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  1. Ora C. McCord says:
    4.0 rating

    Citalopram for Depression

    Citalopram must be taken with a meal, as otherwise nausea or stomach problems can occur very quickly. Special care with simultaneous consumption of coffee, here arises quickly great restlessness and trembling. Prefer to wait 1 hour after taking the coffee. Otherwise: sleep disorders, which has a depressive anyway, were more pronounced in me, but without these nagging negative thoughts. I also have a loss of libido, but a positive mood and serenity is much more important to me. I’m doing much better with the drug, more energy, open letters without fear, go to the phone, meet deadlines, all that I can do better now. I used to take citalopram for some time, but eventually the effect diminished. Possibly. would have helped a dose increase.

  2. Ramona R. Schmidt says:
    4.0 rating

    I have been suffering from panic attacks and winter depression since a burn-out, which has intensified after my pregnancy and have turned into a postpartum depression. Then I had to take citalopram (30mg). The side effects with me were initially just a nervous stomach / gut and a bit of a headache and a dry mouth – all over after 3 weeks. The drug works great and with yoga (helps incredibly for inner relaxation), I would like to discontinue the drug after 1 year, because it should only bridge the hard time.

  3. Kristopher A. Simpson says:
    5.0 rating

    Citalopram for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    To keep it short. At the beginning of 20mg, then after 1 year on 10mg outgrown, then after 3 months on 0mg Positive: – fast falling asleep after approx. 2 days – Mood brightening after approx. 2 weeks, full development after approx. 2-3 months. Negative: – at the first ingestion 2 hours stomach burning (I am sensitive) – strong sweating in light efforts – strong fatigue if not eaten in time – difficulty concentrating – at night: hot flashes and very sweaty – high appetite Side effects when decaying: – in the middle of the night awake but tired – hot flashes at night – 2-3 weeks of strong dizziness