Femara contraindications and warnings


The following provides information on contraindications to the use of letrozole in general, pregnancy, breastfeeding and children. Please note that the contraindications may vary depending on the dosage form of a drug (eg tablet, syringe, ointment).

When should Letrozole not be used?

Letrozole should not be used in women who are not yet menopausal or have a hormone equivalent in their blood. Letrozole would otherwise be ineffective.

Furthermore, the use of letrozole in hypersensitivity to the drug is prohibited.

In patients with hepatic impairment or renal impairment (creatinine clearance less than 30 milliliters / minute), the drug should only be used under medical supervision.

In patients with a history of osteoporosis or bone fractures, the physician must measure bone density before initiating treatment with the drug and continue to do so at regular intervals. If necessary, preventive measures must be taken or treatment of bone mass loss begun.

What should you watch out for during pregnancy and lactation?

An application of letrozole during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.

What should be considered in children?

The gift of letrozole to children is prohibited.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Because of the risk of bone loss from the treatment with the drug, the doctor may need to take measures to prevent osteoporosis, or if necessary, initiate therapy.
  • The drug must not be used before menopause.
  • Before taking the medicine, the doctor should measure bone density.
  • In patients with hepatic impairment, the doctor may need to reduce the dosage of the drug.
  • The drug may lead to false-positive results in doping controls.
  • When used properly, the drug may alter responsiveness to the extent that active participation in driving or operating machinery is dangerous. This applies even more in combination with alcohol.

Sometimes medications release allergic reactions.
If you notice any signs of allergic reaction, tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately.