Clindamycin for Kieferabszess treatment

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  1. Roger V. Crawford says:
    4.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferabszess

    About a year ago I got a clindamycin ointment wg. Get prescribed skin disorders. On the third day, swelling of the face as well as untreated ears started with extreme itching. After immediate discontinuation, it took about 4-5 days until the o.a. Symptoms are slowly subsiding. Due to acute jaw inflammation (+ OP) I received clindamycin in tablet form. The described symptoms appeared in extreme form already after one day, with heavy swelling of the face, the ears, the nose as well as extreme itching at these places, the palms (with small nodules) as well as at various other parts of the body. Striking also deeply dark circles under the eyes. After immediate discontinuation, the symptoms recede unpleasantly slowly. Wg. Clear visibility, I had to take my time off and first cure myself at home (bunker). For me, clindamycin is obviously completely incompatible. Since preventive after Kiefer-OP verbreichen, can be made about the effectiveness no statement.

    Side effects: Allergic reaction
  2. Wendy S. Vanzant says:
    3.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferabszess

    After 1 day already hives all over the body and after taking the fever rises rapidly on38.5 burn in the stomach and later in the gut generally feel very uncomfortable

  3. Judith R. Cope says:
    4.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Kieferabszess

    I got inflammation in the jaw cavity after a tooth extraction, the dentist prescribed clindamycin for me. Immediately at the beginning of the treatment, I noticed changes in taste, everything tasted only bitter; a day later, on the second day of treatment my tongue began to burn, was red and inflamed. My dentist, who pointed out the side effects, said that it did not come from the drug

    Side effects: Tongue burn; Taste changes