Lumigan side effects

What side effects can bimatoprost have?

Below you will find the most important information about possible known side effects of bimatoprost.
These side effects do not occur, but you can. Because every person reacts differently to medication. Please also note that the type and frequency of side effects may vary depending on the drug formulation (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

The side effects depend on the concentration of the active substance:

0.1 milligrams / milliliter
Very Common Side Effects:

Common side effects:
Pointed corneal inflammation, eye irritation, itching of the eyes, eyelash growth, eye pain, eyelid redness, eyelid itching, darkening of the skin, overhairing, irritation at the site of instillation.

Uncommon side effects:
blurred vision and vision, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, conjunctival swelling, iris discoloration, lid margin inflammation with loss of eyelashes, nausea, dry skin, encrustation on eyelid margin, eyelid swelling, itching.

Hypersensitivity reactions including signs of ocular allergy and allergic dermatitis, asthma, asthma worsening, COPD worsening, difficulty breathing, more intense iris color, retinal water retention (macular edema), darkening of eyelids, eyelid changes, including Deepening of the eyelid furrow and dry eye.

0.3 milligrams / milliliter
Very Common Side Effects:
Conjunctivitis, Eyes Itching, Eyelash Growth.

Common side effects:
headache, superficial corneal inflammation, corneal damage, eye burning, eye irritation, allergic conjunctivitis, Lidentzündung, deterioration of visual acuity, blurred vision and eye complaints, conjunctival swelling, foreign body sensation, dry eyes, eye pain, photophobia, tears of the eyes , Discharge from the eye, blurred vision, increased regeogenous colouration, darkening of the eyelashes, high blood pressure, eyelid redness, eyelid itching, dark skin around the eyes, abnormal liver function.

Uncommon side effects:
dizziness, retinal haemorrhage, inflammation of the eyeball, retention of water in the retina (macular edema), iris infection, eyelid cramp, eyelid evasion, redness around the eyes, nausea, eyelid swelling, over-hairiness, weakness. !!!

Hypersensitivity reactions including signs of eye allergy and allergic dermatitis, asthma, asthma worsening, COPD worsening, difficulty breathing.

Special features:
The changes in the color of the iris, the eyelashes or the skin around the eyes may sometimes be delayed and lasting. Treating only one eye may result in different coloration.

In areas where a solution of the active substance repeatedly comes into contact with the skin surface, there is a possibility of hair growth. Therefore, it is important to use medications with the drug only according to the instructions and to avoid that liquid runs over the cheek or other skin areas.

What interactions does bimatoprost show?

Please note that the interactions may vary depending on the drug formulation of a drug (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

If the active ingredient is used on the eye together with other similar substances (such as latanoprost, travoprost), the effect on intraocular pressure may be reduced.

Otherwise no further interactions are known.

Potential Lumigan side effects may include: