About Diazepam

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About Diazepam

Diazepam is used in acute and chronic tension and agitation (nervousness) and anxiety disorders. Diazepam can not be used to treat the root causes of such disorders, but only to alleviate the symptoms. Diazepam is also injected in acute and very severe states of anxiety, excitement, tension and restlessness such as a heart attack.

What is the purpose of this ingredient?

  • Resolve restlessness, anxiety and tension
  • Release muscle tension
  • Promote falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Restrict awareness
  • Damping over-excitability in the body
  • treat childhood febrile seizures

This is how Diazepam works

Below you will learn more about the fields of application and the mode of action of Diazepam.
Please also read the information on the drug classes benzodiazepines, antiepileptics, hypnotics, to which the active ingredient diazepam belongs.

Areas of application of the active substance diazepam

Diazepam is used in acute and chronic tension and agitation (nervousness) and anxiety disorders. Diazepam can not be used to treat the root causes of such disorders, but only to alleviate the symptoms. Diazepam is also injected in acute and very severe states of anxiety, excitement, tension and restlessness such as a heart attack.

The use of diazepam in sleep disorders is only justified if at the same time a calming and relaxing effect during the day is desired.

As an injection solution, diazepam is used to prepare for surgery for its soothing and sleep-inducing properties. Similarly, its muscle-relaxing properties are used prior to surgical and diagnostic procedures (for example, endoscopy).

Diazepam is used as an emergency medication to treat a major epileptic seizure and as a preventive measure to prevent grand mal seizures if signs of it are evident. In children, diazepam is a drug of choice for fever cramps. It is usually administered as a rectal solution (via the rectum) in such a case.

Diazepam continues to be used in severe muscle cramps. A special field of application here is tetanus intoxication.

For the following application areas of Diazepam , in-depth information is available:

  • anxiety disorders
  • nervous
  • epilepsies
  • fever
  • sleep

Action of Diazepam

Diazepam belongs to the drug group of benzodiazepines. It binds in the brain to the receptors that specialize in this substance group. This binding enhances the inhibitory effect of the messenger GABA on different associations of nerve nodes. In this way, Diazepam has an effect that reduces tension, excitement and anxiety as well as calming and inducing sleep. In addition, it can reduce the muscle tension and reduce the tendency to epileptic spasms or to interrupt such convulsions. Respiration and circulation are not or only slightly influenced by the usual dosages of diazepam. However, too fast an injection can sometimes lead to respiratory arrest. The action of benzodiazepines, including diazepam, can be reversed by substances that have the opposite effect, such as flumazenil.

Diazepam is absorbed into the body within one hour of ingestion and injection into a muscle. When injected into the vein, the effect begins in the brain after one minute. The liver mainly metabolizes diazepam into the three so-called metabolites nordiazepam, temazepam and oxazepam. Like diazepam, these three can pass through the blood-brain barrier into the brain and through the protective mother cake and can also be found in breast milk.

Nordiazepam, temazepam and oxazepam work longer than diazepam and are responsible for fatigue the next day after diazepam intake. They are also used as independent active ingredients.

Potential Diazepam side effects may include:

Diazepam used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Jeffery K. Stewart says:
    3.5 rating

    Diazepam for Alcohol addiction

    I got diazepam in hospital to control the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction. The medi worked very well, after 2 days it was discontinued

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Herbert G. Battles says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Alcohol addiction

    was detoxified with diazepam 10 times within 12 months. was then dependent on diazepam. and therefore had to be weaned again 17 days from the diazepan stationary. That went relatively well. have not had any problems since then,

    Side effects: Dependence
  3. Clarence E. Hanna says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Investigated

    I take all these medicines so that I can live reasonably well again. I would not recommend SUBUTEX or Diazepam to anyone who is not specifically prescribed it by the doctor. I got this ducrh my politoxicomania, caused by years of physical and mental ill-treatment, and by multiple postraumatic stress disorder..I helped the lyrics and the baclofon when I had withdrawn from Subutex and Diazepam..Was, however, by my psychosomatic disorders Since the withdrawal, I have to take this lyrics and baclofen, in addition, since I suffer from mood swings since the withdrawal, and by this withdrawal into a psychichen and physical stress, because I myself an excessive pressure had, because I absolutely wanted to make it .. However, even in a burnout syndrome slipped, which proved to be true hell .. Overall, I can only say that I tolerate all drugs, well, except the Lyrica, of which I actually Should take 225mg a day, but only 75mg to take me, otherwise I have too high water retention, and completely dur be together …

  4. Juan E. Leavitt says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello. I took diazepam 200 mg (psychotic schizophrenia) from 2006 – 2009. I’ve never had much left for such medicines, but was virtually forced to increase this one. the time had been really very bad for me. i was constantly dizzy, slept more than usual, i was awake for maybe 24 hours out of 24 hours and spent the rest of the time in bed. I could not go out because I just did not have the strength. I could not articulate correctly and had no desire for nothing. I literally became a nursing case for my wife and the relationship lost so much in everything. When I finally understood after a long time what happened to me, I told my doctor that I no longer want to take the drug and that I no longer have the joy of life. and zack, I should take something else against depression. I told my doctor again and again that I’m not feeling well with diazepam, but no reaction on his part! I was just a madman for him. at least he gave me the feeling. He did not take me seriously and did not respond to me. I had to change the doctor 3 times to get to one of me also to hear! I slowed down the medicine under medical supervision and after a month felt clearly how I felt better! but what hats helped ?? no idea. I weighed 90 kg before diazepam. after that it was 125 kg. many of my memories are as deleted and until today 2011 not back gekert. if you ask me: hey, do you still remember how we do this and that? no, sorry can not remember. sometimes i really do not know how old i am right now. I got stuck on age 25 when I spontaneously answer the question. But that was me 6 years ago 🙂 you agree with me an appointment. If I have not forgotten him in 5 minutes, I’m sure that I will not know it in 15 minutes at the latest. very often spoke mistakes or say things that I did not want to say! sleep disorders that are so bad that I’m really mistaken! I can work all day (6am – 5pm) and drive + 2 hours and just can not sleep. Although I am tired dogs, but only lying in bed for hours. that is very bad, I tell you! diazepam has destroyed a lot in my life. After diazepam, I lost 20 kg within 7 months and am better again in life (without diazepam).

  5. Johnny M. Moser says:
    3.0 rating

    Diazepam AbZ ampoules to 2ml / 10mg. At nineteen I moved further and further away from the outside world and isolated myself continuously, did not have a single friend in the end. I started thinking about suicide on a daily basis and made 7 attempts. The reasons for this are in my childhood, but I do not want to go into it now. Diazepam saved me from suicide. If I have an anxiety attack again, I take an ampoule, break it open and draw 1ml / 5mg in a 2ml syringe and mix with water for injections. Since I’m not afraid of needles and I.V. lower doses are needed than oral I inject my Valium and I come out with about 1 ampoule (ie 10mg) for 2 days. I’m not tired, but after 2 months was quite impotent, which I now fight successfully with coffee. I drink almost no alcohol and I feel really good. The courage to return gradually returned and I am optimistic about the future. Valium is in my opinion one of the best drugs to fight anxiety and panic attacks with Lyrica and Paroxetine. Jonah

    Side effects: Listlessness
  6. Angelina J. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Sleep disorders

    I’m taking 40 !! Years different sleeping pills, in former times Phanodorm, Veronal, Mandrax, Luminal. Since there are no more barbiturates, unless on special prescription, I take diazepam, (Valium) every night 10 mg. I think it’s more of a mental issue that I can sleep with it, because usually the body has gotten used to it. Sometimes I sleep well, (5 hours) sometimes less. I have resigned myself, and I know that it depends on the particular form of the day or mood, how I sleep. Side effects are sometimes a slight wavering while walking. But that should probably be normal after so many years of taking. If I do not get to sleep, I get up immediately and read tired. This works mostly.

    Side effects: Gang uncertainty
  7. Jared K. Allen says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (acute); Epilepsy

    I have received Tegretal since 2005 because of a seizure disorder (epilepsy, type Grand mal). The drug was slowly metered into my clinic. After 6 years of taking it I was able to observe more and more side effects on me, ranging from dizziness to dizziness and gait disturbances. Diazepam was dosed to me 16 years ago after I was in sudden anxiety, unable to leave my apartment. Since Diazepam like all drugs from the Benzodiazepingruppe a very high mental and physical dependence potential, I decided in 2007 to detoxify in the clinic with another drug (Atosil / drug: prometazine) and a psychotherapy to get this suffering under control. Unfortunately, my intention has not borne fruit, so that I have at least a little quality of life to keep (my everyday life can accomplish alone), have resorted to diazepam again. So far, all other attempts to treat my anxiety disorder have failed. There were u.a. SSRIs and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors were used but did not produce the desired effect. I receive Tilidine Comp because of 3 inoperable herniated discs in the LWS area. However, I take this drug only if the pain becomes unbearable and Novaminsulfon does not show sufficient relief. A longer lasting use of Tilidine Comp I avoid because of the existing dependency potential. I strive as far as possible to limit the revenue to just a few days.

  8. Roger L. Godfrey says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (back); Sleep disorders

    Diazepam: I started taking diazepam because I was feeling restless and anxious. At first it was great. However, after years of taking not more like at first, it no longer worked in a new anxiety attack. I had to overcome everything myself – headache. Whether it is degraded faster in smokers, I can not say. All I know is that in the last few years I have taken 20-100mg every 2-4 days. In part, I think that I just wanted to rest and the high dose was not necessary. Side effects I had / felt like this: lethargic, mood swings, loss of libido – but no total loss, loss of interest. Now I have not taken anything for 200 hours. The side effects became uncomfortable for me. I feel everything on the body tingling, changes in taste, difficulty falling asleep, motor skills when very inaccurate, even back pain. In general, my sense of touch is disturbed. So I took 10mg after the first weaning and am disappointed that I could not keep it up, but I keep going so I only took 10mg. Let’s see how it goes on. Morphine and Morphine Retard: 20 years ago I got morphine vials of 20mg and later morphine retard tablets of 100mg. Initially, I injected morphine daily 80-140mg then I got from my doctor 100mg Tabl. 3 times a day 100mg there with me after 8h. the effect wore off. I have to say that morphine helps a lot but after years you have to increase the daily dose otherwise it only helps to a limited extent. Side effects: Definitely constipation but bearable by the doctor. Otherwise, I do not know if the other side effects come from diazepam. Hydromorphone: taking 16mg 3 times a day. Slight improvement in pain. Side effects: constipation.

  9. Beverly R. Silcox says:
    3.5 rating

    The diazepam I take to the night, and it is very good at anxiety and panic attacks, leir makes it dependent in the long run. With the Cerazete pill I am supe ufriedn.Sie has shown no side effects to me so far. Did not increase, except Libido loss ,that’s a disadvantage.

    Side effects: Libido loss; Dependence
  10. Tom G. Wilkes says:
    3.5 rating

    Diazepam for Depression

    I have been taking Vadoxan for 7 days now. The side effects have begun with real nightmares to anxiety. But this is less common, the anxiety has worsened. But I notice myself that I’m getting calmer the day. At night I also take a diazepam, so that I can sleep well. So if the effect gets even better during the day, then I can only recommend it.

    Side effects: Anxiety states
  11. Lisa R. Hinson says:
    2.0 rating

    I use Diazepam if necessary with excessive spasticity. Then 2.5 mg (= 5 drops) are sufficient to calm the spasticity. As side effects occur: slight concentration disorder, dry mouth.

  12. Mary G. Carter says:
    3.5 rating

    Diazepam for Epilepsy; Investigated

    With all those medications, I was constantly (after prolonged intake) loosely unfocused, unworldly, with other words stoned, with depris, demanding more, since it no longer worked. Thus, I have overdosed the medication, and then of course have the receipt for it DETERMINATION, and not just one. Shivering does not freeze hungry water storage 980 GGt

  13. Melba W. Hill says:
    3.5 rating

    Diazepam for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    Starting with 5 mg, then constant dose increase was necessary to achieve a desired calming effect. Side effects: impaired vision and memory, mood swings and increased nocturnal waking, as well as strong nightmares. Restlessness during the day. After 8 years of withdrawal made – I would like to recommend None!

  14. Chad P. Cheesman says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Psychosis; Sleep disorders

    I take Abilify since it came to Germany in the market since 2004. I have all neuroleptics through and suffered by strong overweight of Leponex and Zyprexa a heart attack at 24 years. Suffer from muscle atrophy from neuroleptics. This means my heart muscle value ck mb and ck are increased by 30- 50 times when I take another neuroleptics. I had to spend 1 year every day in the psychiatric blood checks to find out which neuroleptics makes any of these muscle increases. The only one was Abilify. The rest could have devastating consequences. I need someone with a lot of experience because I’m at a loss. With Abilify I had strong restlessness, fears, sleep disturbances. Yes, even the sexual behavior became stronger, which actually makes me happy because all other neuroleptics made me impotent. Insofar I am glad that I may have sex again. Nevertheless, Abilify is not the solution. I could not stand the side effect, so I took benzos, that is diazepam. The fears disappeared, the restlessness and I could sleep. Meanwhile, I take 20 mg diazepam a day and it does not work properly anymore. I know that it makes you addicted, but I have not endured the conditions of Abilify. By taking Diazepam for years I feel like I’m in the head. Totally shielded and slowly I feel like dumb. I can not think correctly anymore, but that also happened with abilify. I can not take any other medication due to my heart attack and my muscle increases. It’s like a vicious circle, I can not get out of it. I am now psychosis free for 5 years and do not want to go back to the clinic just to test what suits me. I am already experienced. I would prefer to withdraw the diazepam and completely depose neuroleptics, and then just live again. There is still a difficult road ahead of me. I can tell anyone to take Benzos only on time that means as long as necessary, which does not make it dependent. And if you do not agree abilify others try to stay stable.

  15. Samuel M. Gibson says:
    2.0 rating

    Diazepam for Epilepsy

    restlessness instead of sedation in a seizure, ie. wrong reaction

    Side effects: Unrest
  16. Johnny G. Eubanks says:
    2.0 rating

    Diazepam for Sleep disorders

    I got prescribed diazepam to combat the side effects of fluvoxamine (especially insomnia). My tip: Never take a drug to fight the side effects of another. As side effects of Diazepam, I experienced: * irritability * cravings * depressive states (although I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but never depression, it must come from this drug) Diazepam can become addictive in a very short time. That should be noted.

    Side effects: Depressions
  17. Kim A. Oubre says:
    2.5 rating

    Diazepam for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Sleep disorders

    *** General *** Diazepam is a benzodiazepine. It is used for epileptic seizures, sleeping pills and anxiety. In addition, some physicians prescribe it against symptoms of PTSD (such as over-excitability). That is controversial. Be careful, if you take birth control pills: Diazepam may limit the effect of the pill. So in this case additionally use a condom !!! Diazepam should only be taken as short as possible because it can make you dependent. *** My personal experiences *** Unfortunately, I can not report much good. This medicine did not work very well for me. I got a headache and felt dizzy and depressed. Ravenous hunger attacks were added. I changed the doctor after this experience, and my new doctor told me that he considers diazepam inappropriate in post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Side effects: Depressions; Dizziness; Headache
  18. Daniel D. Defalco says:
    3.0 rating

    I take citalopram and diazepam for the treatment of panic attacks / anxiety. Citalopram is used as a long-term drug, diazepam as an adjunct drug for acute cases. This is my second time on this medication. As side effects of citalopram, I have found: – increased perspiration – significantly varying sexual excitability – fatigue, which is exacerbated in depressive episodes – decrease in inhibitions, which is reflected for example. When you drink alcohol, especially at the beginning of the medication, you may start to feel light-headed, tired, confused – after (gradual) withdrawal, you will be normalized within a few weeks (at least that’s how it is with me), but this transition is currently. not easy to accept because of inexplicable rages and the like. In a certain way, you come back to yourself, but over corners and edges. Otherwise, citalopram has a stabilizing effect. If I experience stronger attacks of hyperventilation or an anxiety state, then I have to use diazepam – the dosage varies according to severity. As a side effect of Diazepam, I can list no other than the inner contentment to the effect of the drug (-> almost addictive). The drug works reliably, is quite well tolerated, but should not be used for nothing – otherwise it may just be too good to treat acute situations with only diazepam, which offers the drug even in less acute situations. So a little caution is not wrong when dealing with Diazepam.