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  1. Elsie T. Stanford says:
    3.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Lymph node inflammation

    First days very bitter, unpleasant taste in the mouth. From the 4th day less, but then burn in the throat. First 3 days of ingestion fatigue and lethargy, mild headache. Fortunately, I could not pinpoint the gastrointestinal side effects.

    Side effects: Bitter taste; Headache; Fatigue
  2. Jeff N. Macdougall says:
    3.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Laryngitis

    So I got the medicine prescribed for laryngitis. The bitter taste in the mouth came on the second day. He is very metallic and if I do not drink for a long time, I get an extremely pappigen mouth and the taste gets worse. Also, the bowel movement is more common. I always get a headache for the evening. (Taking 12:00 and 24:00 clock) in the first days of severe fatigue and listless without end. I definitely do not want to have to take it again!

    Side effects: Bitter taste; Headache; Fatigue
  3. Desiree G. Schmidt says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Pain (acute)

    Hello, clindamycin was also prescribed by the dentist after a root tip treatment. The tissue was inflamed. I have an extremely bitter taste in my mouth that is clearly not due to reflux. The taste is suddenly in the entire oral cavity and on the tongue. In between, the bitterness diminishes, until the second taking of the aromatic, then the bad taste comes back. Super disgusting. My stomach / gut grumbles since the second tablet intake and sometimes I have severe stomach pain. I have never been hypersensitive to stomach, only since taking this drug. I am unbearably tired and I have to sleep in between, otherwise I can not do the rest of the day. Partly I have extreme heart racing. Fortunately, I only have two tablets to take. That was also the first and last time that I accepted this antibiotic for me. The only advantage is that I have to use clindamycin only twice a day. Appeal to the dentists and especially the manufacturer: Do not prescribe this antibiotic until the side effects have been resolved in this violent form. There are other, far more compatible products, which should also be possible with Clindamyzin.

  4. Suzanne G. Jones says:
    3.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Bacterial infection

    I would recommend anyone to take the drug only if there is a severe inflammation / infection and really no effective alternative is available, otherwise it may happen that after taking it is sicker than before. I myself had to struggle while taking with heavy fatigue, headache, bitter taste in the mouth and nausea, shortly after stopping the intake I got heartburn and a severe gastric mucosal inflammation, despite high-dose acid blocker until today (5 weeks after) not really subsided is. If you do not get around, I recommend taking probiotic yoghurt and / or omniflora (intestinal bacteria) capsules while taking it. Fortunately, I did not get diarrhea, possibly because of that.

    Side effects: Bitter taste; Headache; Fatigue
  5. Tracy E. Shim says:
    2.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Dental inflammation

    Bitter taste after taking for about 2 hours. Listlessness, fatigue, constantly tired, body aches. Started everything after taking the second tablet and is getting worse from tablet to tablet. The symptoms of the tooth are gone, but now I just feel like shit. Sorry is that way

  6. Lynn L. Fishman says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Dental inflammation

    Got clindamycin 600 mg because of a wisdom tooth inflammation and the resulting jaw clamp. On the first day I had bad head pressure and my forehead pulled so. It felt like I was constantly frowning but it was quite flat and normal as always. The effectiveness of the drug takes time, which comes only on the third day. The worst was the taste in the mouth! Such a poisonous bitter taste as if I had eaten a felt-tip pen or something: S I even woke up from it at night and went into the bathroom and had to rinse my mouth with water which hardly brings anything. What I still had were body aches and stabbing back pain and my foot itched so much …. Besides, I was often very upset ..high so to speak: D that was of course what bothered me the least;) I would not use this antibiotic want to take again …

    Side effects: Members hurt; Bitter taste
  7. Allan L. Jones says:
    4.0 rating

    4 days. Drug administration in a root canal treatment. Strong heartburn, bitter taste persists even though Med has been discontinued for 10 days, taste change, Magenbeschw., Headache, sweating, dizziness, insomnia, documented thick tongue, I have repealed the pack, I do not take this antibiotic again under any circumstances will take me. C E I N E W E I T E R E M E N G L E N G F E N G E R E N G S

  8. Theodore J. Thomas says:
    3.5 rating

    Dose 3x600mg per day: Side effects after the 2nd day of intake such as stomach – head-back pain.A week after taking the last tablet still extremely variable blood pressure, from palpitations 180-100 to total fatigue, dizziness occurred at 110-60. During the night, until a week after taking the last tablet, the whole movement aperitif especially the cross hurt me terribly. Despite good efficacy, I would stop taking this antibiotic. The extremely bitter taste is still present day and night. You get really depressed. I just kept it up, because I wanted to make sure that there were no complications during the root canal treatment on the whisket tooth.

  9. Patrick S. Collison says:
    3.0 rating

    Apart from the sometimes bitter taste in the mouth, a stomach waning at the end of the treatment, a lack of appetite and a soft stool, there were no problems. Have taken on the 4th day accompanying Perenterol Forte.

  10. Rene W. Meza says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Abscess

    I got clindamycin 600 because of an abdominal joke and was so excited that as a hypochondriac I could not stop googling for my experience. After reading a few, I really wondered if I would rather run around with an abscess, especially as I generally have a sensitive stomach and are prone to allergies. But the pain was really nasty and I thought, at least I try – and, what can I say – except for the much reported bitter taste in the mouth and a little softer stool, I have not only no other side effects, but also a quick recovery can. After discontinuing the antibiotic, my digestion quickly normalized and the bitter taste is gone, I did not suffer from rash or other discomfort.

    Side effects: Stuhlerweichung; Bitter taste
  11. Leroy Z. Berry says:
    4.5 rating

    Clindamycin for Dental inflammation

    Dentist prescription for root canal treatment / inflammation above the tooth. From the 3rd day of taking rash and pustules. Bitter taste and dizziness / circulatory problem was added. From the 4th day of taking abdominal cramps and dark diarrhea. On the 6th day the tongue turned black and I got well-founded fear. My dentist decided to stop immediately! Why is one prescribing such a drug in the 67% negative reviews in the forums? My dentist advised me not to prescribe the cheap junk anymore. I will keep the package leaflet well and pay attention to possible consequential damages; but with the hope that the concomitant symptoms gradually improve.

  12. Simona W. Ensminger says:
    4.5 rating

    Immediately after taking the first tablet, there was a nasty bitter taste in the mouth that lasted many hours. I should take the drug twice a day for two weeks. On the second day, the unbearable taste persisted until it was time for the next tablet. The taste was especially unbearable at night. I could only doze with lollipops of sugarless throat drops. Every day it got worse and also my skin infection (which it was supposed to work against) got worse, it itched like crazy and it got inflamed. My mouth, v. A. my lips began to burn horribly and there was an unpleasant, dry feeling in my mouth. I did not want to stop the antibiotic treatment, but on the 6th day I could not stand it anymore. It was unbearable and I was sick of the ever-bitter taste, and I had a headache. I called my doctor and stopped the medication. It is now 5 days ago, but the symptoms continue. My mouth is burning like fire, my lips are sore and rough, all bright red. According to the reports here, it does not seem to be an isolated case. I think the drug was checked again and possibly taken from the market!

    Side effects: Bitter taste
  13. Polly C. Brown says:
    4.5 rating

    In the guidelines for the treatment of acne inversa of the German Dermatological Society, the combination of the two antibiotics clindamycin (clindamycin hydrochloride) and rifoldin (active ingredient rifampicin) is recommended as a first-line drug therapy – over a period of 10-12 weeks. Breast pain, burning in the throat and the feeling that the air becomes scarce 24 hours after the first intake. GP made ECG, sent me to the emergency room, where the other ECGs and the heart enzymes were alright. Continuation of the medication. A day later bitter taste in the mouth and itching all over. Recurring tightness, chest pain and related problems to find sleep. Today, fifth day, because of a further increase in the itching, which wanders over the body, but is now also permanent in the face and has also caught the eyes, back to the doctor. Diagnosis: allergic reaction, discontinuation of medication and antihistamine.

    Side effects: Breast pain; Itching; Bitter taste
  14. Julia R. King says:
    4.0 rating

    Clindamycin for Tonsillitis

    After my doctor prescribed me this reserve antibiotic (Clindasol 600mg), because my tonsillitis had progressed so much, I was looking for shortly after reports on this drug and was shocked at the many negative reports with very strong side effects. At least I knew then, when with me all the alarm bells were to shrill. For 10 days I had to swallow one tablet every 8 hours. Very important: during a meal. But what I took preventively were tablets with intestinal bacteria, which helped me a lot. The tablet is really bitter, unless you swallow it very quickly. In the first days, I also had a slightly bitter taste in the morning, but not bad. Above all, I soon recovered. My pain had almost disappeared on the third day. The swelling went back. The white coating on my tongue went away. And I did not get, as I otherwise had at Antibitoka equal time a new strange coating or fungal attack in the mouth. Everything great. In the first few days, I ate a meal in the form of baby food. So, nothing spicy, salty or hot food or what could eat your stomach. I also got a slightly softer stool but no diarrhea. No headache or rash or anything else. My bladder was a bit ragged. At the beginning of the year I had a BE. But fortunately no inflammation has come of it now. And I will strengthen my vaginal milieu somewhat with lactic acid bacteria. Although I did not get any symptoms of an acute fungal infection, it seems a bit weakened and irritated down there. I perfectly tolerated the drug. Better than some other antibiotic and do not know if I was just lucky or write only people with bad experiences here. In any case, I would give the drug a chance and be very careful about how the body reacts. If it works, it’s really a blessing!

    Side effects: Bitter taste