt bad without having to vomit, but still the feeling that I am very bad. – The SS were insg. In the result reinforced !! and worst of all: Lyrica is not allowed to be dropped off, it has to be cut down !!! I can hardly describe how much I look forward to taking the last tablet today in the hope that after all the NW disappear! P.S. I add that my neurologist gave me the tip before the first dose, not to read the leaflet (not to be scared, or expect NW), I had followed! The downside was that I did not even think it was the NW of Lyrica. – In retrospect, although inexplicable, but so it took 1 week until we found out. I also note that I take no other medication, so it is ruled out that it was caused by another intake and with respective dose reduction, this was also confirmed by each of the worst effects have disappeared in detail, except, unfortunately, the SS were getting worse. I hope as soon as my body Lyrica is free, that the problem is eliminated

    Side effects: Pain; Nausea; Dizziness