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  1. Kenneth R. Williams says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    have massive grand mal status attacks and have therefore keppra and valporat in the dosages 4000 mg keppra distributed on the day to 2 times 2 1000 mg tablets and 3 times a day 900 mg valporat, side effects are: morning tiredness, otherwise konzentrazionsschwäche, evening sleep disturbances and otherwise I feel like I’m dreaming all day and standing next to me

  2. Patsy M. Osborn says:
    4.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    I take the drug Keppra for 10 weeks, 1 tablet daily with 2 tablets. Mylepsinum, have been seizure-free since that day. I feel like newborn, or as before about 22 years ago when I was seizure-free. I am now 48 years old married with 2 healthy children. Since the age of 3 I suffer from epilepsy, have already taken several medications, but always the mylepsinum show no side effects with me. Until 10 weeks ago I took daily 2 Mylepsinum + 2 carbamazepine, which allegedly did not help after the blood I had 3-5 seizures in the winter up to 8. After 3 days of the change of carbamazepine to Keppra I already noticed tremendous effects and differences in my life. My concentration is back full again, the speech disorders are blown away, no forgetfulness, no more depredations, no drift and so on. However, I have to say that I can take the Keppra only at night before going to sleep, acts like a sleeping pill for me. Actually, I should take 4 Keppra + 2Mylepsinum daily after the doctor from Erlangen Hospital, which I did not want from the beginning (I was too much). So I took as usual in each case 1 tabl. in the morning and in the evening around 18 o’clock. I realized very quickly that I was always tired and could hardly do my housework. So I only hired myself for 1 Keppra night. Since that time I have seizure-free and overjoyed to get my life under control again. I advise each patient to discontinue the medicine carbamazepine. Above all, I advise the pharmaceutical industry to withdraw this drug because it causes more harm than good. Best regards Monika Baumann