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  1. Nicole V. Lockhart says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Migraine; Sleep disorders

    Although take only two days Lyrica, but I wanted to share my experience schonmal. Have just over two years Trazodon get. Now the doctors have noticed that the drug is probably the cause of my very severe and weekly migraine. So Trazoson was discontinued overnight and Valdoxan 25 mg was started. Falling asleep was ok (after about 2 hours), but then I was awake again after 2-3 hours and it stayed the rest of the night … So again to the doctor. And he gave me an extra Lyrica. But I took it alone – without Valdoxan. I do not understand why I should take both, if I only need something against my sleep problems and the migraine. I slept like a stone with 75 mg Lyrica. Find it a lot to start with, as I’ve read that many creep in the drug and start with 25 mg. I think 25-50 mg would be quite enough for my body – I’m 1.68 m and weigh 58 kg. Because in the morning I am very dazed and can only go very hard without wavering …

    Side effects: Gang uncertainty; Dizziness
  2. Miguel J. Palmer says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Borderline

    I’m just trying to stop the medication because I’m afraid of gaining more … Otherwise, it helps to regulate my mood swings. When I get rage, I’m back soon. The tunnel view is gone very quickly. Unfortunately, side effects are very unpleasant.

  3. George C. Dinger says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Polyneuropathie

    Foot complaints become bearable at 50mg at 21:00 in the evening and 50mg at 9:00 in the morning. Side effects: Dizziness-dizziness in particular, gait insecurity (but may also be related to the polyneuropathy itself), dull head feeling, double vision. With tentative intake of 100mg in the evening and still 50mg in the morning I reach a good night’s sleep and the foot complaints are almost completely gone. However, the side effects dizziness, gait insecurity, double vision and dull head feeling described above are increasingly compounded. That’s why I go back to the dose of 50mg in the morning and in the evening.

  4. Heidi A. Schacher says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Rls

    I take this drug in combination with Nacom against Restless Legs Syndrome (restless legs) which is considered to be difficult to treat. Regarding the weight gain, I have speech disorder, word-finding difficulties, forgetfulness, very aggressive respond to trifles / persons, eye flares or see blurry , insecure gait as if completely drunk. 2 hours after taking the restlessness begins-counterproductive, since I take her for the night.Libido equal to zero, no desire for closeness-feeling like extinguished. Positive: I have rest in my legs and thus quality of life again – at a very high price. Would like to discontinue this drug, because I have to deal with the fatal side effects with completely different challenges. Regrettably, the neurologist does not take this condition seriously and referred to psychological adjunct therapy with the Conclusion drug, which is compatible with Lyrica and Nacom, increased aggressiveness, and sometimes triggered seizures in stressful situations. Will report on the withdrawal 🙂

  5. Betsey M. Parisi says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    Weight gain 8kg, increased appetite, too slow build up of the drug in the body (2-3 weeks), with acute increase in TN pain, the Lyrica acts too slow. if the Lyrica is taken too long, the effects diminish (increasing the dose required) Speech disorders, word finding problems, shaky gait, balance disorders withdrawal symptoms on withdrawal of Lyrica (chills, hot flashes, drowsiness, dullness, headache) Side effects of Timonil Dizziness after taking withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation of Lyrica Timonil (shaking, chills, pain in the ear, ….)

  6. Shirley L. French says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Withdrawal symptoms

    After a few days of ingestion dizziness, gait, drunkenness, tingling, numbness, constipation and weight gain appeared. Neither hunger nor feeling satiated.To a feeling to be puffed up, the stomach bulged outwards. In addition, lack of concentration.

  7. Willy C. Spencer says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Polyneuropathie

    Gabapentin took 600mg twice a day for over 2 years. My doctor has now prescribed me Lyrica twice a day because of fewer side effects with 75 mG. First, I had to sneak off gabapentin and gradually replace it with Lyrica. It was like a quick withdrawal, trembling, the pain suddenly increased again, malaise and dizziness and twice 75 mg Lyrica were far too little to replace 1200 mG gabapentin. I am now at 450 mG Lyrica per day and that’s how I get along. What bothers me most at both Gabapentin and Lyrica is this gear insecurity. You run like a drunk and that also notices my environment and that is more than embarrassing.

    Side effects: Gang uncertainty
  8. Matthew K. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders

    Have a Benzodiazepinentzug after about 15 years of taking Xanor and Lexotanil behind me. In the withdrawal clinic, Lyrica was prescribed 375 mg daily after the physical withdrawal. Even in the clinic I had strong side effects such as staggering gait, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory blocks, fatigue, loss of taste and overall a zombie feeling. Despite repeated response of the responsible physician regarding the various sensations, Lyrica was not discontinued or another drug tried, but the dose increased. He just wanted to know if I still had panic attacks and because they had decreased, it remained despite the side effects at Lychar. Through the flower I was told that he already knew what he prescribed me. Since I was in his opinion not yet dismissive, I had to swallow the pills every day in front of the nurses probably. That was clearly disenfranchisement! After consultation with other patients, almost all Lyrica got in more or less dosage – regardless of whether it was alcoholic, tablet-dependent or depressive. My impression was that this drug was used like aspirin (probably had a lucrative contract with the pharmaceutical company …). After my release, I immediately tried to sneak Lyrica out. Because of that, it does not make it dependent. The greatest weaning symptoms of excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, constant agitation, aggression to nervous ticking. Could not go down further than up to 225 mg daily. Now, with the help of my doctor, try to find a suitable alternative medication for generalized anxiety disorders. Conclusion: with a drug in the withdrawal clinic in and out with another out. Since I could have stayed the same with my Benzo’s, which have caused as a side effect, although strong fatigue, but the effect was really helpful and have brought me much more quality of life. Lyrica for me clearly much worse than Xanor @ Co !!!