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  1. Daisy D. Reddin says:
    5.0 rating

    Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a recurrent major major depression with panic disorder. My neurologist prescribed Citalopram 20mg for me at that time. Approximately one month later, the dose was increased to 40mg. The mood-enhancing effect was not long in coming. I noticed a significant increase in drive. Even the panic attacks were gradually less until they were finally completely gone. Even after the failure of a long-term relationship, the depression did not return. Now I’m feeling great again and a few months ago, after consulting with my neurologist, I tried to gradually eliminate the drug, but soon realized that the panic attacks were coming back. I will probably have to take this medicine for a lifetime, but since I get along with it very well, I have no problems with it. Side effects: The first 2 days I had diarrhea and about 4 weeks I had almost no appetite, so I lost about 5 kg in this time. The first few days I also noticed dry mouth and increased sweating, but this subsided relatively quickly. However, I can not find a loss of libido with me at all. Finally, I can really recommend this medicine because it has made my life worth living again.

  2. Louise S. Fitzgerald says:
    5.0 rating

    Citalopram for Borderline

    I got 20mg right away, and then it was extremely cranky and hibbelig, my pupils were permanently huge (so it was really no placebo effect). After a week, this has returned to normal, my mood was better, but then started other side effects: loss of appetite, weight loss, nervousness and tension, aggressiveness, major problems sleeping, hot flashes and sweating. After another 2 weeks, the effect has greatly decreased, my doctor has increased the dose, but I’m still very tired, driveless, sleep about 12 hours a day and have extreme hunger (despite the whole food but not too), my Mood is very bad, I have a very strong desire to hurt myself (I have not had that for a long time, especially not so much). Last but not least, citalopram beats me extremely on the libido, I want to sex more often from the head than without medication, but physically does nothing, and I can not come to orgasm anymore. I hope the higher dose starts working in a few days and lifts my mood, otherwise I do not do this with all the side effects anymore

    Side effects: Nervousness; Weight loss; Anorexia