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We have 607 consumer reports for treatment of Kieferosteomyelitis with Clindamycin. Kieferosteomyelitis used in 3% of cases.

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  1. Michael M. Ackley says:
    3.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferosteomyelitis

    Have these AB due to a jaw root inflammation get. Already on the first day I realized that the side effects are enormous. Fever up to 39 degrees, hypertension, resting heart rate above 100, extreme headache. Stomach cramps, difficulty sleeping due to high blood pressure. I also had an extremely dry mouth. Only let himself be done with a lot of drinking. The AB works well, but the side effects are enormous.

    Side effects: Mouth dryness; Stomach cramps
  2. Christina W. Basso says:
    3.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferosteomyelitis

    Oh man, you were all faster than me and I thought I imagine all the symptoms that occur in a side effect .. Since I have a fat inflammation in the lower jaw, this dragging around longer with me, 3 teeth broken .. Now take this clindamycin 600 a week! every day 3 pieces! After the first diarrhea (thought I have a gastrointestinal flu again), but it is short and violent, then rest again for hours .. I have since extreme syndrome, on the scalp an itchy spotty rash with crust, dizziness can also me confirm .. Is very uncomfortable everything, this disgusting taste in the mouth I have too .. So everything sums up, I’m glad if the week is around .. I get in between real fears of death, because the symptoms schonmal extremely aussläagen.

  3. Nikia M. Aguilar says:
    4.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferosteomyelitis

    I had tooth root inflammation in the lower jaw, which was treated with isocillin 1.2 mega. The treatment did not cure and the infection penetrated the jawbone. The dentist prescribed clindamycin 600. The remedy worked very fast. On the third day of taking it, I got pain in the whole digestive system; My stomach was extremely bloated. One day after stopping the medication, I got itchy, red pustules on the forearm inside, as well as itching on the neck and upper body. The next day these side effects were gone. Vaginal discharge was also added. Overall, I did not feel well at all. I now take capsules to build up the intestinal flora and vaginal suppositories. Today, on the sixth day after stopping taking the intestine is still not quite ok, the discharge is still there.

    Side effects: Malaise; Stomach pain
  4. Anthony R. Person says:
    3.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferosteomyelitis

    Cardiac arrhythmia, burning on the chest, chest pain, fatigue, high blood pressure

    Side effects: Breast pain; Fatigue
  5. Tiffany C. Thomas says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferosteomyelitis

    On the occasion of a jawbone inflammation and Kiefervereiterung I should over 12 days 12 tablets Clindamycin ratiopharm 600 mg take, of which I did not get the last down. Through this drug, I was totally apathetic, could not eat or drink, had strong diarrhea, constantly had to choke and even talking was difficult, until two friends brought me to the emergency service outpatient clinic, where I was first hung on the drip. Reactions: Diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, apathy, weight loss (12kg), stomach ache, abdominal cramps, extreme headache, against which migraine is a walk, disturbed intestinal flora, abdominal pain, tremor, pain in the intestinal area, abdominal cramps, fatigue, weakness, convulsions, Suicidal thoughts, gastrointestinal upset, drowsiness, loss of appetite I took Clinda 600 in early June and am still ill today (late September), often vomiting and having diarrhea and stomach / abdominal and intestinal pain and (star-ke) headache as well as loss of appetite, side-effects, which only now begin to slowly fade away. I am still sick again and again, but in between I went to work very ill. The diarrhea is still going on and only after weaning particularly bad (like all side effects). I am afraid that permanent damage was caused. My dentist did not want to give me that stuff because he said it could be deadly. He knew about a case of a young man from America. It was prescribed to me in a jaw clinic, since it was absolutely necessary, otherwise I could have died of jawbone / inflammation.