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  1. Nicholas M. Hahn says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I have been prescribed citalopram for depression about 4 months ago. For idling between therapy and waiting time. The early days so the first few days seemed. The drug mood-brightening, but I regularly had nightmares and had hot hungry attacks and my mouth was constantly dry. After just over a week, the depression came back, my doctor said the drugs needed their time to work and increased the dose, my cravings attacks remained with the time I was irritated and became aggressive, completely unawakened and Depressed over time came also claustrophobia and Mood swings I had no joy in things that I otherwise enjoyed, was indifferent and completely absent. In the later stages of the drug increase suicidal thoughts After discontinuing the drug, I got anxiety and still can not concentrate.

  2. Freda P. Sauer says:
    4.5 rating

    I have been prescribed Citalopram because of a severe depression and anxiety from the psychiatrist. I have slowly increased the drug in the dosage. 1st to 3rd day: 5mg 4th to 7th day: 10mg 8th to 14th day: 15mg From the 7th day the horror trip started. I got a lot of drive and only trembled and had tremendous unrest. In addition, there were panic attacks that I did not have before taking medications. I was not able to do anything. I could only sleep for 2 hours and startled out of my sleep. There were also strong thoughts of suicide, which I did not have before. Minor complaints were nausea and loose bowel movements as well as frequent urination. Due to the strong thoughts of suicide, I have the drug from the 14th Day slowed out again. For me it was the horror trip of my life!

  3. Karen A. Perez says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Citalopram: Although taking this drug often caused sleepless nights (extreme reality-related nightmares), my condition improved noticeably. Although I was often irritable, but also happy and relaxed. Side effects: – strong mood swings – at night nightmares and panic attacks Mirtazapine: The use of this drug brought 11 days of ever-increasing drive and listlessness, as well as a persistent urge to suicide and self-injury. Side effects: – persistent fatigue – nausea / bloating – extreme worsening of the condition – aggressiveness / anger Laif900: This drug is herbal and I tolerate it very well as it has no side effects. Anyway, I could not find any. Opipramol: This drug is intended for the night. Every half an hour before going to bed, I have to take 50mg of Opipramol. I realize that I am not convinced by this drug because I can not sleep well or sleep well. Side effects: – agitation – nausea Lorazepam: I should take this drug in case of internal restlessness. Half an hour after taking it, I am completely calm and relaxed. I could not find any side effects yet.

  4. Karen G. Dube says:
    4.0 rating

    No more antidepressants! I recommend the TV post Dangerous lucky pills. I was told I would feel worse at first – but no one said that I would experience limitless panic, severe depression and previously never had suicidal thoughts. I could not leave the house, had massive agoraphobia, could barely walk with the dog, all things I had never known before the pills! In addition, the side effects such as nausea and urinary retention, I could no longer build pressure when urinating. I waited and waited for the supposedly occurring success. For weeks I could not sleep anymore, woke up every 10 minutes with panic and tachycardia and ended up in a psychiatric hospital! Where I was again stuffed with funds. I left the clinic voluntarily after 48 hours, completely discontinued their medication (which led to a new low point) and had a homeopathic treatment. It took me ten months to get out of the bad deep and today I still suffer from the bad memories, just like my husband.