Cymbalta for Disc prolapse treatment

We have 739 consumer reports for treatment of Disc prolapse with Cymbalta. Disc prolapse used in 0% of cases.

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  1. Bradley B. Golden says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Disc prolapse

    Hello, I’ve had more or less pain in LWS 4/5 for years. The BS is degenerated osteochondrotic and reduced in height. Intraspinal cervical sclerosis. I will with o. A. Means treated, with more or less success, depending on the workload. Side effects include, fatigue, mild dizziness. Who has similar problems? Greeting Josef

    Side effects: Dizziness; Fatigue
  2. Cecil E. Klein says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Disc prolapse

    Hello sufferers and willing to settle, I’m not the Depri freak and not the pain expert par excellence. For fellow sufferers I want to describe why and how I like the 3 o. G. Discontinued medications without substitution and in case of neuropathic pain (Spondylarthrosis Chronified Stage III) BS 3/4 and 4/5 – dormant incident – clear. After severe pain and myelography, I was not operated on, but switched from an orthopedist to a pain center. There, without ever having had any serious depression, I got Cymbalta 30 to set up and then Cymbalta 60 in the morning, and Tiidin 50/4 twice daily and Katadolon Long in the evening. Although the pain got better, but I always felt tired, dizzy, had nightmares and overall, I stood slightly next to me, although I had full work, drive a car, etc. In addition, I lost 15 kg in the first 4 months, so my Family doctor has already done some tests for lung cancer, but not confirmed. The radiologist then said that weight loss would be due to tilidine, as this would make it nauseating. I had repeatedly asked the attending physician in the pain therapy at least to sell Tilidin and Cymbalta. She did not agree and became angry. In August 2008, I asked this strange doctor the liability issue, if I get involved in an accident. She then offered me Juristra (or similar written) as a substitute. I skimmed the leaflet and returned the box to her. About her chief physician, I then first forced the discontinuation of tilidine. It worked from 2 to 1 tablet and 0 in 3 days and I already felt better and started to gain weight again. 6 weeks ago I dropped off Katadolon overnight without any lasting consequences. The doctor went to another clinic in October (thank god) and I started selling Cymbalta in November. One week Cymbalta 30, in the second and third week Cymbalta 30 every other day and for a few weeks I am drug-free and take occasionally (once a week, if I can not help it) a Voltaren 75 Resinat and that helps better than the other nonsense together , For creatinine values of 1.1 to max. 1,2 is not a problem for the kidneys. The withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta (allegedly also as a neuropathic painkiller also suitable for non-diabetics) were hell. When I first turned my head, my surroundings raced after me. That went away then. Then I got ear pickers under light load and running a kind of punches in my head, as if I was on a stun gun, or intermittently on an ignition cable. At night I woke up to nightmares with tachycardia (with otherwise good constitution) and was bathed in sweat. In addition, I heard in the wachtraum / half-dream phones ringing or the like, which were never there. I ignored all this, continued to work, and for a few weeks I have been clean without any deprecation. I enjoy driving again and my memory became normal again. I also have my normal weight back and can give jackets and tight-fitting shirts. I also did not know that Cymbalta was given for Boderline Syndrome and had learned it accidentally by an affected person, which I made the erstbehandelten doctor severest allegations, almost up to criminal charges. I am now with her by an experienced colleague and every 3 weeks I have injections in my back, which I find to be helpful. I would never again take Cymbalta and Tilidine only in the most extreme emergency for a few days. Many greetings, Arno45