About Diamox

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About Diamox

Manufacturer: Goldshield Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
active ingredient: acetazolamide

dosage form: tablet



Diamox contains the active substance acetazolamide.

Acetazolamide is mainly used for the treatment of high intraocular pressure (cataract), especially in acute cases. It is given together with other active ingredients, such as beta-blockers or mannitol infusions.

Acetazolamide can also be used to treat certain symptoms of altitude sickness, which can occur due to low air pressure at altitudes of 2,000 meters or more. It can also be used in Meniere’s disease.

Because of its antispasmodic effect acetazolamide is used in epilepsy. It has been observed that the number of epileptic seizures can be reduced by acetazolamide.

Acetazolamide is hardly used today as a diuretic in water retention in the tissue (edema).

For the following application areas of Acetazolamide , in-depth information is available:

  • Green Star
  • epilepsies
  • Water retention in tissue (edema)
  • Meniere’s Disease

Areas of application according to the manufacturer’s instructions

  • green star
  • Water retention in tissues of various causes, including those in brain tissue
  • inadequate respiration with hyperacidity of the blood
  • Epilepsy
  • Meniere’s disease (a disease of the ear and the organ of balance in the ear)


For acute intraocular pressure elevation (acute glaucoma), 500 mg (2 tablets) should be given once and then the therapy should be continued with 125 to 250 milligrams (1/2 to 1 tablet) every 4 hours.
If Diamox is taken for the treatment of glaucoma, the starting dose is two tablets, followed by one quarter tablet every four hours. For long-term treatment, the dose is between one-half and two tablets daily. For long-term therapy, 250 milligrams (1 tablet) are taken twice a day. This can be increased in case of poor response to 2 times 500 milligrams (1 prolonged-release tablet).

When using Diamox for water retention, adults should take 1 to 1 1/2 tablets once daily in the morning. However, the best water outflow is achieved with a two-day intake of 250 to 375 milligrams of acetazolamide in the morning and then a day off.

Pack size & amp; Prices

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Other ingredients

The following non-active ingredients are included in the medicine:

  • magnesium
  • cornstarch
  • calcium hydrogen phosphate
  • sodium salt
  • Poly (O-carboxymethyl) starch

Potential Diamox side effects may include:

Diamox used to treat the following diseases:

  1. Amy J. McDonald says:
    1.5 rating

    Diamox for Pseudotumor cerebri

    Tingling in the feet, since taking only low-carbon drinks,

    Side effects: Tingle
  2. Bruce M. Cato says:
    5.0 rating

    For years, I have taken Timonil and, more recently, Diamox. (Years are estimated;)) In my opinion, it was still a bit better with the use of Diamox, i. my seizures decreased. However, the side effects have also worsened a bit. In cold weather, I have to fight on the face with strong tingling and rarely occurs numbness in the left arm (and only in the left arm) up to cramping of the left hand Otherwise, I only have a slightly elevated liver value (gamma gt was called the belief I)

    Side effects: Tingle
  3. Walter M. Moody says:
    3.5 rating

    tingling in hands, feet, partial head, diarrhea, decline in performance, fatigue, loss of appetite