Burn at the injection site effect of Enbrel

We have 75 consumer reports for Enbrel. Burn at the injection site effect occurred in 7%.

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  1. Raymond S. Crochet says:
    4.5 rating

    For 7 months after a long fight with the health insurance I take Enbrel with excellent effect. The massive inflammations have since been missed. The pain has decreased significantly and constant extreme tiredness has improved a lot. The only drawback is that Enbrel often burns when spraying. Blood levels are also in the normal range.

  2. Donald C. Clemens says:
    4.5 rating

    Enbrel for Psoriatic arthritis

    Have been trying for 6 years psoriatic arthritis us everything. Years of pain, especially at night. Daily 1 – 2 diclofenac with gastric protector and persistent lack of sleep. 3 weeks ago I got my first syringe Enbrel. After 2 hours I did not have any pain anymore and that has not changed until today. Also, the arthritis disappeared immediately. I can move normally again. I am very happy and hope that everything stays that way.

  3. Sheryl J. Hernandez says:
    3.5 rating

    Enbrel for Rheumatoid arthritis

    I’ve been taking Enbrel for 5 years now (with a low dose of 7.5 mg MTX / week) and I’m fine except for a few small relapses in between. The only thing that annoys me animal are the injection sites the next day. It gets hot, itches and swells really thick and it hurts and annoys when running. When spraying it burns animal, it costs great overcoming every week. And the doctors tolerate it and only think that one should not complain.