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  1. Jacqueline J. Meyer says:
    3.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Initially taken only in the evening. Good and fast effect. After that in the morning because otherwise you can not sleep anymore. By noon tired and broken. Now lunch. Side effects: Water retention in the legs, nightmares when taken in the evening, sleepless nights.

  2. Marni L. Martell says:
    3.5 rating

    Citalopram for Borderline; Depression

    Side effect venlafaxine: weight gain, headache, dullness Side Effect Citalopram: very severe headache Side Effect Edronax: nausea, hammering headache Side Effect Sertraline: Water retention

  3. Dana J. Hess says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Anxiety disorders

    I was suffering from burnout syndrome in 2007. My fear had so caught me that I was no longer able to leave the house let alone that I could be alone at home. I got my citalopram from my neurologist, which was slowly increased in 5 mg steps. At first I had strong restlessness, but this is normal to evaluate because it is a drive-enhancing drug. The feeling disappears but the body must first adjust to it. I arrived at 25 mg and did not have to take more. Behavioral therapy is the right therapy which should be done in order to relive the fears. I also got occupational therapy at the beginning of the illness, but in the sense that someone came to my home to desensitize me first. Although I have also gained a good 12 kg but that is more water retention because the metabolism is just a bit sluggish, but you should not blame the drug right now but look if it could not just be because you come to rest and maybe just easy not as much movement as before. I would say that’s the reason for me. I was always annoyed about the weight gain, but now no more than at some point you put the drug off again and then the body gives back the kilos by itself. You do not have to gain additional stress by gaining weight but should be aware that it is so much better. AND– that it will be fine

  4. Mary E. Gray says:
    4.5 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    I had so many side effects that I can not list them all. The side effects, which were the worst for me are the weight gain and insomnia. I could not go sheep in the first 3 weeks. That means one hour of drowsiness per night, otherwise wide awake. During the day I was no good for anything. As if my day-night-rhythm had completely twisted. After the three weeks, I took a supplement (Tavor) for a few days, so I got at least 5 hours of sleep a night. Tavor exposed – sleep problems again. The weight gain was not easy from the food. The drug has apparently upset my entire hormone balance and metabolism. I’ve got water retention, my body shape has changed, as seen in postmenopausal women (hips wider, legs thicker, and body fluid changes). I got massive dents in the thighs and the connective tissue is slackened all over. As if the medicine had allowed me to age suddenly. This side effect has finally given the rash Citalopram after 6 weeks of taking off immediately. I have renounced a retirement for fear that it will get worse. The problem is that the consequences of weight gain do not go away. My metabolism seems completely paralyzed. I pay close attention to my diet and do a lot of endurance sports. Eat less than before and can not get the pounds down. The botched body siluette now seems to stay that way. Despite sports, nothing is happening. The drug has apparently changed my hormone balance and my metabolism lasting. This annoys me immensely.